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Editorial: Paul Ryan is still steering politics into the gutter

Ryan’s neighbors in Janesville saw through him years ago. As far back as 2012, he lost his home precinct, his hometown and his home county. Yet massive outlays of special-interest money allowed the political careerist to retain a seat that he had worked with legislative Republicans to gerrymander in

MADISON - 2018-09-19 13:00:00

'Shame on Paul Ryan': Randy Bryce's mom calls for GOP attack ad featuring Bryce's brother to be taken off the air

Randy Bryce's mom said she was deeply hurt to see a Republican group launching an attack ad featuring Bryce's brother. She called for that ad, which is part of a massive $1.5 million ad blitz by the Congressional Leadership Fund, to be taken off the air.

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL - 2018-09-19 12:16:00

Paul Ryan Caught Undermining Mueller’s Investigation And Mueller Just Took Notice · DC Tribune

Nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact, almost no one could end the shenanigans holding up the Congressional investigations faster than the Speaker of the House could.


Candidate's brother stars in attack ad against him in race for Paul Ryan's open seat

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A Republican group linked to retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan has launched its second attack ad in two days against the Democrat running to replace him — and the latest ad stars candidate Randy Bryce's own brother.The Congressional Leadership Fund on Monday announced a $1.5 million

WMAZ - 2018-09-18 19:28:10

Paul Ryan's Ugly Farewell

So, what’s House Speaker Paul Ryan been up to in the waning days of his congressional career as Republicans appear on the brink of losing control of the House of Representatives under his leadership? We haven’t heard much. There’s a good reason why Ryan hasn’t wanted to call attention to his electio

SHEPHERDEXPRESS.COM - 2018-09-18 16:08:28

State Debate: Paul Ryan says nation must return to Reagan days; Bill Kaplan says GOP is running scared

Political columnist Bill Kaplan, in a piece that appears on WisOpinion, contends that theRepublicans, Donald Trump and Scott Walkerare running scared as the mid-term elections loom. He notes how Walker is trying to explain his seven-year effort to end Obamacare.


Maxine Slapped With Serious Political Charge – Washington Gets Green Light To Act Immediately

Maxine Waters has been on a crazy rampage against President Donald Trump that seems to get worse by the week. Somehow, she’s been able to carry on this verbals assault even though she has recently called on people to target Trump supporters in public, on more than one speech occasion. She uses outla

RWNOFFICIAL.COM - 2018-09-19 17:08:21

Race for Paul Ryan's seat descends into family feud

The race for House Speaker Paul Ryan's seat turned personal this week when the Democratic candidate's mother denounced an attack ad against her son - featuring his own brother. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a PAC closely aligned with Ryan, announced earlier this week it was launching a $1.5 mil

YAHOO! - 2018-09-19 16:22:03

Jennifer Rubin: How does Paul Ryan keep a straight face?

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., delivered remarks at the Ronald Reagan Institute on Thursday afternoon praising U.S. leadership in the world. How he — one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal apologists — keeps a straight face while extolling U.S. values and alliances, which Trump routinely trash


Paul Krugman: Karma arrives to bite Republicans

NEW YORK — Activists in Maine opposed to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are trying to put pressure on Susan Collins, the state's Republican senator. If Collins votes for Kavanaugh, they say, they will donate substantial sums to her opponent in the next election.


GOP House leadership PAC uses Democratic candidate’s brother in attack ad for Paul Ryan’s seat

The ad, in which James Bryce criticizes his brother’s anti-police rhetoric, is the second in as many days unveiled by the PAC, which said Monday that it has reserved $1.5 million in TV and digital advertising for a district that Ryan has represented since 1999.


How does Paul Ryan keep a straight face?

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., delivered remarks at the Ronald Reagan Institute on Thursday afternoon praising U.S. leadership in the world. How he — one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal apologists — keeps a straight face while extolling U.S. values and alliances, which Trump routinely trash


Paul Ryan's Super PAC Is Flooding Congressional Races with Misinformation About Democrats

With voters sour on President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress, Republican lawmakers are facing daunting odds in the upcoming midterm elections - and they're fighting back with misinformation. In a recent glaring example, the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super PAC tied to House Speaker Pa

THE INTERCEPT - 2018-09-19 19:44:58

Paul Ryan on Twitter

Stability and predictability are critical for our national security. Yet years of budget uncertainty have exacerbated a staggering military readiness crisis. Congress will soon take action on a defense funding bill to continue rebuilding our military.


Former Kavanaugh Classmate Denies Sexual Assault Knowlege | National Review

Former Kavanaugh Classmate Denies Sexual Assault KnowlegeKavanaugh Accuser Has Not Agreed To Appear At Public Hearing Next MondayTrump Not Worried Over Delayed Kavanaugh VoteKavanaugh Accuser Goes PublicCuomo’s Win Comes With ConcessionsGOP Faces Deadline Crunch As Midterms Come NearRon DeSantis Res

NATIONAL REVIEW - 2018-09-19 17:37:20

A top Democratic candidate's own brother says he's voting against him in a new Republican attack ad

Randy Bryce, a Democrat running for the Wisconsin congressional seat being vacated by House Speaker Paul Ryan, is being attacked by his own brother in a new GOP ad.James Bryce, a police officer and Republican who also considered running for the House seat, argues that his brother is hostile toward l

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2018-09-18 16:53:30

Iron Stache’s Family Battles Itself Over Paul Ryan’s Seat

Randy Bryce, the Democratic candidate seeking to replace Paul Ryan in the House, now finds himself the target of criticism from his own brother.The progressive candidate, dubbed “Iron Stache,” achieved viral fame and a massive fundraising haul upon first announcing his bidagainst House Speaker Ryan

DAILY BEAST - 2018-09-19 15:33:06

Pelosi calls on Ryan to bring long-term Violence Against Women Act to floor

House Minority Leader Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiDems' confidence swells with midterms fast approachingGOP: The economy will shield us from blue waveOn The Money: Trump readying 0B in tariffs for China | Warren wants companies to disclose climate impacts | Bill aims to provide clar


Paul Ryan Wants To Kill Just A Few More Poor People, For Old Times' Sake

Back in June, the Housepassedthe Farm Bill, which actually does not guarantee each American a farm but does contain lots of nasty measures aimed at screwing poor people to Ryan's climactic satisfaction. There's currently a stalemate in the Senate because Democrats have their flaws but they won't bac


Catholic Church abuse scandal: Paul Ryan urges 'total transparency' as Pope Francis probes allegations

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Paul Ryan, a prominent Catholic, on Thursday called for transparency and accountability as the church examines a wave of clergy sex scandals and cover-up allegations.