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Sources: Kevin Knox Out Two-to-Four Weeks with Left Ankle Injury

Grizzlies forward JaMychal Green will likely miss four to six weeks after surgery Saturday to repair a broken jaw, league sources ESPN. Green isn’t expected to be cleared for contact for a month.Grizzlies forward JaMychal Green will likely miss four to six weeks after surgery Saturday to repair a br

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Mike D'Antoni: Chris Paul Suspension for Rajon Rondo Fight Unfair

“I don’t agree or anything close to it,” D’Antoni said of the NBA ruling. “It’s just not equitable. You watch the film, you watch the spit — you understand maybe he gets one (-game suspension). But what is he supposed to do? Stand there and get spit on? Take a punch in the face and then, ‘That’s OK?

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Game 1 Over Reactions after impressive win

Last season was a bit chaotic, from the first game until the last. What started as an experimental season of a big 2 on the blocks, led to a compete roster and game strategy overhaul by the time the Warriors were celebrating the Finals win. Now theNew Orleans Pelicansdo not have much to worry about


Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson needs to get himself going

As one-half of the splash brothers, this type of performance is rare for Klay. For a majority of his career, Thompson has been incredibly efficient as a shooter. His catch and shoot ability is up there with the greatest to ever play the game.


SLAM 218 Is On Sale Now ‼️

SLAM 218 is the NBA and NCAA preview edition. It spotlights Celtics rising starJayson Tatum, who pays homage to his hometown of St. Louis by rocking the Nelly band-aid, and Duke freshman phenomR.J. Barrett— the most decorated prospect sinceLeBron James. The issue also features our annual Top 50 play


HQ Mailbag: On overreactions, free throws, and fantasy basketball

As Raptors mailbag columns typically go, this is another one. Every Friday, I’ll answer your questions about the Raps, the NBA, assorted miscellany, so on, so forth. If you want to talk about it, the odds are I want to talk about it too. So, let’s get started with week 1.


Catching Up With the NBA: Opening Week

Welcome to “Catching Up With the NBA”, my new column which I hope to run every Friday. The title is self-explanatory: this will be a (hopefully concise) weekly roundup of big news, stories, and general happenings in the NBA. The format might change a bit as I develop the column and see what’s workin


New Orleans Pelicans game day: Keys to victory

If the NBA season ended after one game, there would be little doubt that theNew Orleans Pelicanspassed the eye test as the best team in NBA. Unfortunately, that was just Game 1 of 82. After the dismantling of the team with the best record in NBA last season, the Pelicans look to duplicate those effo


NBA Preview: New Orleans Pelicans welcome Sacramento Kings for home opener, ready to change past precedent

The last time theNew Orleans Pelicanswon a regular season home opener was at the start of the 2014-15 season. You remember that campaign right? At that time,Anthony Davislacked facial hair, andJrue Holidayhad a very similar look to AD’s current haircut of today —- that’s a far cry from the “Kung Fu


We have reached a point where wereall surprised the Cavs didn’t lose by 40 to the Raptors

The night began well enough. The energy of the young Cleveland Cavaliers was palpable. They attacked the basket with reckless abandon, and used their rangy, positionless defenders to switch on picks effortlessly.Kawhi Leonard– still looking a little odd in his new Raptors (and not San Antonio Spurs)


NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler trade talks have gone cold

Tom Thibodeau clearly doesn’t want to trade Butler, mostly because he wants to win and having one of the best two-way players in the game gives him the best opportunity to do that. The asking price is insanely high, so much so that it has caused trade talks to suffer.


NBA: Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball face pressure-filled second seasons

ThePhiladelphia 76ersand theLos Angeles Lakersare two of the most talked about franchises in all of sports. Both Hollywood and the city of brotherly love have had their star players from the likes ofMagic Johnson,Julius Erving,Kobe Bryantand more. Both teams would certainly love to add to this list,


Trevor Ariza is a perfect fit on the Phoenix Suns

After an active NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns were more under the radar in free agency. They used up essentially all of their cap space to sign Trevor Ariza to a one year deal at the start of free agency, and no one was calling home about that signing. But after opening night, it’s already safe to say


Kawhi Life: So you’re in Toronto, now what?

Kawhi Leonardis a Toronto Raptor — for at least one year. While the team’s on-court success has its part to play, we’ve decided to do our part in selling the city to the Klaw. Each week we’re talking Toronto, and letting Kawhi know what his life could be like here.


Brooklyn Nets Morning Dish: D’Angelo Russell, trendsetter

We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters here at the Brooklyn Nets Morning Dish, so when guardD’Angelo Russelldescribed himself in a similar matter in a recent interview withGQ, you bet we noticed.


Cleveland Cavaliers: KJG roundtable for the beginning of the season

Hello, hello, hello, this is King James Gospel, and the NBA regular season is finally here, Cleveland Cavaliers fans. This is the first installation of KJG roundtables for the 2018-19 season, so grab a cup of joe and give this a read.The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to have their share of ebs and


Brooklyn Nets: 5 free agent targets in 2019

The Brooklyn Nets already look improved from last season, but that won’t stop us from looking forward to next season’s free agent targets.Itlookslike theBrooklyn Netswill be able to afford two max-contract free agents this offseason, but being a team that has been at the bottom of the standings for


Atlanta Hawks 2018-19 Player Profile: Alex Poythress

Of all the players on the Atlanta Hawks roster, perhaps none are less desirable to meet in a boxing ring thanAlex Poythress(sorryAlex Len). The former Kentucky Wildcat is an uber-athletic freak. Filling out his 6’7″ frame with 238 pounds, Poythress is the guy you’re not jumping at the chance to take


Steve Clifford brings something different to Orlando Magic’s revolving door of coaches

Among the games in the Hornets’ 11-game win streak over the Magic — and 13 of the last 14 — are a 37-point loss last year, a 40-point loss two years ago and six losses of double digits or more. As much as any team during the Magic’s long rebuild, the Hornets have been an odd team that has stymied an


Bulls vs. Sixers final score: after a hot start, Bulls get totally waxed in opener

There was 12 minutes of beautifully-hot Bulls offense there. And then the rest of the game happened.The problem being that the Sixers also looked to have free reign to create open shots, and unlike Chicago never really stopped, finishing off the Bulls in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and cruising to a 12