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SAUDI STOOGE? MSNBC’s Chris Hayes accuses John Kerry of lying about Yemen

In a series of tweets this morning, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes accused former Secretary of State John Kerry of lying about Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani traveling to Yemen:

TWITCHY - 2018-12-18 09:31:13

2020 Democratic primary poll: Elizabeth Warren now trails, uh, John Kerry

[Ed. – Her in heap big trouble.]. It’s early, it’s early, I know. It’s earlier than early. The polls are all, or mostly, name recognition. But between this and the various other unflattering data points piling up on her, there’s a faint “Jeb 2016” odor in the air. Strong candidate on paper! Expected

LIBERTYUNYIELDING.COM - 2018-12-16 09:43:48

Kerry: Onus can now not be on White Home to behave on local weather change

Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday issued an urgent call for Congress to mobilize in response to what he said is the Trump administration’s inaction on climate change, arguing that debating and denying the impetus for increasing global temperatures is making an already steep path to sl

INFOSURHOY.COM - 2018-12-16 07:00:00

John Kerry: Trump's actions on climate change are 'profoundly dangerous' for planet

Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday called for the world to make a more concerted effort to combat climate change, saying that "if we fail, future generations will judge us all as failures, not just this president."

THE HILL - 2018-12-13 17:57:00

John Kerry: If We Fail on Climate, It Won’t Be Just Trump’s Fault

This week is the third anniversary of the Paris climate agreement. The Trump administration marked it by working with Russia and Gulf oil nations to sideline science and undermine the accord at climate talks underway in Katowice, Poland.

NEW YORK TIMES - 2018-12-13 11:00:04

WATCH: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry Attend $100 Million Wedding

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton danced with “King of Bollywood” Shah Rukh Khan at the $100 million Mumbai wedding on November 30. Free of her reported back brace, Clinton mingled at the wedding with former Secretary of State John Kerry and a host of other celebrants in attendance at on

BREITBART - 2018-12-12 17:42:18

Clinton, Kerry filmed dancing to Bollywood hits at lavish India wedding

As a very famous comedian used to say, “Here it is, your moment of Zen.” Fellow former secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were filmed dancing to Bollywood hits during the lavish and star-studded wedding in India hosted this week by the country’s richest family.

FOX NEWS - 2018-12-12 17:17:57

Overnight Energy: Forest Service blocks Atlantic coast pipeline| Kerry calls Trump’s actions on climate ‘profoundly dangerous’| EPA asked to investigate former chief’s Fox News TV hits

US FOREST SERVICE BLOCKS ATLANTIC COAST PIPELINE: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit wrote Thursday that the U.S. Forest Service “abdicated its responsibility to preserve national forest resources” by approving a permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would have crossed the George

THE HILL - 2018-12-13 22:48:00

The Hot Air in John Kerry's Disappointing Climate Change Op Ed

John Kerry’s heart might be in the right place when it comes to combating global warming, but not his head. This week Kerry wrote a New York Times op ed on climate change, which I found to be exceedingly disappointing. To my mind, Kerry’s op ed did little more than relate dire descriptions of unmet

FORBES - 2018-12-14 07:00:00

You Might Need To See Hillary Clinton And John Kerry Dancing At The Richest Man In India’s Daughter’s Wedding [Video]

Look, they told me to write this story. Do I care about some old fogeys dancing at a wedding? No, I go to enough of those, and at just about every single one of them, there is an auntie or uncle eight drinks deep breaking it down.

2OCEANSVIBE.COM - 2018-12-13 07:00:00

Martha McSally Snags the Ultimate Consolation Prize

Not since Abraham Lincoln has a Republican scored a better consolation prize for losing a Senate race. Last month, Arizona voters rejected Martha McSally in favor of Democrat Kyrsten Sinema after the two waged a hard-fought battle for the Senate seat vacated by the retiring Senator Jeff Flake. Come

THE ATLANTIC - 2018-12-18 19:10:14

No sign of that back brace! Hillary Clinton boogies with John Kerry and King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan at the star-studded $100million wedding of India's richest heiress

Hillary Clinton tried her hand at Bollywood dancing last night at the wedding of India's richest heiress. The former first lady, who was seen wearing a back brace this summer, looked fit as a fiddle as she boogied with the king of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan.

DAILY MAIL - 2018-12-12 09:48:00

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry boogie to Bollywood music at Isha Ambani's wedding

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were spotted dancing to Bollywood music at a party celebrating the wedding of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. Ms Clinton and Mr Kerry, both former US secretaries of state, are just two of the big names who have jetted in for the wedding of the daughter of India’s riches

STANDARD.CO.UK - 2018-12-12 16:04:07

‘Don’t scare me like that’! Hillary Clinton & John Kerry sparked 2020 rumors with dance-off in India [video]

If you saw Hillary Clinton and John Kerry trending on Twitter recently, here’s the reason:. However, because they were trending, some were temporarily left wondering… We already know that Hillary Clinton is at least thinking about running again.

TWITCHY - 2018-12-12 13:07:06

Hillary Clinton’s, John Kerry’s Bollywood dancing at billionaire’s party sparks political debate

Former Secretary of States Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were in Twitter’s top trending stories on Wednesday — for their Bollywood dance skills. India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, hosted a lavish pre-wedding party this week with some famous guests for his 27-year-old daughter, Isha Ambani. Footage

GOPUSA - 2018-12-14 06:55:12

Birthday Highlight: John Kerry

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry turned 75 today, so here's a quick slideshow of some career highlights from the archives of the Associated Press.

FREMONT TRIBUNE - 2018-12-11 11:45:00

Hillary Clinton does bhangra with John Kerry at Isha Ambani sangeet

Hillary Clinton is one of the esteemed guests who are present at Isha Ambani wedding celebrations in Udaipur this weekend. Hillary enjoyed the festivities at the sangeet as she danced on stage with the Ambani family.

YAHOO! - 2018-12-09 14:00:00

Hillary Clinton writes heartwarming letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class president election

If there’s anyone who knows how to bounce back from a bruising election defeat, it’s Hillary Clinton. That’s why she surprised 8-year-old Martha Kennedy Morales with a personal letter, consoling Martha after she lost her election for class president by a single vote.

INDY100.COM - 2018-12-17 12:00:00

Dems must look forward

John Kerry has been a superb public servant, beginning with his heroic service in Vietnam and extending through a 28-year career in the Senate and a productive four-year stint as secretary of state. He is as qualified as anyone in U.S. history to serve as president of the United States.

ARKANSAS ONLINE - 2018-12-15 02:21:48

Top 8 Ways John Kelly Was an Embarrassment as White House Chief of Staff

Trump announced Saturday that his chief of staff, John Kelly, will leave at the end of the month. It has been reported that the two men are not speaking. Kelly was often seen as a force for stability in the Trump administration, but as I warned when he first came in, he shared many of Trump’s crackp

COMMON DREAMS - 2018-12-09 13:58:37