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Sen. Kamala Harris Shuts Down Trump's Proposal To Arm Teachers

Sen. Kamala Harris criticized President Donald Trump's call to arm teachers with guns, saying she didn't "understand how that makes any sense." The California Democrat shared her concerns Wednesday at a Judiciary Committee hearing on school safety, The Hill reports. The president took the controvers

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U.S. Senator Kamala Harris Concerned Over Arming Teachers

Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris participated in a Judiciary Committee hearing on how Congress can work to ensure that mass shootings like at Stoneman Douglas, and senseless acts of gun violence, can be prevented in the future. Harris was Friday's KVML "Newsmaker of the Day". Harri

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Black Press Honors Senator Kamala Harris With 2018 Newsmaker Of The Year Award

(From left-right) NNPA Foundation Chair Amelia Ashley-Ward, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), NNPA Chairman Dorothy Leavell and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., take a photo during a ceremony honoring Harris with the NNPA's Newsmaker of the Year Award. (Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA) By Stacy M. BrownNNPA Contr

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Sen Kamala Harris: I Believe the Children Are the Future (Especially Accused Hate Criminal Ismael Chamu)

Building more affordable housing in California must be a priority, especially for young people like Ismael who represent our future. https://t.co/1kCgcampiR — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) March 15, 2018 By the way, Ismael’s up to $85,000 in donation pledges. But where’s the love for Ismael’s fellow

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Kamala Harris on Gun Control: We Got Great Ideas, But Congress Doesn't Have The Courage To Act

At a Senate hearing on gun safety, Sen. Kamala Harris asked acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich a series of questions about President Trump's plan to arm teachers, and suggested the armed educators might have an "implicit bias" against minority students. Bowdich mostly deferred, saying: "My t

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Sen. Kamala Harris to give UC Berkeley commencement speech

BERKELEY - Sen. Kamala Harris will deliver the commencement address at UC Berkeley for this year's graduating class, the university announced Tuesday. Kamala Harris to give UC Berkeley's 2018 commencement address : https://t.co/hQqFE0zqmQ "My parents met at UC Berkeley when they were active in the c


Kamala Harris on Tillerson's Ouster: 'This Administration Is Falling Apart'

Tuesday CNN played a clip of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) reacting to the news President Donald Trump removed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Harris said, "I just think that this administration is falling apart." Tuesday CNN played a clip of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) reacting to the news President


'Effed in the head?' Kamala Harris' ideas for spending border wall money more unpopular than Nickelback

Don't you love it when Democrats tell Americans what is and isn't a waste of OUR money, considering the money Kamala Harris is babbling on about in her tweet comes from taxpayers? We aren't honestly sure if Kamala and others understand the government itself does NOT make money, and for them to 'give


What Type of Leader Does Kamala Harris Want to Be?

Kamala Harris appeared on MSNBC last week to discuss Jeff Sessions' visit to California and condemnation of the resistance to cooperating with ICE on deportations of many nonviolent undocumented immigrants. There she called Sessions and the Trump administration hypocritical for their flip flopping o


CA Senator Kamala Harris Praises Oakland Mayer, Dan Bongino Rocks Her World

A fed-up former Secret Service agent just wrecked rookie California Senator Kamala Harris after she stupidly praised Oakland's rogue mayor for helping hundreds of dangerous criminals escape arrest. You don't want to miss this.Kamala Harris (left), Dan Bongino (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Dose of


Dem Frontrunner Kamala Harris Praises Oakland Mayor Who Tipped Off Illegals

With the state of California continuing its ugly fracture with the rest of the country is should come as no surprise that the likely Democrat frontrunner for 2020 is throwing in with the seditionists. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf set off a firestorm two weeks ago when she tipped off criminal illegal a


OWN GOAL! Kamala Harris takes aim at GOP playing politics with Obamacare, hits Dems RIGHT in the NADS

Kamala Harris would like politicians to stop playing politics with our healthcare. Notice she doesn't mention the GOP by name in her silly tweet, but we know exactly who she meant: Politicians need to stop playing politics with our health care. They are planning to undermine the ACA by allowing ins


Benjamin Netanyahu hacks California...thanks to Kamala Harris

You simply cannot make this stuff up. If the people who are pushing the Russia-gate ideology is right, then Netanyahu has hacked California. My dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof has recently sent me a Twitter post by Netanyahu which read: "Today I met with Senator @KamalaHarris of California. We


Not Good Enough, Kamala Harris

Screenshot: MSNBC On Wednesday night, Senator Kamala Harris went on MSNBC to talk about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' attack on California's laws shielding undocumented immigrants from the untrammeled threat of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Harris said most of the "right" things


Jeff Sessions Is Suing California, and I Feel Fine

As Senator Kamala Harris said: "I think that Jeff Sessions in particular should understand that when he starts evoking Civil War comparisons it's going to be interpreted as highly offensive, and if I were him, I'd avoid making Civil War comparisons." Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Jefferson Beauregard


It seems Kamala Harris needs a primer on the JNF.

The session was kept off-the-record and AIPAC said it had no recording for it, which it said was the norm for "breakout sessions for students". However, the statement is similar to one Harris made at last year's AIPAC conference: So having grown up in the Bay Area, I fondly remember those Jewish nat


ICE's Homan Says Sens. Harris, Feinstein 'Don't Want to Know the Facts'

Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan ripped Sens. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for canceling three meetings with him in two months, and claimed that "they don't want to know the facts" because they "want to keep playing this political game." Ho


Love her or hate her, Kamala Harris' approach to Democratic division is worth watching

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris is easily dismissed by conservatives as an out-of-touch California progressive, a glittering embodiment of her party's leftward lurch, unviable as a presidential candidate forced to compete between the coasts. But beyond her performative interrogations of Trump nominees


'His credibility is pretty much shot': Kamala Harris tells Sessions to stop twisting U.S. history

Senator Kamala Harris has a message for Attorney General Jeff Sessions: California is not the Deep South, and her state's bid to protect the rights of undocumented immigrants has absolutely nothing to do with the Civil War. On Wednesday, Sessions likened California's decision to defy the federal gov


ICE Acting Director Tom Homan: Kamala Harris 'is wrong' regarding ICE 'abusing power'

Tom Homan said that in the last fiscal year, 89 percent of illegal immigrants deported had a criminal history, and 88 percent of those deported in the last raid in Los Angeles were criminal aliens as well. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan said