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Yankees could trade for Madison Bumgarner without losing any big league talent

General manager Brian Cashman has been a longtime admirer of left-hander Patrick Corbin. And although Corbin admitted in the spring that the idea of pitching for his favorite childhood team, the Yankees, is enticing, Nick Cafardo of theBoston Globereports that the Yanks will have competition signing

YANKSGOYARD.COM - 2018-10-22 12:04:00

St. Louis Cardinals: Bell named manager and no sight of Matheny

As of Sunday, or rather as of an announced press conference on Monday, Bell will be named the next manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

REDBIRDRANTS.COM - 2018-10-21 13:03:07

Could the LA Angels Make a Blockbuster Deal with Arizona?

The last few times the LA Angels have made monster offseason moves, it has not ended well. Sure,


Washington Nationals Mailbag: Big trade decisions looming for front office?

We’ve got our second District on Deck Mailbag this offseason today, as we answer all yourWashington Nationalsquestions. In this edition, we have interesting trade decisions that could come up this offseason, someDaniel Murphyloose ends, and the gaping hole at catcher.

DISTRICTONDECK.COM - 2018-10-22 08:00:51

Milwaukee Brewers: They must turn their focus to Game 6

The Milwaukee Brewers find themselves in a win or go home scenario, down 3-to-2 in the NLCS to the Los Angeles Dodgers. In order for Milwaukee to advance, they need to forget about the past games and have their full attention on game six.


Red Sox: World Series could be a last chance opportunity for some players

Before playoffs and even after the playoff system started, players of remarkable talents and abilities could go their entire career without getting to the World Series.Rod Carew,Ernie Banks,Ken Griffey jr., andLuke Applingnever made it, but did make it to Cooperstown. And the “best” player in baseba

BOSOXINJECTION.COM - 2018-10-21 15:00:13

Mets have employed the highest paid NL player six times since 2003

Well, maybe in some ways they are. They rarely go after an abundance of quality yet expensive players. Instead, they hunt for bargains more routinely than they should.

RISINGAPPLE.COM - 2018-10-22 10:00:47

Will the Red Sox add Steven Wright to World Series roster?

“I heard that he feels good about it,” Cora said. “He threw a bullpen the other day. We’ll talk to him first and see where he’s at. And if he feels he can contribute, then he has to go through a few tests,”Alex Coratold reporters,per Masslive.com.

BOSOXINJECTION.COM - 2018-10-22 08:00:15

Cincinnati Reds name David Bell as new manager

Bell, 46, has been around the game for a long time. His grandfather,Gus Bell, played outfield for the Reds from 1953-61 and went to four All-Star Games. His father,Buddy Bell, played 19 years in the Majors, including a four-year stint with the Reds from 1985-88. Buddy, who currently serves in a fron

BLOGREDMACHINE.COM - 2018-10-21 11:16:20

Monday Bird Droppings: Where the baseball calendar is empty

It’s a day where whatever brain trust that’s currently helming the Orioles is going to have to lick their wounds after the O’s missed out on the chance to get Victor Victor Mesa. Maybe Mesa and his brother were never going to sign here anyway, but it sure doesn’t look good that the O’s whiffed when

CAMDEN CHAT - 2018-10-22 11:00:02

Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s gamesmanship is giving Boston an edge

The familiarity aspect will now continue for Cora since the Astros played the Dodgers the full seven games before securing the title in 2017. Is that a plus? From my perspective, it gives Cora and the Red Sox and edge, but Cora also is on a strategist’s roll.

BOSOXINJECTION.COM - 2018-10-22 12:00:59

Phillies fans rooting interest in 2018 World Series: Dodgers or Red Sox?

With the table set for the 2018 World Series, should Phillies fans be rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers or Boston Red Sox?

THATBALLSOUTTAHERE.COM - 2018-10-21 20:21:17

The Orioles gave Mike Wright another chance to improve in 2018, and he didn’t

It seems everyone has gotten that memo except for whoever was running the Orioles this past season. Not even the flurry of late-spring training free agent signings and the weird Rule 5 obsession could dislodge Wright from a roster spot; once the season began, no amount of poor performance could send

CAMDEN CHAT - 2018-10-22 13:00:03

Red Sox 2018 team has a chance to become amongst the greatest

This year’s Boston Red Sox team has already set records, which will put them in the history books. They became the first Red Sox team to win 108 games in a regular season and put on a show all year round, which has carried on into the playoffs, so far.

BOSOXINJECTION.COM - 2018-10-21 18:00:16

Poll: How do you feel about Brad Ausmus becoming the next Angels manager?

Ausmus managed theDetroit Tigersfrom 2014-2017, finishing 314-332 for a .486 winning percentage. He won 90 games in 2014, leading the Tigers to a division-winning season but winless in the playoffs. That year, his star-studded roster consisted ofMiguel Cabrera,Justin Verlander,Max Scherzer,Rick Porc

HALOS HEAVEN - 2018-10-22 03:28:53

San Diego Padres: Freddy Galvis Deserves A Gold Glove

Freddy Galvisoriginally came to the San Diego Padres from the Philadelphia Phillies due to A.J. Preller wanting to find a serviceable shortstop for the Padres after having to watchErick Aybar,Luis Sardinas,Yangervis Solarte, and a host of other players attempt to man the position. One could even arg

FRIARSONBASE.COM - 2018-10-22 13:52:58

Thor’sLinks: Let’s Play Catch!

Well, theBrewerswent weird on me yesterday. They chose to startWade MileyagainstDodgers. But then, and just hours after burning through every arm on their staff,Craig CounsellpulledMileyafterMileywalked the very first batter he faced, throwing only 5 pitches. And Counsell went right back to that bur


Marlins ink Mesa Brothers to deals on Monday

It took a few weeks and the acquisition of international bonus pool cash, but theMiami Marlinsgot their men on Monday. The team announced it has signed both Victor Victor Mesa and his brother Victor Mesa, Jr. The moves once again bolster the team’s minor league system.

MARLINMANIAC.COM - 2018-10-22 15:00:39

White Sox: Anticipating The Next Wave of Prospects

There is another wave of prospects that are close to ready to make their MLB debuts, and it won’t be long before they’re wearing a Sox uniform next season. Outside of Jimenez, other top prospects that are close to appearing in the Majors will still need more development in the minors before they’re

SOUTHSIDESHOWDOWN.COM - 2018-10-22 17:24:45

The Baltimore Orioles were right to trade Manny Machado to Los Angeles

When Manny Machado was with the Baltimore Orioles he had some issues on the field, but as a fan, it was tough to look objectively at them. Now that we’ve seen him causing trouble in the spotlight of Los Angeles, it’s clear that the Orioles made the right decision to trade him

BIRDSWATCHER.COM - 2018-10-22 11:33:39