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We understand the pain of publishers in this challenging time of the media industry. Unlike tech giants who are taking publishers’ content without proper compensation, News Break has launched the ​Premium Publisher Program​ to send substantial audiences to our publisher partners from our mobile app - #1 on Android and #2 on iOS in news according to App Annie - to support the overall branding, audience growth, and monetization for publishers.

Why join Premium Publisher Program?

Get Featured on News Break

We have the most efficient way to boost your traffic and get your content featured on our app.

We will distribute our technology resource to Premium Publisher Program and have your content obtain privileged exhibition on News Break’s feed.

Reach to Your Desired Audiences

Readers on News Break are strong local news consumers. We believing in fostering meaningful ​ relationships between your contents and our valuable reader base.

Receive AD revenue

News Break wants to reward quality publishers rather than taking away their profits like most of Silicon Valley giants would do.

This platform is completely owned and ran by publishers and content creators, so are the revenue.

Get Statistical Insights

It's no secret that in a data-driven world, monitoring traffic and growth is an inseparable part of running a media company.

Built on the industry’s most advanced technology, News Break is willing to share its data-driven strategies with its partner.

We would like to break down key metrics such as “page view, social sharing rate, retention rate” and other users’ behaviors for publishers.

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