Was Nancy Pelosi’s ironic clap actually just a clap? An investigation

Fast Company - 02-07


Nancy Pelosi has been in politics for so long that anyone who reads the news already knows who she is, but the meme version of Pelosi may have just Milkshake Duck’d herself. Ever since taking back the Speaker of the House gavel from Paul Ryan last November, Pelosi has generated a lot of positive attention. Some of it has been for standing up to Donald Trump with a titanium backbone, and some of it has been people gleefully over-celebrating her facial expressions and fashion choices because we desperately need things to feel good about. That Pelosi deserves some credit for her refusal to budge on her position around The Wall™ during the recent government shutdown should be beyond debate. However, there is a danger in viewing her (or anyone) through meme-colored glasses as a Jessica Jones-style avenging angel of D.C. The more we elevate our politicians into mythic figures, the more we refuse to see their very human flaws.