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Q&A with Ken Burns on making 'The Vietnam War'

On a sultry summer day last month, I drove winding westward roads to Walpole, N.H., to interview Ken Burns about "The Vietnam War," his and Lynn Novick's new film, 10 years in the making. I had seen an advance copy for the purpose of reviewing it. The film opens at 8 p.m. Sunday on PBS with the firs

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2017-09-15 17:07:07

Parents of Slain IDF Soldier Held by Hamas: Our Son Was a Victim of John Kerry's Ceasefire

WASHINGTON, DC - The parents of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Lieutenant Hadar Goldin - brutally murdered by Hamas during a humanitarian cease fire brokered by the United Nations and United States - are seeking help from the U.S. and United Nations in getting the terrorist organization to return thei

CANADA FREE PRESS - 2017-09-14 07:00:00

EXCLUSIVE - Parents of Slain IDF Soldier Held by Hamas: Our Son Was a Victim of John Kerry's Ceasefire - Breitbart

WASHINGTON, DC - The parents of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Lieutenant Hadar Goldin - brutally murdered by Hamas during a humanitarian cease fire brokered by the United Nations and United States - are seeking help from the U.S. and United Nations in getting the terrorist organization to return thei

BREITBART - 2017-09-14 03:58:50

McCain, Kerry, Hagel Co-Star at Burns' 'Vietnam' Screening

6 dead at Florida nursing home after Irma knocks out power The Washington screening of filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's "The Vietnam War" was attended by public servants who lived through the conflict from 50 years ago. Before the screening began, Burns asked Vietnam veterans in the auditorium

MSN.COM - 2017-09-13 12:23:32

John McCain, John Kerry Share Lessons of Vietnam at Event for New Ken Burns Doc

Provided by Variety WASHINGTON - Ken Burns, introducing his mammoth new PBS project "The Vietnam War" to a Kennedy Center crowd on Tuesday that included Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and former Secretary of State John Kerry, asked for veterans in the audience to stand up and remain standing. A coupl

MSN.COM - 2017-09-13 14:54:22

Hillary Calls Out Al Gore, John Kerry, Mitt Romney For Losing Elections

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a bizarre shoutout to men that have lost presidential elections in her new memoir "What Happened." Clinton specifically called out former presidential candidates Al Gore, John Kerry and Mitt Romney in her book, saying that they too would understand the

THE DAILY CALLER - 2017-09-12 10:22:51

Are women too weak for real life?

Between 1972 and 2016, twelve different people -- George McGovern, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain and Mitt Romney -- ran for president of the United States as a major-party nominee and lost. We can safely assu

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2017-09-12 04:01:00

TIFF 2017: 2 new movies about Nixon and Obama function as subtle Trump critiques

John Kerry and Barack Obama in The Final Year and Liam Neeson in Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House Film festivals usually feel like little oases, places to check out of real life for a bit and soak in the glories of cinema. But it feels like the news kicked into hyperdrive about a

VOX - 2017-09-12 13:40:01

Kerry Initiative to host conference on climate change Sept. 18-19

The Kerry Initiative at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host a two-day conference on climate change Sept. 18-19, with a group of speakers and panelists that includes former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, California Governor Jerry Brown, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, General Electric

YALE.EDU - 2017-09-11 15:52:18

Stuck between Trump and Netanyahu, Abbas is running out of options

U.S.-led negotiations are the only game in town for the Palestinian Authority - Abbas doesn't have many choices available. But according to those close to him, he is unsure about how to proceed given that the goal posts have been moved yet again. By Dalia Hatuqa Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a

972MAG.COM - 2017-09-10 07:00:00

More Heat for FEINSTEIN -- SANBERG Seriously Mulling SENATE run? -- Inside OROVILLE DAM Crisis -- LYFT to Offer Self-Driving Rides in SF

cmarinucci@politico.com) and David Siders (dsiders@politico.com) with Candice Norwood (cnorwood@politico.com) THE BUZZ: THE DIFI DANCE -- Add another name to the list of progressive Democrats seriously considering a primary challenge to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: wealthy financial entrepreneur Joseph N.

POLITICO - 2017-09-08 13:15:39


Vanity Fair's fourth New Establishment Summit will focus on art and content in the digital age by bringing together leaders and entrepreneurs in technology, entertainment, finance, and politics. Recently confirmed speakers include directors Patty Jenkins and Ava DuVernay; Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger;Ted

VANITY FAIR - 2017-09-07 05:00:00

Kenya's presidential election debacle

Recently,Kenya's Supreme Court nullified the presidential election, at the end of which the Kenya Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) declared the incumbent President, Uhuru Kenyatta, as the clear winner. President Kenyatta scored 54% of votes against 45% scored by his rival, Raila

DAILY SUN - 2017-09-06 01:51:40

Despite Broad Acceptance of Ruling, John Kerry Declares Kenya's Election Wasn't Rigged

The two parties competing for the Kenyan presidency agreed on Friday to hold new elections within 60 days after the country's top court nullified the election of the sitting president over concerns of meddling, a first in African history. Despite broad acceptance of the supreme court's ruling, inter

FREEBEACON.COM - 2017-09-01 16:10:21

Kerry races to save American cycling team

Former Secretary of State John KerryJohn KerryCORRECTED: Dean says Trump election was Kent State moment for millennialsNYT columnist compares Tillerson to Pol PotCongress needs to assert the war power against a dangerous presidentMORE has taken up a new cause: Trying to save one of the few American

THE HILL - 2017-08-31 17:34:38

BOMBTHROWERS EXCLUSIVE: National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster: A legend or a lie?

Fresh on the heels of a successful offensive in Mosul, Iraq, the Iraqi military is now poised to retake Tal Afar, long a hotbed of ISIS and other insurgent activity. Before we pulled out of Iraq, Tal Afar, like Fallujah, had been the focal point of multiple large-scale, costly offensives to eject en

CANADA FREE PRESS - 2017-08-29 07:00:00

The Blood on Obama's Hands

As Obama left office in January 2017, he left in his wake a dysfunctional Middle East even more dysfunctional than anyone thought possible. Under his administration and what passed as foreign policy under two Secretary's of State- Hillary Clinton and John Kerry- the damage this policy wreaked has cr

REDSTATE - 2017-08-20 18:41:00

John Kerry: President Trump's 'many sides' comment can't be erased

Former Secretary of State John Kerry joined Monday the chorus of criticism on President Trump, saying that the president's first instincts to say that "many sides" had led to Saturday's violence in Charlottesville, Va., cannot be "erased." Kerry shared his thoughts on Twitter prior to the president'

USA TODAY - 2017-08-14 18:46:13

Observers have not helped Kenyans - Odinga

Kenya's main opposition candidate Raila Odinga broke his rule of not speaking till after declaration of results by telling foreign media that election observer missions have confounded the election dispute. He told American media CNN on Thursday night that the observers "basically gave an approval t

TODAY.NG - 2017-08-11 13:24:33

John Kerry reassures Kenyans vote was not rigged

The 73-year-old politician is leading the Carter Center's mission of election observers, who released their preliminary observations a day after opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed early electronic election results had been compromised by hackers. Kenya's Independent Electoral and Boundaries Com

CNN - 2017-08-10 11:45:37