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Ron Paul : Earmarks Are Not The Problem - OpEd

Last week President Trump urged Congress to reassert its constitutional authority to direct how federal agencies spend taxpayer dollars. Ironically, many constitutional conservatives and libertarians disagree with the president. The reason is, President Trump wants Congress to reassert its authority

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After Trump Comments , What Might A Return To Earmarks Mean For Congress ?

In a recent meeting, President Trump commented that a return to earmarks in Congress could potentially help the legislative branch make more progress. This week the House will hear arguments in favor of bringing back earmarks, which were banned in 2011 after an ongoing problem with corruption. Here

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Pheu Thai claims NACC probe a move to wipe out foes

The Pheu Thai Party has criticised the National Anti-Corruption Commission for interfering with the legislative branch over the anti-graft agency's move to probe 40 of its former MPs for abuse of authority in proposing a 2013 amnesty bill. The party has also questioned if the move is designed to pav


What are your state legislature 's harassment policies ?

Each state has its own policies regarding sexual harassment and misconduct. What are your state's? Use our database to see how your state compares to others. Search by state or if a legislative branch has a written policy. Click on the details to learn more.


Hail to our chief ; GOP sells out ‎legislative‏ ‎branch‏ ; Trump stance on Jerusalem wrong ; Not a fan of the president ; It 's an East Coast snow bomb . | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Given that the president is very smart (he tells us constantly) - this should be his agenda for 2018: Fire all the liberal scientists and end their climate hoax. Produce more pollution and CO2. Disband the FBI, CIA and NSA to kill the Russia hoax promoted by liberal hacks. Further reduce regulation


Minnesota state Sen. Michelle Fischbach fights new role as lieutenant governor

Currently, Fischbach is calling herself the "acting lieutenant governor." She claims that the people of her district elected her and she has a commitment to them, but that the rules of succession are also quite clear. She claims that she can hold both positions, lieutenant governor and state senator


California Rep. Ed Royce Latest Republican to Announce Retirement

California Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) became the latest Republican to announce their retirement on Monday, adding to a field of lawmakers who won't seek re-election in the 2018 midterms later this year. The House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman said in a statement: "In this final year of my Foreign


Thibodeau , Mason , Fredette Advance Campaigns , ‎Legislative‏ Agendas

Three out of the five GOP challengers are top members of Maine's legislature. Three out of the five Republican candidates fighting to succeed Gov. Paul LePage (R) are some of Maine's highest ranking legislators. State House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R), state Senate President Mike Thibodeau (R


The Washington Post is rated the top news source for opinion leaders inside the beltway

The Washington Post is the leading news source for opinion leaders inside the beltway, according to the 2017 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders study. The new study found that a majority of federal government opinion leaders nationwide turn to The Post for news and information. For the fourth consecutiv

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House eyes 5 autonomous states under federalism

MANILA - The House committee on constitutional amendments tackled on Tuesday the proposed amendments in 1987 Constitution in a bid to shift into a federal form of government. Southern Leyte Rep. Roger Mercado, chair of the committee, said the proposal was from a sub-committee which focused on the sa

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Loughry denounces furniture decisions but defends court spending

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Chief Justice Allen Loughry denounced "isolated, expensive furniture purchases" in a hearing before the House Finance Committee, while also defending the judicial branch's separation-of-powers authority to determine its own spending priorities. Legislators, in response to a serie


Trump 's ` shithole ' comments have enraged many . But some evangelical leaders still back him .

A few members of President Trump's evangelical advisory council - including its spokesman - on Friday defended the president for comments he was said to have made about immigrants from places including Africa and Central America. In a statement to The Washington Post, spokesman Johnnie Moore questio


Commentary Open Forum : No Benedict Arnold types

David A. Eddy Many of us watched the recent congressional exchange over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and securing the border national dilemma between the president and members of Congress. While on one hand I am pleased to see members from both parties in attendance for this ve


Republican Rep. Darrell Issa Retiring From Congress

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) announced on Wednesday that he will not seek reelection later this year, marking another GOP member's exit from Congress and possibly helping Democrats chances of regaining power in the legislative branch. "While my service to California's 49th District will be co


Petticoat government resurfaces

Incapacity in the chief executive is not a new thing in American history. James Garfield spent half his short presidency dying slowly from a gunshot wound. Richard Nixon's condition in his final days was dire enough that his secretary of defense effectively cut him out of the nuclear chain of comman


Letter : Time for voters to assess Sen. Grassley

After 42 years in the legislative branch of the federal government, it's past due that Iowa voters make a hard assessment of Sen. Chuck Grassley. In the last few weeks he's shown symptoms of 'Washington Syndrome.' The disease is indicated by his brief and accidental showing of his true thinking when


Report Outlines Recommendations to Address Sexual Harassment at Statehouse

IOWA -- A consultant tackling sexual harassment at the Statehouse released her report on recommendations to address the issue and prevent it from happening in the future, and she says action needs to be taken quickly. This is all in response to a sexual harassment case settled by the state last year


Recommendations Released Following Iowa Senate GOP Sexual Harassment Settlement

The Iowa Capitol John Pemble/IPR file photo Iowa Senate Republicans on Friday released recommendations made to them to ensure a safe workplace at the Iowa Capitol. The report was commissioned after taxpayers covered a $1.75 million sexual harassment settlement against Senate Republicans in October


Feds paid more than $ 375,000 over 10 years settling complaints for House lawmakers

The federal government paid more than $375,0000 to settle claims filed against the offices of House lawmakers from 2003 until 2013, according to a new report. Among those settlements, more than $85,000 was paid to settle complaints of sexual harassment, while sex discrimination claims accounted for


Americans wo n't repeat prior Democrat disasters in ' 18

In both 2008 and 2012, Republicans put two bad candidates as their nominees for president in John McCain and Mitt Romney. They were the same old song and dance routine that we had under George W. Bush for eight years. What we ended up with in 2008 was a disaster, because not only did the American