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The ‎Republican‏ War on College

There are two big problems with the GOP'sclaim that its tax-reform proposals help the middle class. The first, and most obvious, is that both the House bill, which passed last week, and the Senate bill would raise taxes on tens of millions of middle-class and low-income households by the end of the

THE ATLANTIC - 2017-11-20 15:26:16

The best in the country

The republican center for health improvement and treatment of the population has announced the results of the contest for the best kids' health camp in 2017. In the category 'The best health camp for kids in the country' the prize was awarded to the children's health camp named after Marat Kazey.

RADIO EGYPT - 2017-11-20 14:43:16

Why evangelicals are again backing a ‎Republican‏ despite allegations of sexual misconduct

WASHINGTON - Allegations that Roy Moore sexually assaulted teenage girls decades ago have turned many Republicans against their party's Senate candidate in Alabama, but one bloc of conservative leaders is standing by their man: evangelicals. It is the latest example of a shift in attitude among Chri

RICHARDDAWKINS.NET - 2017-11-20 08:00:00

Letters : ‎Republican‏ tax plan a disaster

Let's hope that the few Republicans who joined the Democrats in killing the prior attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Acts hold to their principles and do it again. Do you like the way your congressmen continue to attempt to eliminate the Affordable Care Act? This time, it's linked to a tax chan

YAHOO! - 2017-11-20 00:00:00

Governor Palin Expresses Concern Over ‎Republican‏ Tax Plan

Published recently, Governor Palin urges members of Congress and White House to make sure that "Main Street" individuals aren't paying for corporate tax cuts. Dear GOP Politicians Controlling Congress and the White House: You're arguing that reducing the corporate tax rate ultimately creates jobs. I

CONSERVATIVES4PALIN - 2017-11-19 18:00:40

‎Republican‏ Sen. Susan Collins : ' I want to see changes ' in Senate tax bill

A key moderate Senate Republican said the Senate's tax bill needs revisions before it is put to a vote. Interested in Taxes?Add Taxes as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Taxes news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Taxes Add Interest "I want to see changes in that bill, and I think

ABC NEWS - 2017-11-19 17:28:00

‎Republican‏ Against ‎Republican‏

Mitch McConnell recently said that based merely on uncorroborated allegations of sexual abuse, he would not allow Roy Moore to take a seat in the Senate if the citizens of Alabama elected him to that office. But when there is photographic evidence and even an admission of culpability in the Al Frank


‎Republican‏ `` Experts ''

Having had the opportunity as a former congressional staffer to experience his speakership up close, it was clear to me that Gingrich had a ready opinion on every subject from aardvarks to Zoroastrianism. He was usually wrong. But through a combination of confident and aggressive assertion, citation

SMIRKINGCHIMP.COM - 2017-11-19 15:12:00

‎Republican‏ Who Pushed ` Family Values ' Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Trafficking Charge

Former Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey, a Republican, has pleaded guilty to a child sex trafficking charge, several news outlets reported Sunday. Shortey, a devout Christian who boasted about his "family values," had been accused of offering to pay a 17-year-old boy for "'sexual' stuff" earlier th

POLITICALDIG.COM - 2017-11-19 14:18:14

‎Republican‏ plans threaten Medicare

Rep. Ted Budd recently mailed a four-page color brochure produced at taxpayers' expense announcing Medicare enrollment dates. He states, "Today's Medicare recipients have spent a lifetime paying into the system. That's why it is imperative we protect the program for today's seniors and strengthen it

GREENSBORO.COM - 2017-11-19 05:00:00

The Resistance Now : activists plan to protest the ‎Republican‏ tax bill

Taxes, taxes, taxes ... Activists around the country from the progressive group Invisible are planning a "national day of action" later this month as a last-ditch effort to defeat a tax bill being considered in the Senate. The legislation would end the individual mandate to buy healthcare, and a non


Event : ‎Republican‏ Party of Wisconsin , 4th Congressional District Annual Christmas Party/Green Bay Packer Game Viewing

by RPW 4th Congressional District, Bob Spindell, Chair 758 North Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202 Milwaukee, WI53202 Start : 2017-11-17T15:30:00-06:00


GOP is ` toast ' with Trump in control , ‎Republican‏ senator says

Sen. Jeff Flake, a frequent sparring partner of President Donald Trump, continues to make enemies in his own party after calling the GOP "toast" while unaware he was still on a live mic. Interested in Republican Party?Add Republican Party as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Republican


‎Republican‏ tax plan : All eyes move to Senate

(CNN)Senate Republicans are poised to return after the Thanksgiving break and begin debating their tax bill on the floor, but don't expect the body to move forward without a bit more controversy. Despite a rapid move by the House to pass its tax bill out of the chamber this week with just 13 Republi


‎Republican‏ Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct trails rival

Republican candidate Roy Moore has fallen behind his Democratic rival in the race for one of Alabam's US Senate seats, according to the latest polls Roy Moore, the Republican candidate from Alabama accused of preying on teenage girls when he was in his 30s, trails his Democratic rival in the race fo


The ‎Republican‏ Tax Plan is Very Swampy

Unsurprisingly, the Republican tax plan moving forward in the U.S. Congress and championed by Donald "Drain the Swamp" Trump, is very swampy. Today's post will highlight a few examples. First, let's hear some of what billionaire fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach had to say. Via Bloomberg: Jeffrey Gundla


Derry arrests in dissident ‎republican‏ activity probe

TWO men have been arrested in Derry following a series of searches linked to dissident republican activity. The men, aged 32 and 40, were arrested in the city's Creggan area this morning by the PSNI Serious Crime Branch and taken to Belfast for questioning. TWO men have been arrested in Derry follow


U.S. Local Governments Fear Consequences Of ‎Republican‏ Tax Overhaul

From Pataskala, Ohio, to Conroe, Texas, local government leaders worry that if Republican tax-overhaul plans moving through the U.S. Congress become law, it will be harder for them to pave streets, put out fires, fight crime and pay teachers. A tax plan approved by the House of Representatives on T


Police arrest man in dissident ‎republican‏ probe

Detectives from Serious Crime Branch made the arrest in the Creggan Heights area of the city. The PSNI said it is in relation to a shooting incident at a house in the Ballymagowan area on January 5. Detectives from Serious Crime Branch made the arrest in the Creggan Heights area of the city. The PSN


Sen. Feinstein : ‎Republican‏ Tax Reform Hits Middle Class

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., issued the following statement after House Republicans passed tax reform legislation. The Senate is expected to take up its version after the Thanksgiving recess: "The Republican tax cut bill was written to help the rich at the expense of the m