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Sen. Kaine visits

Shouts and applause from more than 100 people filled Cunningham Creek Winery when Sen. Tim Kaine walked in Saturday (March 17). Kaine said he was honored to come at the behest of Fluvanna Democrats, the Lefty Lunch Ladies and Forward Fluvanna. There has been a surge in such grassroots organizations

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Tim Kaine is looking for a Democratic wave

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) addresses a rally at the Lincoln Memorial grounds in January. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post) Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) will formally launch his reelection campaign in a few days. A press release says Kaine will "lay out the high stakes of this election. The stakes really are

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Stumbling Blocks: Tim Kaine and the Bipartisan Abettors of Atrocity

I've written a lot about Yemen over the past few years. And I knew the US Senate would never vote to end our direct participation in the Saudi war crime there that has led to the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. I knew they - like 60 Minutes and the rest of the US - would kowtow to the extremis

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Senator Tim Kaine Quit Acting Guilty, Mr. President ... Mueller Attacks Not Helpin'

Hillary Clinton's ex-running mate, Tim Kaine, says Donald Trump should probably stop attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller ... 'cause appearances (of guilt) are everything. We got the Virginia Senator Monday in D.C., where we asked what he made of Trump's recent flurry of gripes about Mueller's R


Why Democrats, including Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, voted to roll back Obama-era banking rules

WASHINGTON - When Senate Democrats gave Republicans the votes they needed to pass a contested banking bill, much of the attention went to Democrats facing tough re-election campaigns in states President Donald Trump won handily in 2016. The bill, which rolled back banking regulations put in place af


Stewart, Freitas scrap in first debate of GOP U.S. Senate primary

RICHMOND - Two of the main contenders for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination met Saturday for the first debate of the June 12 primary, drawing contrasts between each other before the Virginia Tea Party in Richmond. Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and a Republica


Uh, Does Tim Kaine Think Hunting Humans Is Legal?

Hillary Clinton chose Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate in her doomed presidential bid because he's as crazy and full of crap as she is. I believe they called it the "Lunacy Unity Ticket." Hillary is back in the news peddling her brand of cuckoo, so Kaine figured he better get off his ass as


Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine visits high school for classroom discussion on gun violence

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine visits high school for classroom discussion on gun violence. (Caroline Patrickis/ABC7) Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine visited the Wakefield High School in Arlington County on Friday for a classroom discussion on gun violence ahead of the Saturday, March 24 March for Our Lives in


Navy SEAL Congressman Has Brutal Comeback When Asked Why He Needs High-Capacity Magazines

Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) commented on a tweet posted by Tim Kaine, and he did not hold back. Taylor, a former Navy SEAL serving Virginia's 2nd District, is extremely supportive of the NRA and Second Amendment freedoms. Kaine posted criticism about magazines, comparing the ones that deer hunters are


Warner, Kaine push VA to fix problems at D.C. Medical Center

U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-Va.) pushed the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to take immediate action regarding critical failures at the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center (DCVAMC) highlighted in an Inspector General report released last week that showed patients were put a


Tim Kaine compares student walkout to Civil Rights marches

Now Playing: National School Walkout finds students gathering for tighter gun control laws Now Playing: Students to hold school walkout for gun control Now Playing: Students rally to protest gun violence in nationwide walkouts Now Playing: Tim Kaine compares student walkout to Civil Rights marches N


Sen. Tim Kaine: Rex Tillerson Tried To Keep Trump's "Worst Impulses" In Check

In a conversation Wednesday morning with 'Morning Joe' co-host Mike Brzezinski, Sen. Tim Kaine warned that President Trump is "increasingly not following the advice of the people who know what they're talking about" and the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson "took everybody by surprise." Ka


Republicans Face an Uphill Battle When it Comes to Challenging Tim Kaine

Voters are only a few months away from primary elections that will shape the 2018 race. But, Republicans are having a hard time attracting candidates who can raise enough money to take on Senator Tim Kaine. When Tim Kaine was running his first statewide race back in 2001, Virginia was solid red. The


Tim Kaine files more than 18,000 signatures ahead of filing deadline for Senate re-election

Tim Kaine formally filed his required ballot qualifying petitions with more than 18,000 signatures, far exceeding the 10,000-signature requirement, in his re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate. The large number of petition signatures clearly demonstrates the high level of support and excitement f


Kaine submits petition signatures in re-election effort

Senator Tim Kaine presented more than 18,000 petition signatures today as part of his re-election effort; 10,000 are need to be on this fall's ballot. Kaine's campaign says the signatures come from across the state, gathered at community events like fairs and festivals. News release: Today, Tim Kain


Va. Del. Freitas' speech drew attention - what about votes?

WASHINGTON - Virginia Republican Del. Nick Freitas, one of the contenders to unseat U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, has gotten more than 10 million views for his speech on the floor earlier this month. One expert says that helped his chances of getting the Republican nomination, but when it comes to the genera


Tim Kaine endorses proposal to 'do away with superdelegates once and for all'

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's running mate, on Friday endorsed a party proposal to eliminate all superdelegates in future elections. "We Democrats need to do away with superdelegates once and for all. They are given undue influence and make the preside


Virginia GOP grapples with field running to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine

WASHINGTON - Cold rain fell on a sopping Corey Stewart as he recently stood outside FBI headquarters and tried to link Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat, to "a brewing scandal the likes of which we haven't seen since Watergate." Stewart, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Senate, calle


Republicans Lining Up to Take on Kaine in Virginia

VA Senate candidates from left: Freitas, Kaine and Stewart via their Facebook pages RICHMOND (CN) - A new statewide poll shows President Donald Trump and his policies are deeply unpopular in Virginia, but that hasn't stopped Republicans from entering the state's 2018 Senate primary contest in hopes


Bert Mizusawa to Challenge Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate

Bert Mizusawa has entered the Republican primary race for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat held by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine. A retired major general with the U.S. Army Reserve, Mizusawa shared his announcement online (see video above). With the primary a mere three months away, he will need to grab s