Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt: Attack the noise - 01-10


Hearing protection: if you’re shooting, you’re gonna need it. Even exposure to certain suppressed guns can accumulate over time to cause permanent damage. The problem with the most effective methods of ear protection (earpro) is that they’re effective against all sound. If you’re stalking a deer or listening for range commands, hearing (or not) can be the difference between a great day and a monumentally borked one. This is why electronic earpro such as the ubiquitous Howard Leight Impact Sport (hereafter just Sport) have gained such popularity: amplifying normal volume sounds, while dampening loud noises. The downsides being they’re battery operated (Murphy’s Law), provide less of a noise resistance rating (NRR) than passive muffs and are usually uncomfortable with eye protection (without aftermarket gel cups). With the popularity of the Howard Leight Sport’s, it was with great anticipation that many of us waited for the improved version, the Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt earpro (hereafter just Bolt’s).