Propaganda, Politics, and the Environment

CleanTechnica - 03-23


Democracy in America, a “Rule Utilitarianism” system (rules made to benefit the majority) is failing. Fundamentally, systems fail because those in the position of making and maintaining laws, the politicians, put their personal ends before the society that the system was originally built to benefit. If we could somehow remove man’s flaws, or at the least his ability to corrupt basic tenets, the system might have a chance to survive. Unfortunately, things have to massively fail before the cycle starts again, as history has shown. Man yearns to free himself from one ideology only to embroil himself in another and, through his own doings, fail miserably once more — ad infinitum. To paraphrase a great quote, “those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” The trouble is we haven’t learned a thing, we always repeat it!