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China to Discuss Constitutional Amendments, But How Far Will Xi Jinping Go?

A group of top Chinese Communist Party leaders is meeting in Beijing to discuss amendments to the country's constitution, but so far few details have been made public. Analysts said the two-day meeting, which ends Friday, is likely to further cement Chinese leader Xi Jinping's grip on power in the p

VOICE OF AMERICA - 2018-01-18 14:44:06

Gabon: Wang Yi Meets With President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon

On January 15, 2018 local time, President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Presidential Palace in Libreville. Ali Bongo Ondimba asked Wang Yi to convey his greetings and wishes to President Xi Jinping and thanked President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people again fo

ALLAFRICA.COM - 2018-01-18 16:00:23

Chinese engineer's disappearance takes on geopolitical significance

Thirty-six-year-old Chinese engineer Pingzhi Liu went missing almost a month ago. It took Pakistani authorities three weeks to classify Mr. Liu's disappearance as a likelykidnappingthat could have significant political and economic consequences. Identifying the mysterious disappearance as a kidnappi

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Pair of Chinese giant pandas get snowy welcome in Finland

Giant pandas, male Hua Bao (in Finnish Pyry) and female Jin Bao Bao (in Finnish Lumi), arrive to Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Vantaa, Finland on Thursday January 18, 2018. The bears will eventually be moved to snowy conditions into the Ahtari Zoo nature reserve in central Finland as agreed during the

NEWS 1130 - 2018-01-18 13:10:28

Xi Jinping and His Generals: Curiouser and Curiouser

It was reported this week that Chinese general Fang Fenghui was "transferred to the military prosecution authority on suspicion of offering and accepting bribes." Fang had reportedly been under investigation since late last year. Gen. Fang had been a senior member of the People's Liberation Army's (

WARONTHEROCKS.COM - 2018-01-18 10:00:35

'We need it like we need a hole in our head': Chinese friendship bridge in Manila not so popular with the locals

Construction of an friendship bridge gifted to Manila by the Chinese government to ease traffic congestion has been delayed yet again, sparking questions over the project's necessity and community impact. Groundbreaking for the four-lane steel bridge was initially scheduled for September last year,

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - 2018-01-18 04:00:15

Economic diplomacy brief: Trump turns global, Pacific aid, Chinese tourism, and more

With the North Korean nuclear threat seemingly sidelined until after the Winter Olympics at least, this geopolitical year is starting in a curiously similar way to last. US President Donald Trump will share more than a dubious hairdo with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week when he turns up (like

LOWYINSTITUTE.ORG - 2018-01-18 05:27:55

Blessing and curse: understanding the social impact of Chinese mining in Africa

A new report by the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) attempts to determine the social impacts of Chinese mining operations in Africa. The study, which found both positives and negatives, once again highlights the need for African nation states to benefit more from their own natural

MINING-TECHNOLOGY.COM - 2018-01-18 08:00:06

Chinese politics weigh down business

The latest flashpoint was Beijing's fury last week at hotel keeper Marriott and other companies that labeled self-ruled Taiwan a country on websites or customer materials. But companies face pressure on many sides from President Xi Jinping's more nationalistic stance and twin campaigns to tighten th

RUTLAND HERALD - 2018-01-18 00:30:00

China worries fade just in time for things to turn ugly

he Communist party congress last year left Xi Jinping in an alarmingly strong position, according to many political commentators, but reassured markets that there was a guiding hand at the tiller. Mark Schiefelbein by John Authers As the Year of the Dog approaches, the level of worry about China'


CPPCC studies Xi's anti-corruption instructions

Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), presides over a meeting of the Leading Party Members' Group of the 12th CPPCC National Committee in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 17, 2018. (Xinhua/Yan Yan) Leading Party members wi

ECNS.CN - 2018-01-18 02:27:44

In the economic power struggle for Asia, Trump and Xi Jinping are switching policies

Donald Trump is flexing the United States' economic muscle in East Asia by introducing a web of new-generation bilateral trade deals to contain China's challenge. But Beijing is fighting back by political means. A closer look at the US president's 2017 trade policy agenda and its ensuing initiatives


Trump to Xi Jinping: growing U.S. trade deficit with China is not sustainable - UOB

Analysts at UOB Group explained that, in a statement on Tuesday, the White House said that President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the growing U.S. trade deficit with China is not sustainable. Key Quotes: "Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the growing U.S. trade defi

FXSTREET.COM - 2018-01-17 20:43:17

As Pax Americana crumbles, Taiwan is in Beijing's crosshairs

Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have got their imperialist salami slicer working overtime. After their success in gobbling up the South China Sea while four United States presidents were distracted or couldn't be bothered to react, Xi and the CCP have turned their attention to the prize t


Chinese President Xi joins Mao and Deng as lingxiu

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has named President Xi Jinping as the lingxiu - a status that has been bestowed only to iconic leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The People's Daily , the official newspaper of the CPC seeking absolute loyalty towards Mr. Xi, posted an article on Monday, which,


No Trade War With China, Barclays Predicts

With China-hater Stephen Bannon gone from the White House, coupled with the reality of the high stakes of waging true trade wars with the Chinese, Barclays is predicting an even keel in 2018 for Trump and Xi Jinping. It is more likely that cooler heads will prevail this time. "In view of the recent


Foreign sayings in Xi's quotes

Whether delivering speeches or publishing articles in foreign newspapers during his overseas trips, President Xi Jinping always expresses himself eloquently by employing local sayings, proverbs and dictums, or referring to movies and TV shows. Let's review some of the foreign proverbs and sayings qu


Xi, Trump discuss bilateral ties, Korean Peninsula over phone

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump on Tuesday discussed the recent progress on the Korean Peninsula over the phone. Xi pointed out that economic and trade cooperation between China and the US has brought concrete benefits to both sides and noted that the two countries


Donald Trump warns Xi Jinping US-China trade deficit not sustainable

President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the growing US trade deficit with China is not sustainable, the White House said in a statement on Tuesday. Trump spoke with Xi on Monday to discuss trade, as well as the talks between Pyongyang and Seoul, according to the statement. Both


Don't be too discouraged by a slowing Chinese economy - a healthier, more sustainable one could in fact present more investment opportunities

Last year would have gone down in Chinese history as an important year for politics and the economy. The successful completion of the 19th Party Congress for the Communist Party has further cemented President Xi Jinping's political authority and ushered in a new generation of leaders who are ready t