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Qualcomm Unveils List of Smartphones that Feature QuickCharge 4.0

Dash Charge technology developed by OnePlus followed by VOOC charging by Oppo currently lead in terms of charging times, but this might change with Quick Charge 4.0. This upcoming charging technology is developed by Qualcomm. Currently, most smartphones available on the market do come with some sort


Virtual Exercise ` Avatar ' Latest Rehabilitation Innovation

Wow. San-Diego, California-based Reflexion Health's innovative virtual assistant for exercise rehabilitation-named "VERA"-is now hard at work at North Carolina-based Greensboro Orthopaedics. VERA will be part of Greensboro's postoperative rehabilitation team for total-joint replacement patients. Acc


Thursday evening links , all car-sharing edition

1. Ride-Hailing is Taking over the Business Travel Market. Michael Goldstein writing in Forbes explains: Car-sharing companies Uber and Lyft are rapidly becoming the 800-pound gorillas of U.S. ground transportation for business travelers. And like any good pair of 800-pound gorillas, they continue t


Animal fur rendered more realistically with neural network

Researchers at the University of California (UC) San-Diego have developed a new method for animating animal fur, which uses a neural network to speed up the process. While animation technology has come a long way since Snow White, the first fully animated feature film, many obstacles remain which


Latino Center speaker talks about identity

With the current political climate and increasing counts of racism and discrimination comes the controversial questioning of one's belonging. The Latino Center hosted guest speaker Nilda Flores-Gonzalez Tuesday to explore the findings published in her newly released book Citizens But not Americans:


HVS Market Report - San Diego , CA - By Patrick S. Bursey and Aaron Solaimani

The second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest city in the United States, has 70 miles of glorious coastline and a year-round average daily forecast of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with annual occupancy levels reaching the high 70s. HVS Market Report - San Diego, CA Downtown San Diego is co