What is Skijoring? Discover This Crazy Maine Winter Sport

Q96.1 - 02-11


Apparently, it's a thing right here in Maine! We've never heard of it, but the internet says that it's something we do in Maine, so here we go:. According to UntamedMainer.com, "Skijoring is a creative combination between cross-country skiing and dog sledding. Skiiers gear up, then attach a harness to their torso which is connected to a line attached to a dog or two, and off you go! It’s a much faster way to view Maine’s beautiful back country, and provides great exercise for dogs as well. People skijor for both sport and leisure. Many different dog breeds adapt well to skjioring, especially those with endurance. You don’t have to be experienced with sled dogs to skijor. Many skijorers have successfully trained their canine companion to skijor with practice."