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Putin Offers Reassurance To Old Friend

As the walls close in on him (ironic, n’est-ce pas?), Trump gets comforted by his boss.


Putin threatens Europe with massive nuclear torpedo

Russian media appeared to threaten Europe and the world with an article in MK.ru, saying that a new nuclear torpedo could create towering tsunami waves and destroy vast swaths of Earth's population.


Ministry hints Putin’s Arctic ambitions are not realistic

Vladimir Putin has made shipping on the Northern Sea Route a key priority in his presidency. According to the President, annual goods volumes shipped along the Arctic route is to increase to as much as 80 million tons by year 2024.


Putin gifted a dog by Serbia's Vuchich

Yugoslavian Shepherd named Pasha is three months old. Serbian President Alexander Vuchich has presented Russian President Vladimir Putin with a Yugoslavian Shepherd puppy (also Sarplaninac), which the Serbians christened Pasha in true Russian fashion.


Serbian president gifts Vladimir Putin a puppy

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has presented Vladimir Putin with a Sarplaninac puppy at the start of an official visit by the Russian president to the Balkan country. In exchange, Mr Putin presented Mr Vučić with the Order of Alexander Nevsky, an award traditionally given by the Kremlin to the a


Putin Arrives to Hero's Welcome in Belgrade

When Vladimir Putin lands in Belgrade, the ruling party will welcome him as the country’s most popular foreign politician with a rally that underscores Serbia’s conflicted approach to joining the European Union.


Putin Push to Dump Dollar Proves Hard Sell With Russia Inc.

Russia’s central bank dumped $101 billion last year in its biggest-ever shift away from the U.S. currency amid fears of new sanctions. But the Kremlin’s drive to wean the rest of the economy off the greenback has been slower going.


Putin accuses Kosovo of stirring tensions by setting up its own army

BELGRADE (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused authorities in Kosovo of taking a series of provocative steps, including deciding to set up its own army, a move he said had ratcheted up tensions with Serbia and could destabilise the region.


Russian President Putin promises to assist Zimbabwe

Russia is plunging deeper and deeper into the Soviet practice of granting multi-billion dollar assistance to loyal regimes abroad, both near and far. After writing off all of Kyrgyzstan and Cuba’s debts, restructuring Venezuela’s debt and forgiving $20 billion worth of African countries’ Soviet debt


Robert Mueller’s team packed with ‘bribery experts’ to expose favors between Trump-Putin: report

The Russia investigation is closing in on President Donald Trump as news continues to unfold with findings from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This scandal will be one that marks Trump’s presidency, seeing as that the investigation has extended throughout his term so far.


HBO’s Bill Maher brutally mocks Trump-Putin bromance: ‘Forget collusion I want to know if there’s penetration’

Bill Maher returned to his HBO show, Real Timne, on Friday after a two-month hiatus. The host’s opening monologue covered a lot of ground, starting with the revelation that the FBI opened an investigation into whether President Donald Trump acted as an agent of the Russian government.


Photos from Serbia's Love Parade for Vladimir Putin

Serbians love Putin. A lot. President Aleksander Vučić predicted that around 70,000 people would hit the streets of Belgrade on Thursday to welcome the Russian president on his one-day visit. But that estimate turned out a significant low ball – according to police, around 125,000 people marched thr


Someone Please Assassinate Putin to Preserve World Order

The U.S. Government is shut down, Brexit is destroying Great Britain, and Trumputin wants to cause the U.S. to leave NATO. Putin, you are winning in your desire to completely destabilize the West. So…you must be assassinated to preserve world order.


New scrutiny of Trump's Putin encounters amid growing alarm over his behavior

Former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg, former Pentagon and CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, NYT’s Peter Baker, and MSNBC contributor Kimberly Atkins on new questions raised about key details surrounding Trump's meetings with Vladimir Putin.


Putin on Ukrainian Orthodox schism: Forcing flock into foreign church is a risky political ploy

Kiev is risking a major crisis with its ploy to legitimize schismatic Orthodox Christian churches with the help from Constantinople, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Telling people where to pray is a bad idea.


Bill Maher Returns From Hiatus, Takes Homophobic Dig at Trump

In December, my colleague Kevin Fallon wrote a very thoughtful piece criticizing Saturday Night Live and others for their deeply lame and deeply homophobic jokes about Trump and Putin being in a gay relationship.


Putin Sends in Military after Siberians Blame UFO for Mountain Collapse

While investigators in the U.S. are checking into alleged close encounters with Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin is checking into close encounters with aliens. Specifically, he ordered the Russian army to investigate the suspicious collapse of a mountain in Siberia (when is the collapse of a mountain


Putin’s Dream Scenario for Ukraine

Ukraine’s problem is not that it hasn’t changed enough. It’s that it’s changed too much too fast, thereby raising popular expectations, undermining long-existing patterns of behavior, creating uncertainty, and thereby increasing the popularity of populists who argue that a return to the good old day


Russia commits to Serbian route for TurkStream extension

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Belgrade this week has yielded confirmation that Gazprom will use Serbia to transit gas from the TurkStream pipeline into Europe. Following talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić on Thursday, Putin said Russia was ready to invest $1.4 billion in Serb


Canadian intelligence reports claim Russia stealing magnetic North

A DAMNING new report published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has claimed that Russia has been slowly stealing magnetic North for that past 20 years, WWN can confirm.