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‘Fact-challenged’ media pounces on Paul Ryan for going to Canada for surgery. But, there’s one little problem…

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will be having surgery in Canada related to an attack from the lawmaker’s neighbor in November 2017. Paul is scheduled to have outpatient surgery at the privately administered Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario, next week, according to the Louisville Courier Journ


Pumping Ryan

By chance I spoke recently with Gregg Segal, who took the most revealing and best political photographs of the last ten years: The miraculous images of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan lifting weights and doing some kind of bro gesture at the Janesville, Wisconsin YMCA.


Paul Krugman’s Ping-Pong Polemics

When Keynesian darling Paul Krugman isn’t advocating a space alien invasion to stimulate the economy or winning fake news grand prizes, the leftist economist gives his readers a bad case of whiplash. Reading his New York Times blog is like watching a tennis match, as Krugman’s positions on public po


Former Ryan fundraisers launch firm

Two former fundraisers for retired Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) have launched their own firm to assist clients with fundraising. Bridget Gribbin and Olivia McDonald, who co-founded Corcoran Strategies in December, were both deputy finance directors in Ryan’s political office.


Banpresto releasing a Meltan plush

Pokemon plush dolls are a dime a dozen, except when it comes to Meltan. The newest Pokemon in the series is yet to receive an official plush, but that's all set to change thanks to Banpresto. The toy manufacturer will be releasing a Meltan plush in the near future in Japan. Hopefully we'll get word


Jon Lovett explains why Democrats in Congress probably won’t regulate Facebook

On the latest episode of Pivot, Recode’s Kara Swisher traded in Scott Galloway for a guest co-host: Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett, the co-host of Pod Save America and host of Lovett or Leave It. They talked about everything from Trump’s shutdown to Netflix’s Bird Box, and why the newly Democratic-contr


Goodbye, Paul Ryan: He leaves office with a 12% favorability rating

House Speaker Paul Ryan leaves office today, handing the gavel to Democrat Nancy Pelosi after his own tenure of spiraling deficits, dishonest tax cuts, obsessive and entirely political Obamacare repeal efforts and a general inability to stand up to Donald Trump or in fact anyone else.



So how exactly do you get a chance to ride in one of the best BMX contests of the year, the Battle of Hastings? The contest is comprised of 12 teams. Source chooses 11 team captains, then the captains pick three riders to complete their teams. And then there are four wildcard qualifier spots up for


Stitt Inauguration Donors May Not Be Revealed Until Summer

Hundreds of donors and supporters will welcome Kevin Stitt as Oklahoma’s 28th governor during four days of events starting today, including a pair of black-tie balls, gourmet dinners and entertainment from a country-music star.


‘Fraud’ Paul Ryan Just Got A Brutal Farewell As He Leaves His Post As Speaker

Today marked Paul Ryan’s last day as Speaker of the House. And after years of disastrous economic policies in his rearview mirror, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman decided to call him out for it.


How the New Congress Impacts the Transportation Industry

On Jan. 3, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA.) was elected speaker of the House for the 116th Congress with 220 votes, returning to a post she first held eight years ago. In a vote of 234-197, the House adopted Title I of its governing rules for the 116th Congress. The package includes dozens of changes important


Jim Carrey sends off Paul Ryan with a ‘good luck’ and ‘good riddance’ caricature (photo)

Jim Carrey is sending off retiring speaker of the house Paul Ryan with a parting gift… and it’s not a gold watch. In the actor-comedian’s latest artwork, Ryan is depicted in a sea of black as an aged man — bearing more resemblance to Lyndon Johnson than the young-ish Wisconsin congressman — with his


Leftists PANIC After Discovering Coachella Owner Donates Thousands To Republicans

Although the high-profile, star-studded music festival has been going on for years, it seems leftists only just realized — this week — that Coachella, which draws decidedly liberal headliners like Beyonce and Eminem, is owned and managed by ... a Republican.


Nancy Pelosi Elected Speaker-Again

The new Congress has convened with the most women ever in the House, but the woman with the gavel has been there before. Nancy Pelosi has been elected speaker, again. She fought back challengers and topped the 216 votes needed to reclaim the post she held from 2007-2011.


Children steal the show in Congress by 'dabbing' for C-SPAN cameras while their mother makes history as the first Palestinian-American member who is sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran

Rep. Rashida Tlaib made history as one of the first two women to vote in Congress – and her two sons made history for carrying out the first known joint-dab on the House floor during a speaker's election.


Mitt Romney

Alexandra Pelosi said this after first starting out her segment by saying that in DC “you need to make friends.” File this away for the next time the Left complains about “violent rhetoric.”


Twisted Sister Clashes With Australian Politician Over Rock Anthem

SYDNEY, Australia — It’s the same thrashing guitar and rock music, but the words are different from the lyrics of Twisted Sister’s hit song, and the band is not impressed.


Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Frankenstein's Castle, Emil the Bacterium Physicist, and MORE!

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Super-Fun-Pak Comix features Doug, Classix Comix, Not a Pipe, Public Domain Fart Funnies, and just a bit MORE!. FOLLOW @RubenBolling on the Twitters and a Face Book.


Nancy Pelosi is BACK, and I Don’t Know How You’re Gonna Build a Wall with Her Boot Up Your Ass, Don

Ah, the New Year! A time for fresh starts! Reinventions! Or, we could all just stay trapped in this madhouse together, and dial the shitstorm up to 11! Ha ha just kidding, you don't have a choice!


Northpointe Capital Lifted Its Position in Procter And Gamble Co (PG) by $558,756 as Stock Rose; As Comcast New (CMCSA) Valuation Rose, Shareholder Scharf Investments Lowered Holding by $12.60 Million

Scharf Investments Llc decreased its stake in Comcast Corp New (CMCSA) by 8.19% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC. Scharf Investments Llc sold 359,978 shares as the company’s stock rose 2.72% while stock markets declined. The institutional investor held 4.04 million shares of