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Voices Tax planning for intellectual property after tax reform

There’s no question that U.S. taxation of intellectual property has become amazingly more complex after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. For many of our clients, especially those in the technology and life science sectors, global intellectual property represents not only the most significant component of


Few Americans see savings from Trump's tax reform: Reuters/Ipsos poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Only one in five U.S. taxpayers expect to pay less income tax this year as a result of the tax reform law passed in 2017 by Republicans who promised big savings for everyday Americans, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday.


How small businesses are impacted by tax reform

Small business owners are benefiting from a business deductions in the tax code but the change to the individual tax code expires after 2025. So what does this mean for small business owners going forward? CNBC's Kate Rogers reports.


What Kind of Property Tax Reform Could Be Coming to Texas?

Every week, Mansion Global poses a tax question to real estate tax attorneys. Here is this week’s question. Q. We’re looking at a property in Dallas, Texas. Can you explain the property tax reform that the state is considering?


Gov. Laura Kelly vetoes GOP-backed income, sales tax reform legislation

Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed major tax legislation Monday ferociously advocated by Republicans to trim income tax obligations of multinational corporations and wealthy individuals, while shrinking the sales tax on food and broadening the sales tax on nonresident internet businesses.


Utah legislature will not move forward with tax reform bill in 2019

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — The Utah State Legislature will no longer pursue the passage of a controversial tax reform bill, state leaders announced in a press conference Thursday afternoon.


Senate, House bills address education, tax reform

The Texas Senate and House were not on the same page last week as they rolled out plans for reforming the public education system. State Senators on Monday, March 4, approved giving Texas public school teachers and librarians an across-the-board raise of $5,000, and on Friday a Senate bill was intro


Tax reform still looms in lawmakers' minds after session

Utah’s 45-day legislative session came to a close last week. Although lawmakers won’t begin another general session until next January, discussion on important issues hasn’t stopped.


Trump Tax Reform Hits Home in Wealthy New York Suburbs

Nick Boniakowski’s clients bought a home in Northern New Jersey in 2016. Now they want to move again. They found a house they liked. It wasn’t the charm of new construction, an upgrade in location, better schools or a swimming pool that attracted them.


Ambitious legislative session ends with no action on its No. 1 priority of tax reform and with a shaky budget down the road

Forty-five days ago, two new legislative leaders called their respective chambers to order with an ambitious vision that they said would demand the industry of Brigham Young and the enterprising spirit of the American revolutionaries.


Utah lawmakers racked up results – but not on tax reform

SALT LAKE CITY — Lawmakers took on tough tasks during a legislative session that ended an hour earlier than expected Thursday night, and racked up results on big issues, including limiting Medicaid expansion and enshrining hate crime penalties.


Corporate Tax Reform Comes to Arkansas

On Friday, legislators in Arkansas introduced Senate Bill 576, which would dramatically increase the competitiveness of Arkansas’s tax code. Based on recommendations from the Arkansas Tax Reform and Relief Legislative Task Force, the bill would overhaul Arkansas’s corporate income tax code.


Tax reform falls short this session, but conversation continues

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Time ran out on a massive tax reform bill during the legislative session, but the conversation is moving forward. “Broaden the base and lower the rate.” That has been the rallying cry for tax reform in our state.


BRAC lists new bridge, tax reform, and education reform in regular session agenda

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Ahead of the 2019 regular legislative session, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) announced five priorities the organization plans to advocate for. “Bold leadership at the state level is required to address these issues and facilitate business growth in our state,” said Jef


Tax reform reaping benefits among lower-paid workers as wages rise

For the first time since the Great Recession, lower-end earners are receiving greater benefits than higher-end workers when it comes to take-home pay, according to a leading banking firm.


Business Optimism Has Waned And Expected Tax Reform Benefits Have Not Materialized

Financial and non-financial corporations’ optimism about business and economic conditions has waned in 2019. Moreover, according to a well-researched and documented survey conducted by Strategic Treasurer and TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, a significant percent of companies surveyed have


Column: How does tax reform affect real estate tax incentives?

April 15 is just around the corner, but this year’s Tax Day is different compared to many others. That’s because this is the first time taxpayers will file their taxes using the new rules from Congress’ tax overhaul.


Tax reform, flood response could shape future

It's beginning to get interesting now. The second half of a legislative session is when all the scoring occurs. Committees wrap up their public hearings, the Legislature moves into all-day sessions, the big stuff begins to pop up on the agenda, the tough decisions need to be made and now, suddenly,


Lands' End profits fall, but tax reform boosted 2017 results

Black Friday weekend sales hit a record in 2018 for Lands' End, giving the Dodgeville apparel retailer $502.3 million in revenue for the fourth quarter. That's a decrease from the $510.6 million Lands' End brought in during the 2017 fourth quarter, but that figure included $25.9 million from an extr


ANALYSIS: What’s all this talk of Tax Reform?

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Tax. The five seasons of the year. Or the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Whichever you prefer. Either way, the angst of taxes are felt across the board but can no longer be ignored. Our tax policy is an invisible weight around our economic neck.