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The Differences Between ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's Diet and a Typical North Korean 's Will Shock You

When you picture Korean food, your mind probably gravitates toward kimchi, rice, and sushi. Most North Koreans do eat these foods on a regular basis - except for one. Kim Jong Un's diet isn't anything like the rest of North Korean cuisine. Here's how they differ.Kim Jong Un's diet is high in saturat

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Cuba Backs North Korea 's ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ in War On Trump : Havana Calls For ` Respect For Peoples ' Sovereignty '

Cuba signaled support for North Korea in an escalating feud between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un over the country's nuclear weapons program and accusations of state-sponsored terrorism. The foreign ministers for Cuba and North Korea met Wednesday to reinforce an alliance between their coun

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Deep insights into ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's North Korea , and 4 other global stories

In this occasional series, The Washington Post brings you up to speed on some of the biggest stories of the week. First up: an investigation into what life in North Korea really looks like. The biggest story: Escape from North Korea In six months of interviews in South Korea and Thailand, The Washin

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Once inside ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's inner circle , top aide 's star fades

In September, when Kim Jong Un ordered North Korea's sixth nuclear bomb test, trusted advisor Hwang Pyong So was at his side, his khaki military uniform conspicuous among the suits present. It seems Hwang no longer has a seat at the table. (Hyonhee Shin and Josh Smith)23-11-2017 09:24 No plan for de


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ Did n't Meet Senior Envoy From China

Dramatic video shows North Korean soldier's escape across border North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not meet with a senior Chinese envoy who visited Pyongyang recently, and some in the diplomatic community are viewing it as a deliberate slap in the face to Beijing at a time when the relationship be


What Kind of Bombs Does North Korea Have ? A Guide to ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's Nuclear Weapons

As President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shout insults and threats at each other from across the globe, many Americans might find themselves wondering about North Korea's true nuclear capabilities. In other words, is the belligerent yet reclusive regime as big a threat as Trump


North Korean workers leave Angola following tightened sanctions against ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ regime

LUANDA (AFP, NYTIMES) - More than 150 North Korean labourers have left Angola following tightened sanctions against the Kim Jong Un state, the southern African country said. Angola's foreign minister Manuel Augusto told state TV the 154 guest workers, who had been working on construction projects,


Who is Ri Sol Ju , ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's secretive wife ?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's personal life is a mystery. One of the best-kept secrets has been details about the woman he married. Here's what we know: In 2012, North Korean State media announced that Kim was married to Ri Sol Ju, a former singer whom he may have noticed during a performance. S


-LSB- VIDEO -RSB- This Comedian Dressed Like ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ and Walked Aro‎un‏d New York City Streets

YouTuber QPark and a friend recently dressed up like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and walked the streets of New York City, hitting up Harlem, the Financial District and even Koreatown. Check it out! via YouTube YouTuber QPark and a friend recently dressed up like North Korean dictator Kim Jong


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ snubbed China by failing to meet with its special envoy

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un makes a statement regarding U.S. President Donald Trump's speech at the U.N. general assembly, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 22, 2017.KCNA via Reuters Diplomatic observers say North Korea snub


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ at truck plant : Sanctions make our workers ' spirit stronger

Nov. 21 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a local car industry complex and emphasized its role in efforts to foster the communist nation's economy, according to Pyongyang's state media Tuesday. The report of Kim's visit to the Sungri Motor Complex came amid mounting pressure on the


Olympic panic starting with ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ looming over Games

Ticket buyers for the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea aren't going for the gold just yet, as "there's extremely light interest" with the Games just three months away, organizers and travel agents say. Anbritt Stengele, founder of the Chicago-based Sports Traveler, told USA Today that the sta


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ Likes Big Trucks-They Can La‎un‏ch Missiles

Judge rules Trump's sanctuary city order unconstitutional North Korean media has released images of leader Kim Jong Un touring a truck factory in another public display of his country's ability to build big machinery despite international sanctions-and raising concerns in the West about his missile


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ p‎un‏ishes top military adviser for ‎un‏known reasons

North Korea's Hwang Pyong So (L), a senior aide North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un, attends the closing ceremony of the 17th Asian Games at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, October 4, 2014.REUTERS/Jason Reed/File Photo Kim Jong Un's former top military adviser has been punished for unknown crim


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ ` bans drinking and singing ' in North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly banned gatherings involving drinking and singing in new measures designed to increase control over the population. According to intelligence briefings given to South Korean lawmakers on Monday, the move is intended to stifle the impact of crippling econ


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ sentences Trump to death ? Here are 5 ways Trump could kill ‎Kim‏

Last week, North Korean state media called President Trump a "hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people." It's not a clever threat. After all, here are five ways the U.S. could kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the event of imminent war. 1)Drop a bunker buster bomb on his head V


‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎un‏ says sanctions make national spirit stronger

Sanctions make national spirit stronger: Kim Jong-un North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said that sanctions make the country's national spirit after the US declared Pyongyang a state sponsor of terrorism, a state media report said on Tuesday. "The hostile forces' desperate efforts to block the adva


Analysis : Once inside ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's inner circle , top aide 's star fades

SEOUL (Reuters) - When Kim Jong Un sat down in September to order the sixth and largest of North Korea's nuclear tests, Hwang Pyong So sat by his side, his khaki military uniform conspicuous among the suits at the table, photos released by state media at the time showed. FILE PHOTO: North Korea's H


War of words continues between Trump , ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏

North Korea has issued another death threat against President Donald Trump. It's part of an ongoing war of words between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In the latest round of insults, a Korean state-run newspaper on Sunday called Trump an "old lunatic" for comments he made about North Ko


North Korean women are raped while in prison for fleeing ‎Kim‏ ‎Jong‏ ‎Un‏ 's regime

North Korean women are subjected to rape and sexual assault while being denied education and work under Kim Jong Un's totalitarian regime, a United Nations panel said Monday. The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women found in its review of the North that women who managed t