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We Remember - Ted Cruz for Senate

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. From the first patriots who died resisting the British crown, to those who have given the last measure of devotion in the War on Terror, every American generation has paid a steep price to preserve

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After period of reckoning, Ted Cruz recasts himself: From opposition force to Trump ally

Many "voiced our disapproval," said Robert McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans football team and a longtime Cruz donor who described the senator as a "brilliant young man" with a bright future in the Senate. "His focus was more on the presidential race than on being a good senator. I think he's


Billionaire Koch brothers attack Beto O'Rourke... and Ted Cruz

Groups affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers —better known for their history of bankrolling Republican candidates — are taking the unusual step of knocking both of Texas’s Senate hopefuls in ads launched this week.The LIBRE Initiative, a Koch-backed group aimed at engaging Latino voters, lau


Ted Cruz wouldn't talk to kids in March, but he was willing to mourn them in May [Opinion]

Two months ago, I marched to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's office alongside Mayor Sylvester Turner, Chief Art Acevedo and other teenagers who had organized the Houston March For Our Lives with me; an estimated 15,000 people marched behind us. We chanted as we walked, arms linked together, sweating under the


Ted Cruz: Media Avoids Texas Shooting Because Students Oppose Gun Control

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says students from the high school near Houston where the deadly shooting occurred told him they don’t believe more gun control is the way to make schools safer.


TX-Sen: Ted Cruz takes 7-point lead in tough race against Beto O’Rourke

If the election were held today, Cruz would garner 47 percent of the vote over O’Rourke’s 40 percent , according to JMC Analytics and Pollingsurvey. Independent candidate Jonathan Jenkins would pick up 6 percent of the vote, while another 7 percent remains undecided.


'For The People' Lawyer Admires Obama, Claims 'I'd Be Better' Than Ted Cruz

ABC’sFor The Peoplefinally finished its first season, and once again, it’s no secret how these people will vote come November. Over the past ten weeks, we’ve coveredracial bias(twice), adefenseof Kathy Griffin, and even aclear rewritingof political history, so what could the finale have in store? Th


Time mag praises Ted Cruz challenger as 'lanky, handsome, charismatic'; 'reminds elderly of JFK' - Liberty Unyielding

Timemagazine on Tuesdaydevoted over 1600 words to the “handsome” Beto O’Rourke, the liberal hope for Democrats in Texas. O’Rourke is challenging the “dogmatic conservative,” incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.


'Time' Loves ‘Handsome’ Liberal Challenger to ‘Dogmatic’ Ted Cruz

Despite the fact that no Democrat has won statewide in Texas since 1994,Timemagazine on Tuesdaydevoted over 1600 words to the “handsome” Beto O’Rourke, the liberal hope for Democrats in Texas. O’Rourke is challenging the “dogmatic conservative,” incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.


New Poll Offers Encouraging News for Senator Ted Cruz's Reelection Efforts %

The mid-term election season is upon us (in case you’ve missed the onslaught of commercial airtime, touting candidates A, B, or C in your state).One of the more closely watched races is taking place in the state of Texas, as incumbent Senator Ted Cruz seeks to fight off his Democrat challenger, Beto


Ted Cruz: Matt Rosendale will take the fight to DC

That’s why I'm proud to endorse a courageous conservative like State Auditor Matt Rosendale for United States Senate. Matt has fought hard to shrink government and preserve liberty for Montanans during his time in the state Legislature, and more recently as state auditor. I know Matt is someone who


Santa Fe - Ted Cruz for Senate

We pray for the souls of these eight children who died so senselessly and violently: Jared Black, Shana Fisher, Christian Riley Garcia, Aaron Kyle McLeod, Angelique Ramirez, Chris Stone, Kimberly Vaughan, and Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh. We prayed for comfort and to lift up the grieving


Ted Cruz and Bill Nelson give NASA a reality check on privatizing International Space Station

Recently the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Space and Competitivenessheld a hearingon the future of the International Space Station. Sen. (R-Texas) the chair of the subcommittee, and Sen.Bill Nelson(D-Fla.), the ranking member of the full Senate Commerce Committee, were in attendance. Bill Gersten


Thoughts & Prayers of the Founding Fathers - Ted Cruz for Senate

Sometimes it seems like we forget there was history before there was Twitter, or that there were difficult days before there was 24-hour cable news to broadcast it. Our nation was forged out of terrible trials, by men and women who were willing to risk absolute failure, in order to secure liberty fo


America is exceptional for school shootings, but our country would be even greater if voters kick Ted Cruz out

Texas is the same state where they held the annual National Rifle Association convention a couple of weeks ago. We know about what President Trump told the crowd at the NRA convention about not letting anybody take any of their guns, even as he now says his administration will do anything and everyt


Twitter Users Pan Ted Cruz After He Tweets 'Prayers' To Santa Fe School Shooting Victims

After Friday's school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, a lot of people are letting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) know that they prefer action to his "prayers." The NRA-funded politician immediately offered standard moral support (but, of course, not solutions) via Twitter after a gunman attacked a Texas high


Ted Cruz on Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Stop Shooters From Accessing Schools!’

Texas has seen too many of these. We’ve seen deranged murderers, whether this morning here, whether a deranged bomber in Austin murdering innocent people, or whether six months ago in Sutherland Springs, another evil criminal murdering innocent people.I tell the people in Santa Fe, you are being lif


Senator Ted Cruz Offers "Prayers" After Texas School Shooting

Politicians took to social media to share their thoughts and calls for action following aschool shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. At least ten people were killed at Santa Fe High School on the morning of Friday, May 18. Students and adult staff are among the dead, according to officials. Harris County Sh


Ted Cruz on School Shooting: 'Once Again, Texas Has Seen the Face of Evil'

Sen. Ted Cruz reacted to the school shooting that occurred Friday in the village of Santa Fe, saying "once again, Texas has seen the face of evil."High school junior Dimitrios Pagourtzis is suspected of murdering ten people and wounded ten others at the school, near Texas City.Cruz said that people


‘Sending thoughts and prayers that you don’t get reelected’: Ted Cruz slammed for response to another mass shooting in Texas

“Heidi and I are keeping all the students and faculty at Santa Fe High School in our prayers this morning, along with all first responders on the scene,” Sen. Cruztweetedafter the shooting. “Please be safe and heed warnings from local officials.”