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Rubio on Trump's attack on McCain legacy: 'I don't get it'

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Sunday that he doesn’t understand why President Trump has revived his criticism of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain. While admitting that he didn’t always see eye to eye with McCain, Rubio said he respected the longtime lawmaker and Vietnam veteran for his service to


Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts President Trump in Wake of John McCain Attacks

Arnold Schwarzenegger is standing up for his late ally John McCain, who has been the subject of several of President Donald Trump's recent rants. The former California governor, who famously campaigned for McCain during his '08 presidential run, told The Atlantic that Trump's recent words about him


'The View' Fans Are Fired Up After Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro-Cárdenas's Trump Comments

President Donald Trump has been going after late Senator John McCain, who is the father of The View cast member Meghan McCain. On Thursday's show, Meghan and Ana gave very emotional speeches about Trump's accusations.


VIDEO: ‘Clean lottery bill’, Common Core could be done in Alabama, Trump vs. McCain and more on Guerrilla Politics …

Radio talk show host Dale Jackson and Dr. Waymon Burke take you through this week’s biggest political stories, including:. — Is Sen. Jim McClendon’s “clean lottery bill” clean or a lottery bill?


Video disproves Trump claim that McCain family never thanked him for approving funeral arrangements

PHOENIX — Video from the days after the passing of Senator John McCain disproves President Donald Trump's claim at a rally Wednesday that the McCain family never thanked him for his administration's role in remembering the late Arizona senator.


John McCain’s youngest daughter to Donald Trump: ‘You are a child’

While the late Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain frequently clashes with President Donald Trump, it was youngest daughter Bridget McCain who criticized the president Thursday for disparaging her father, calling the President “a child.”


John McCain described how he received the Steele dossier that contains the most salacious allegations about Trump and Russia

The late Republican Sen. John McCain provided dramatic details of how he obtained the infamous Trump-Russia dossier in his new book, "The Restless Wave." The Trump-Russia dossier alleges the Kremlin has been "cultivating, supporting, and assisting" Trump for years under the watchful eye of Russian P


Trump says John McCain 'was horrible, what he did with repeal and replace'

President Trump returned to his ongoing, one-sided feud with the late Sen. John McCain Thursday, telling Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria," "I'm not a fan of John McCain, and that's fine."


Republican senator calls Trump's McCain insults 'deplorable'

Washington (CNN) — Sen. Johnny Isakson said President Donald Trump's criticism of the late Sen. John McCain is "deplorable," and the Georgia Republican promised to continue speaking out against Trump if he continues to speak ill of the deceased war hero and former GOP presidential nominee.


Even from the grave, McCain still gets under Trump's skin

It's a safe bet John McCain would probably enjoy this. Seven months after his death, the Arizona senator and war hero hasn't lost his knack of getting the president's goat like no earthly being can.


Why does Trump keep talking about McCain?

The 360 is a feature designed to show you diverse perspectives on the day’s top stories. What’s happening: Sen. John McCain died more than seven months ago, but President Trump seems intent on keeping the pair’s long, caustic feud alive, and has railed against the late war hero repeatedly in recent


Trouble In Paradise? Trump Glares At Fox News' John Roberts After McCain Questions.

Fox News’ White House correspondent John Roberts said Friday that Donald Trump “glared at me” before departing for his Mar-a-Lago resort after the president had been questioned on Fox Business Network about his attacks on the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).


Dear Mr. President, stop railing against John McCain

(CNN) — Dear Mr. President,. With all due respect, sir, you need to stop railing against John McCain. It's beneath the office to which the American people elected you. And, quite frankly, it's beneath every measure of common decency.


Editorial cartoons for March 24, 2019: Trump vs. McCain, New Zealand, March Madness

Many editorial cartoonists commented on President Donald Trump’s weeklong tweetstorm of invective about the late Sen. John McCain. They were not having it. Other topics in the cartoons included riffs on the college admissions scandal; discussion by some presidential candidates that the Electoral Col


Letters: John McCain deserves better; Can citizens be left to decide fate of death penalty?; and more (3/24/19)

If you thought that President Donald Trump could not go any lower, well, he did it again! There is a lot of depth to his shallowness. His inferiority complex is so acute that he needs to feel important by attacking Sen. John McCain, who was a hero, a decent and honorable man, who served his country


Trump attacks on McCain seem to be stirring up support for late senator

WASHINGTON – It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is not a fan of the late Sen. John McCain, but instead of weakening the McCain fan club the president’s latest string of attacks may be having the opposite effect.


Trump attacks McCain & more as White House waits for Mueller report to drop

Trump laid into Robert Mueller and John McCain with his most personal attacks yet as DC lies in wait for the Mueller report which could reportedly come at any time. Preet Bharara, Philip Rucker, and Jill Colvin react.


Trevor Noah Slams Trump for “Beefing with a Dead Man,” John McCain

It takes a special kind of person—a champion of pettiness, really—to continue a feud, even after one’s nemesis is dead. But Donald Trump is no ordinary man—as proven by his decision to feud with decorated war hero John McCain in the first place. And Trump is not letting a little thing like McCain’s


Facts Matter: Trump misstated McCain's role in veteran's health program

President Donald Trump took credit last week for the Veterans Choice health care program and criticized the role of U.S. Sen. John McCain, who died of brain cancer last year. "McCain didn't get the job done for our great vets and the VA," Trump said during a speech Wednesday in Lima, Ohio. "I got th


'You are a child in the most important role': Bridget McCain blasts Trump on Twitter

The late Sen. John McCain's daughter is defending his honor on Twitter again – but this time, it's not Meghan. Bridget McCain has never spoken publicly about President Donald Trump's attacks on her father. But she tweeted at the president Wednesday night after he said he never liked McCain.