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Glen Macnow: Home field edge? Eagles have 68,000 fans ready to loudly agree

It's trendy now for media blowhards to downplay the impact of Eagles fans; to wave a ream of nerdy analytics suggesting home field edge isn't worth a fig in the land of midnight green. Don't you believe it. The Eagles have many advantages going into this NFC title game against the Minnesota Vikings.

METRO INTERNATIONAL - 2018-01-18 19:02:27

The Woman Behind the Lens: Meet White House Photographer Shealah Craighead

I 'm not here for policy change. I'm here to document history." Chief Official White House Photographer Shealah Craighead is indeed documenting one of the most untraditional, controversial administrations in presidential history. And while you might expect politics to color everything that goes on i

MARIE CLAIRE - 2018-01-18 16:08:00

Do you Know What the Eschaton Is? It will Take us to a Novel, a Video and... Valuable Trivia

David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest" was published in 1996. I haven't read one of its 1,096 pages. The Decemberists released "Calamity Song" in 2011. I just heard it. I got to this song and that book because I heard a song on WFUV. The band is Darlingside. The song is "Eschaton." Some lyrics: You,

GOODMENPROJECT.COM - 2018-01-18 12:00:11

Madison Rising: Meet the hard-right metal band that called Obama the "antichrist"

Madison Rising is a right-wing rock phenomenon with an adoring fan base, and some mainstream cred: They've played at Nascar, at NFL halftime, and even did the theme song for one of Sarah Palin's short-lived reality shows, "Amazing America." Now, they want to make America rock again, or so their T-sh

VICE - 2018-01-18 08:00:00

The 6 Most Dysfunctional States Then and Now

Think back to the first half of 2009. If you were following state governments -- or were part of one -- the situation was grim. It wasn't just the fiscal squeeze brought about by the Great Recession, but that the fact that political leaders in a number of states weren't up to the challenge -- pushin

GOVERNING.COM - 2018-01-18 08:00:00

David Frum rewrites the narrative of American empire (and himself) in 'Trumpocracy'

A common myth is that of the American republic. Although America was founded as a republic, the United States became an empire through imperial expansion, economic policy, the construction of international institutions, and by imposing regime change and military occupation in developing countries. I

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-01-18 00:12:15

Doctor says Trump is 6-3, 239 pounds, and the Internet has so many athlete comparisons

The results of President Donald Trump's first formal medical exam since taking office were announced Tuesday, and the big news was that the physician involved, Navy Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson, said the 71-year-old president received a perfect score on a cognitive test. However, other announced resul

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS - 2018-01-17 19:44:14

Where Do You Fall on the Shithole Scale?

The President of the United States wants to prioritize immigration based on his own cryptic shithole scale. You may wonder where you fall on that scale. If you are not white or you are from a place where the majority of your countrymen are not white, you may find yourself pretty far down on the shit

CHICAGONOW.COM - 2018-01-17 16:42:00

Our View: We would love to see a Trump resort in Washington

Remember when Republicans enthusiastically chanted "Drill, baby, drill," led by their favorite cheerleader and momma grizzly, Sarah Palin? It turns out they were leaving off five important words - "just not in my backyard." We guess that's just not as catchy, but it turns out Republicans aren't quit

MOSCOW-PULLMAN DAILY NEWS - 2018-01-17 08:00:00

Trump - predicting what he'll do in 2018

Predicting the future of President Donald Trump should not be too difficult because he follows certain behaviour patterns that are constant and reliable. Like his sexual abuse of women, his bromance with Vlad "The Blackmailer " Putin, his demeaning people of colour, his disrespect for democracy, his

NIAGARATHISWEEK.COM - 2018-01-17 08:00:00

Governor challenger Morgan to visit Hope Jan. 26

Fox News analyst and Arkansas gun-rights activist, Jan Morgan, shot her own fireworks in the new year by stunning the Republican Party with a challenge to incumbent Governor Asa Hutchinson, and she is now touring the state with a visit to Hope, hosted by the Hope Tea Party on Friday, January 26 at H

PRESS ARGUS-COURIER - 2018-01-17 06:01:00

The Gathering '-Storm': Trump's Reality TV Presidency Is Heading for a Cliffhanger

Coming up on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration as U.S. president, a number of weighty international issues loom on the near horizon. Asia is on edge over signs the United States might initiate a nuclear war with North Korea and a trade war with China. The Middle East risks goin

WORLDPOLITICSREVIEW.COM - 2018-01-17 00:00:00

Report: Sarah Palin pressured son's ex-girlfriend to keep quiet about abuse towards her

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska in an interview with Jake Tapper, Photo Date: April 20, 2017{ }CNN / YouTube via MGN Online WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- During a conversation with DailyMailTV, Jordan Loewe has accused former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin of pressuring he


Salinger the Soldier: In New Biopic, Director Danny Strong Offers Fresh Perspective on Reclusive Novelist

Nothing stirs an audience's imagination quite like a compelling voice that suddenly, mysteriously turns silent. So it was with J.D. Salinger, the New York novelist whose uncensored coming-of-age tale Catcher in the Rye enraptured a broad audience when it was first published in 1951 and remains in pr


4 police officers shot responding to domestic violence call in South Carolina

Shallow depth of field image taken of yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background. (iStock) Four South Carolina law-enforcement officers were shot early Tuesday morning in an hours-long incident that began with a domestic violence call, authorities said. It began shortly


Senator's defense of Trump's 'sh**thole' comments was so ridiculous the crowd couldn't stop laughing

CREDIT: SCREENGRAB During an event with constituents over the weekend, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) elicited laughter after she claimed, without a tinge of irony, that President Trump is simply "standing up" for Norway - the predominately white country from which he told lawmakers last week he wants to we


Track Palin Ex-Girlfriend Describes Terror She Suffered: 'This Is a Violent Person'

As Track Palin's trial approaches for his alleged assault on his father, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son is speaking out about his violent tendencies. Jordan Loewe says that her relationship with the eldest son of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was riddled with threats, guns, and violen


Dunleavy's replacement: Rauscher, Smoldon or Braund

The Republican committee vetting candidates to replace Sen. Mike Dunleavy, District E, chose three conservatives:Rep. George Rauscher, who represents District 9Todd Smoldon, economics educator and District 9 precinct leaderTom Braund, retired federal worker and District 10 precinct leader In the rou


EXCLUSIVE: 'See if the cops will save you. While they're saving you, I'll kill your family.' Gun-obsessed Track Palin attacked me while I was pregnant with our son and put Sarah's pink AR-15 to his own head, his ex-girlfriend tells DailyMailTV

Jordan Loewe tells DailyMailTV of the violence, threats and harassment she suffered at hands of Track Palin, with who she has son Charlie, 16 monthsLoewe, 24, speaks out as Track, 28, awaits trial for assault on his own father Todd in December which left the older man with facial injuriesLoewe revea


Surprise! John Lewis Says Trump Is a "Racist"

The media commonly - and very dutifully - describe Congressman John Lewis as a courageous hero of the early civil rights movement, and as an enduring icon of the fight for racial justice in America. But human beings are not icons; they're just people. Icons, by contrast, are usually the creations o