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` Modi heralded new era of ‎politics‏ of performance '

Jaipur: TheNarendra Modi governmentheralded a new era with politics of performance against theCongress’s “caste and dynasty” politics, aRajasthanminister said on Saturday.Addressinga press conference at theBJPheadquarters hear to mark four years of theModi government, stateSocial JusticeandEmpowerme

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Call for Victorian electoral divisions to honour women in ‎politics‏

Victoria's electoral redistribution is the perfect time to pay tribute to prominent women who paved a way forward in politics, a Monash University expert says. ...

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Horwath says attacks are bad ‎politics‏

BRAMPTON, Ont. — Ontario's New Democrat leader, facing attacks from all fronts, says that when the Tories go low, Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne goes even lower.

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - 2018-05-26 10:43:01

BJP replaced ‎politics‏ of appeasement with development : Amit Shah

New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday said the he expected people to re-elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019, promising the NDA government which replaced politics of appeasement with development will provide houses to all by 2022.

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Claycord -- Talk About ‎Politics‏

This post is “Talk About Politics”.Please use this post to talk about politics, and keep politics out of the “whatever” thread.Thank you, and be kind to each other.Please Note: Users who use multiple names will be deleted. Please choose a name so others can easily chat with you. Users must provide a


Black gubernatorial hopeful upends ‎politics‏ in Georgia

ATLANTA — She’s a Yale-educated attorney and a romance novelist who served a decade in the Georgia Legislature. Now Stacey Abrams has gained a shot at becoming the first Black woman elected governor in U.S. history.Abrams, 44, easily won the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s primary, and strong tur


Graduating to ‎politics‏

Cameron Wales, 22 years young, is hoping Brockville will continue its trend of electing younger people to municipal office come the Oct. 22 vote.


Hindu hardliners criticize archbishop for talking ‎politics‏

The president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah, accused the archbishop of trying to divide people on the basis of religion.


The shadow ‎politics‏ of death threats to Indian journalists

On May 26th, an article was published in The Washington Post titled, ‘An Indian journalist has been trolled for years. Now U.N. experts say her life could be at risk.’ and the journalist in question here is Rana Ayyub. Anyone who has put in the effort to read this article will know what a hollow and

OPINDIA.COM - 2018-05-27 11:27:20

eSwatini king should leave ‎politics‏ and focus on marrying -- Malema

According to Malema, who leads the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), South Africa’s third-force party, Mswati could go ahead to marry as many women as possible but his inteferance in the freedoms of citizens was unacceptable.

GHANAHOMEPAGE - 2018-05-27 00:00:00

The 20 longest careers in Irish ‎politics‏

For this figure, I have, building on previous analysishere, extracted the 20 longest parliamentary careers in the history of Dáil Éireann (the lower house of the Irish parliament). I have then plotted the elected tenure of these twenty politicians, coloured according to their political party at the


Will Roseanne move away from ‎politics‏ next season ?

Roseannewrapped its first revived season in the US last night (May 22), and ahead of the next series, the show's boss has revealed whether there will be less emphasis on politics going forward.Talking toDeadline, executive producer and showrunner Bruce Helford said: "We actually don't start out to f


PM denounces bloodline ‎politics‏

Returning to the subject of the social status of Opposition leader Mia Mottley during a meeting at Roberts Road, Haggatt Hall Wednesday night, the Prime Minister told DLP supporters Mottley “believes she is royal and that everybody else around her lacks personhood”.


Shun ‎politics‏ on youth 's future : KTR -

Speaking at the Telangana Excellency awards distribution program here on Monday, the IT minister said the political parties are ought to shift their focus on development and welfare of their respective States and avoid politics and focus on growth instead. KTR also reminded that he was in the US for


When painting meets ‎politics‏

Rob McPherson dragged his paintbrush across a sky blue canvas Friday afternoon in the art studio at Pullman High School, his hand vaguely tracing lines of ultramarine where he would later detail water and mountains.It was a commissioned painting of a picturesque golf course McPherson had traded for


U.S. Officials Enter North Korea to Lay Groundwork for Summit Meeting

WASHINGTON - Technical and diplomatic experts from the United States have crossed into North Korea to meet with their counterparts, American officials said on Sunday, as part of an intense behind-the-scenes effort to resurrect the possibility of a summit meeting between the two countries' leaders. L

NEW YORK TIMES - 2018-05-27 19:43:30

In 2018, Women candidates are on track to make history

For all the talk of a “blue wave” that could remake Congress in 2018, there is another trend emerging in this year’s early primary results, a wave of women candidates, and in the long run, it could have the bigger impact on Washington.There have been primaries in 13 states so far this year – Arkansa

NBC NEWS - 2018-05-27 19:11:00

Jeff Flake: GOP needs to stand up to Trump

“When the president says things that are just totally wrong, it’s the responsibility of members of Congress, particularly those in the president’s party, to stand up and say, ‘That is not right. Truth is not relative. And there are no alternative facts here,’” Flake, R-Ariz., said in an interview on

NBC NEWS - 2018-05-27 19:06:00

Stunning Oval Office leak: Aides fight in front of Trump - about leaks

Shortly after word leaked that Kelly Sadler had taken a nasty shot at John McCain, President Trump convened a meeting in the Oval Office for a tiny group of communications staffers, according to sources familiar with the gathering. Sadler, Mercedes Schlapp, Raj Shah, and John Kelly all gathered in f

AXIOS.COM - 2018-05-27 18:53:07

Former president George HW Bush admitted to hospital in Maine

George HW Bush, middle, with Jimmy Carter, George W Bush and Bill Clinton. Photograph: Jim Chapin/AFP/Getty Images

THE GUARDIAN - 2018-05-27 18:26:29