Meghan has her own Diana moment as she accidentally recreates iconic photo

mirror - 10-22


Meghan Markle accidentally recreated one of the most famous photos of Princess Diana during her Royal Tour with Prince HarryGet Royal Family updates directly to your inboxMeghan Markledelighted crowds when she rejoined Prince Harry to meet crowds in Fraser Island after taking a break from her Royal Tour to rest.Just like Diana did when she was on tour with Prince Charles, the Duchess of Sussex proved she was the star of the tour when fans went wild as she arrived.But that isn't the only way she's being compared to her mother-in-law.Meghan accidentally recreated one of Diana's most photos during the event, which was taken before she was even a member of the royal family.The photographer knew straight away it was a "fabulous" photo(Image: Rex Features)Meghan Markle pampered at luxury spa after taking time out to rest while Prince Harry continues royal tourThe famous snap was taken by photographer Aurthur Edwards, who was given the task of finding Prince Charles' girlfriend back in 1980.He knew her name and what she did for a living, so went to every nursery school in London until he found her.When he asked to take her photo she agreed, but only with the children.Speaking toNews Corp, he said: "I knocked on the door - 'does Lady Diana Spencer work here' - yes she does."A few paps who had been following her car sprung out of the bushes. Halfway through the sun came out."I knew when I saw it that it was a fabulous picture."The bright sunlight shone through her skirt, making it translucent - which is exactly what happened to Meghan.