Readers sound off on Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Melissa Mark-Viverito

NY Daily News - 02-09


Manhattan: I couldn’t disagree more with Voicer Janice Amato. Stacey Abrams gave a clear, concise speech — refreshingly so, as contrasted with our glorious Presidente and his very long, rambling, almost incoherent address, filled with lies, contradictions, and bombast. Let’s hope that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to stand up to Donald Trump and not indulge his childish whims. The visual is very, very telling: seeing Trump and his cronies together — a bunch of mostly white, middle-aged, wealthy men with one or two women placed amongst them, and then seeing Democrats together, all skin colors, male, female, tall, short, looking like true representatives of this great, diverse nation.