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Indian Supreme Court Set to Hear Crypto Case on March 29

The four-week window that the Indian supreme court has given the government to come up with crypto regulation is coming to an end. According to the court’s Advance List, the crypto case is listed for March 29. Meanwhile, the community is ramping up efforts to bring about positive crypto regulation a


Cory Fish: Supreme Court should uphold the law in Enbridge case

Recently, Matt Rothschild, executive director for the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, wrote an op/ed column in the Capital Times disparaging Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce for submitting an amicus brief (friend of the court brief) in the case Enbridge Energy Co., Inc. v. Dane County. Rothschild


Utah Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments Against Lawmakers' Rewrite Of Medical Cannabis Law On Monday

The Utah Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday morning against a controversial legislative rewrite of a voter-approved medical marijuana law. Lawmakers passed the replacement law, known as the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, in a special session on Dec. 3 — less than a month after voters approved Prop


Mueller report finds no Trump campaign conspiracy with Russia but doesn’t ‘exonerate’ the president

Atty. Gen. William P. Barr told Congress on Sunday that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III did not find that President Trump’s campaign “or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia” during the 2016 election.


Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to teach summer class in England for George Mason law

(CNN) — Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is returning to teaching law, joining the faculty of George Mason University's law school as a visiting professor. The Antonin Scalia Law School announced Saturday that Kavanaugh will co-teach a course this summer on the "origins and creation of the US C


Mueller Report Conclusions: What We Know

Two days after Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his nearly two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and any ties between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Attorney General William Barr delivered a four-page letter to Congress summari


Key Democrat says Mueller report summary puts matters ‘squarely in Congress’ court’

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Sunday that the release of a summary of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s findings on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign means that the next step is now up to lawmakers.


Trump's Twitter tactics to be tested in court

For your Tuesday radar: The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York will hear a case against Trump for blocking critics on Twitter. Why it matters: In January, the Virginia-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that government officials can't block constituents on social media accounts that they


Victory! Spain’s Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Cruel Bullfighting Festival!

There are few nations more embroiled in the animal rights debate than Spain. In a country where bulls are abused, lit on fire, and ritually prodded to death, the fight to protect bulls rages on. According to survey results, 70% of Spanish citizens disapprove of the various bullfighting traditions ar


US Democrats warn of 'cover-up' if Mueller report not published in full

Democrats warned on Sunday it would constitute a "cover up" if Robert Mueller's report into potential collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia was not released in full.


Louisiana jury case revives long-running Supreme Court debate over reach of Bill of Rights

Calvin Duncan was soaking in the sun outside the federal courthouse in New Orleans about a year ago when the subject turned to Greek mythology. “My middle name should have been Sisyphus,” cracked Duncan, who spent 28 years in state prison, most of it as an "inmate lawyer" helping other prisoners wit


Why Democrats are right to talk about expanding the Supreme Court

To the editor: John Yoo and James Phillips want us to accept the Supreme Court status quo. They’re correct only if you are a conservative who believes in unchecked presidential power, that corporations have human rights, or that voter rights laws are too robust.


Supreme Court again considers partisan gerrymandering, but voters are not waiting

DETROIT — Disappointed with the election results but not ready to give up on politics, Katie Fahey sent out the modern equivalent of a message-in-a-bottle on Nov. 10, 2016. “I’d like to take on gerrymandering in Michigan,” she typed in a Facebook post. “If you’re interested in doing this as well, pl


Nadler willing to go to Supreme Court to obtain Mueller report

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Sunday that his committee will seek the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller 's Russia investigation within the next few months and is willing to take the demand to the Supreme Court.


Court rejects ex-Akron officer Douglas Prade's request in wife's 1997 slaying

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Supreme Court says it won't consider an appeal filed by a former Ohio police officer who's seeking a new trial for the 1997 slaying of his ex-wife.


Brian Hagedorn, Lisa Neubauer face off for 10-year term on Supreme Court

In a little more than a week, Wisconsin voters will head to the polls to make a decision in a Supreme Court race with implications that arguably won’t be felt for another year.


Will: The court should steer away from the politics of gerrymandering

If an adjective creates a redundancy, does preceding it with two other adjectives give the Supreme Court a reason to venture where it has never gone before? Come Tuesday, the court will hear oral arguments urging it to referee gerrymandering in the drawing of congressional districts. The justices sh


Supreme Court Approves Indefinite Detention of Immigrants

President Trump has faced significant criticism for his immigration policy, yet the administration has managed to find a friend on this issue in the Supreme Court. The nation’s highest court decided that ICE may detain immigrants indefinitely while awaiting deportation proceedings.


Supreme Court weighs limits on gerrymandering

The Supreme Court this week will wade back into a fundamental question about American democracy: whether partisan gerrymandering can ever go too far. The big picture: State lawmakers have gotten a lot more sophisticated and a lot more aggressive about redrawing their state’s legislative districts to


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now has her own beer — and the name is fierce

Cheers to pioneering women! Cheers to America! And cheers to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — aka Notorious RBG!. In fact, let's cheers with Ginsburg — at least that's what Boston-based brewer Samuel Adams is doing.