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Rock and roll nuns to perform for pope in Panama

Lima (AFP) – With millions of YouTube views and hits on Spotify and iTunes, a group of young nun rockers play one of their biggest gigs next week, and thousands of Catholics, including the pope himself, will lap it up.


Pope Sends Condolences for Terrorist Attack at Hotel Complex in Nairobi, Kenya

‘Praying for God’s healing grace, His Holiness willingly invokes upon the entire nation the divine blessings of consolation and strength’ Pope Francis has sent today, Jan. 17, 2019, his condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack on Tuesday, Jan. 15, on a hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya. Vati


German Cardinal: Some Want Francis Pontificate over ‘as Soon as Possible’

A prominent German cardinal has accused critics of Pope Francis of exploiting the clerical sex abuse crisis in order to oust him from the papacy. “There are people who just do not like this pontificate, and they want it to end as soon as possible and to then have a new conclave,” said Cardinal Walte


Wuerl Misread the Crisis; Pope Francis Need Not

Pope Francis clearly understands that there is a crisis of credibility in the American episcopate. It is less clear that he understands why. I don’t mean to suggest that the Holy Father’s not paying attention, still less that he doesn’t care about clerical sexual abuse. Not at all. What I mean is th


Teilhard de Chardin: Model of Ambiguity for a Future Pope

To a degree not yet as widely recognized as it should be, Pope Francis – Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. – is showing himself to be an admirable disciple of his Jesuit forerunner Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. (1881-1955), the Piltdown paleontologist and “Omega Point” mystagogue, who exercised an enormous i


Christian Unity is not optional, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis has appealed to Christians across the world to pray and to work for full Christian Unity saying that the faithful have a duty to work for it. 500 years after the Reformation began Christianity has come closer, but is still divided.


The word Abba is like a recording of Jesus’ voice, says pope

Christian prayer can be condensed in a single word, Pope Francis suggested at the Wednesday audience, the word “Abba.” Continuing with his teaching on the Our Father prayer, the pope spoke about how this word, preserved in Aramaic in the Scriptures, gives us, as it were, Jesus’ very voice.


Five reasons the pope’s clergy sex abuse meeting in Rome will fail

(RNS) — Next month’s meeting in Rome, called by Pope Francis to deal with the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, may well be a failure before it even starts. The stakes for the meeting have been ratcheted up, at least for the American church, as the Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy sex


Ecumenism Isn’t An Option, Pope Affirms

Appeal on the Occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. “Ecumenism isn’t an option,” affirmed Pope Francis, as the Week draws near of Prayer for Christian Unity.


Hundreds of Cubans Traveling to Panama to see Pope Francis

HAVANA TIMES – There are 471 Cubans about to travel to Panama for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day. Many have been saving for a good while to pay for the reunion with Pope Francisco and ask him to pray for their Island, reports the AFP.


Calling for Global Effort, Pope Prays God Liberate the Human Trafficked, Help Those Deprived of Their Dignity

Vatican Issues 2 Documents on Migrants, Refugees, and Human Trafficking. The “Migrants and Refugees” Section of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development published two documents on migrants, refugees, and human trafficking, presented in the Vatican today, January 17.


Tolerance-plus: Pope in Abu Dhabi will build on relations with Muslims

When Pope Francis visits Abu Dhabi Feb. 3-5, he will visit a land where interreligious tolerance is mandated by law; while Catholics in the United Arab Emirates count their blessings for that, the pope is expected to nudge for something more.


The Pope’s Romania trip could send a message to the Orthodox world

Catholic-Orthodox ties have frayed since the last papal visit to Romania. The Vatican added a new papal trip to an already packed 2019 calendar last week. It confirmed that Pope Francis will visit Romania from May 31 to June 2.


Catholics must continue seeking pardon for anti-Judaism, pope says

A few decades of respectful Catholic-Jewish dialogue pale in comparison to “19 centuries of Christian anti-Judaism,” Pope Francis said, so Catholics must continue to ask forgiveness and forge new bonds of respect and friendship with the Jewish community.


Pope wants abuse summit to lead to clarity, action

At the upcoming meeting on protecting minors, Pope Francis wants leaders of the world’s bishops’ conferences to clearly understand what must be done to prevent abuse, care for victims and ensure no case is whitewashed or covered up.


In the Francis era, the Eucharist defines doctrinal tussles

Famously, Pope Francis isn’t one for spending a lot of time thinking about doctrinal questions or disputes. The Pontiff often mocks theologians for obsessing over the fine print of things, recycling a quote from Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople to Pope Paul VI after an historic 1964 meeting:


Pope at General Audience: Address God as a child would his father

Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the "Our Father" during the weekly General Audience in the Paul VI Hall, telling those present always to trust in His love. Elaborating on the concept of “Father”, Pope Francis assured the faithful that the Lord “will not hide his face from us” nor “will he c


Francis: You have to find ways to make the Gospel reach Asia

Faced with the challenges of today’s world, it’s necessary to find “new ways and methods” of announcing the Gospel, said Pope Francis in a message to the participants at a meeting of presidents of the doctrinal commissions of the episcopal conferences of Asia, published on January 15 by the Holy See


Chilean Bishops visit the Pope in attempt to repair the damage

Crux reports, that a bishop, speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed to have helped set up the 14 January meeting. The Chileans are said to have requested the meeting in an attempt to “rebuild the relationship between the Chilean bishops’ conference and the Holy See, making it more formal and st


Pope to parents: It's OK to fight, just not in front of kids

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Francis offered new parents a bit of advice Sunday, telling them it's perfectly normal to fight, but just not in front of the children. Francis warned of the "anguish" of children who see their parents fight during a ceremony to baptize 27 newborns, an annual tradition that