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Sen. Tim Kaine on continuing Virginia political scandals

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) -- Sen. Tim Kaine stands by his call for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax to resign their posts. Virginia lawmakers are calling for Northam's resignation following a scandal that he had a racist yearbook page in medical school. Recently, Democratic A


Senators Tim Kaine, Mark Warner Opposed Trump’s Nomination Of AG William Barr

On a largely party-line vote in the U.S. Senate last week, President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice, William Barr, was confirmed as the next U.S. Attorney General. Regardless, just as what happened during the confirmation hearings with Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kav


Democratic Senator Tim Kaine Says Senate Armed Services Committee Will Fight Emergency Cuts.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine Says Senate Armed Services Committee Will Fight Emergency Cuts. After President Trump’s Emergency Declaration, the Department of Defense will begin this week to examine projects that could be delayed or cancelled to free funds for border reinforcement. .


Why a Republican who co-sponsored the ERA resolution says she helped block its passage

The Equal Rights Amendment only needed two Republican votes to pass the House of Delegates. And two Republican delegates signed on as co-patrons to the ratification resolution that passed the Senate, where the chief sponsor was also a Republican.


Tim Kaine Rejected by Fifth Jam Band He Tries to Join

ARLINGTON, Va. — A devastated Sen. Tim Kaine has just been rejected as the harmonica player for local jam band Intergalactic HASHbrown Experience, sources confirmed Friday. The rejection sadly marks Kaine’s fifth unsuccessful attempt to enter the local music scene.


Obama speechwriter: How are Dems going to pass the Green New Deal if they won’t nuke the filibuster once and for all?

Good question, and he’s not speaking hypothetically. Various Senate Democrats, from Dick Durbin to Tim Kaine to presidential candidate Cory Booker, have spoken disapprovingly of jettisoning the 60-vote requirement to pass legislation in the upper chamber. (A notable exception is Elizabeth Warren.) T


Letter: Warner and Kaine, whose side are you on?

I am encouraged that most Democrats seem willing to believe that our governor Ralph Northam is not a racist. Of course I would expect the Republicans to call for his resignation. They support Donald Trump and Steve Bannon of Charlottesville and alt-right fame.


Ilhan Omar on Coast Guard lieutenant’s ‘hit list’

Rep. Ilhan Omar was on a suspected domestic terrorist’s “hit list.” At The Daily Beast, Spencer Ackerman writes, “A white-supremacist Coast Guard lieutenant is accused of stockpiling weapons, compiling a hit list of Democratic senators and left-leaning journalists and preparing for a massacre. … Spe


Retired US Navy Commander, Intelligence Officer Kim Howard Announces Against State Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Dominion Energy)

Great to see a Democratic opponent for Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Dominion Energy), as Wagner represents/epitomizes almost everything wrong with Virginia politics. Also, Kim Howard looks to have a very impressive background (“23 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer…a mom, a retired Navy Commander, and sh


Sen. Kaine introduces bill to allow veterans access to medical marijuana through VA

WASHINGTON (WSET) -- Sen. Tim Kaine joined Senator Brian Schatz to introduce legislation to allow doctors at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to discuss and potentially recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states that have established medical marijuana programs.


A request for most of the Democratic presidential candidates: Go home

In youth sports, each season ends up with participation trophies handed out so everyone feels like a winner. In the Democratic presidential campaign, I propose to hand out participation trophies at the beginning so the sure losers can get out of the race immediately, if not sooner.


Kaine Connects staff coming to South Boston Public Library on Wednesday

Staff members from U. S. Senator Tim Kaine’s office will be in town at the South Boston Public Library from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday as part of his Kaine Connects office hours.


Sen. Kaine Responds To Trump's Emergency Declaration

President Trump has declared a national emergency to secure funding to build a wall at the southern border. Sen. Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia, says Democrats will challenge the declaration.


Quinnipiac University Poll: What do Virginians think about Northam, Fairfax, blackface?

Purchase a subscription to AFP | Subscribe to AFP podcasts on iTunes. News, press releases, letters to the editor: augustafreepress2@gmail.com. The poll, released Wednesday, has voters backing Gov. Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring.


Kaine wants to know where Trump’s wall money is coming from

As expected, President Trump today declared a national emergency over border security, the first step in bypassing Congress to build a wall along the border with Mexico using money taken from other accounts.


Kaine Introduces Bill for Veteran Use of Medical Marijuana

02/14/2019 Press Release from the Office of Senator Tim Kaine:. WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee, joined Senator Brian Schatz to introduce legislation to allow doctors at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to discuss and potentially


Journos Are Digging Through EVERYONE’s Yearbooks Now. Here’s Tim Kaine’s.

Hungry for black-face blood, journos are now digging through EVERY yearbook they can get their hands on. They found Tim Kaine’s. Oh. Ok. Ok… that looks pretty normal. Yeah. Nothing to see here.


U.S. still probing journalist Khashoggi murder: Pompeo

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The U.S. government will continue investigating the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a visit to Hungary on Monday.


State Senate Democratic Candidate, Former Surface Warfare Officer, Missy Cotter Smasal Launches First Campaign Video

Note that Virginia’s 8th State Senate District (Virginia Beach), currently held by right-wing Republican Bill DeSteph, was won by Ralph Northam in 2017 by a 50%-49% margin, and by Tim Kaine in 2018 with 51.3% of the vote. Democrat Missy Cotter Smasal is running for the nomination to take on DeSteph;


Trump Just Stole Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Slogan, And People Have Noticed

“We’re only getting stronger together,” Trump said at an event in El Paso. Just one problem: “Stronger Together” was actually Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan as well as the title of the book she wrote with running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.).