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Rice and Kerry to discuss finding consensus on US foreign policy

The University of Notre Dame’s International Security Center (NDISC) and Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, together with Common Ground Committee and BridgeND (a chapter of BridgeUSA), will host former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry at a March 19 forum titled “F


Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry to speak at Notre Dame in March

A pair of former US Secretaries of State will speak together at The University of Notre Dame next month. Condoleezza Rice, who served under George W. Bush, and John Kerry, who served during President Obama’s second term, will make a joint appearance on March 19.


Editorial: Is John Paul II the model for abortion debate?

As the 2020 presidential campaign season begins to roll out and abortion remains singular in its ability to divide the electorate and swamp all other political issues, a bit of not-too-distant papal history may be instructive.


John Kerry says he’s ‘ashamed’ Pence didn’t acknowledge climate change

MUNICH — Former US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday that he’s “ashamed” Vice President Mike Pence didn’t mention climate change while speaking at the Munich Security Conference.


Rice, Kerry to speak March 19 at Notre Dame about finding consensus on U.S. foreign policy

SOUTH BEND — Former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry will make a joint appearance at 7 p.m. March 19 at the University of Notre Dame to speak on the topic of “Finding Common Ground on America’s Role in the World,” the university announced Tuesday morning.


John Legend: “For too long it has been out of balance for progressives to speak up for the rights of Palestinians”

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — American award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, John Legend, recently spoke out about standing up for human rights for Palestinians while on the “Real Time With Bill Maher” show.


The Awkwardness Of Trying To Be A 'Relatable' Politician

Presidential campaigns are all about creating an image, a brand. You gotta have a catchy slogan, photo ops, staged events. To put it charitably, these events are messaging opportunities. To put it bluntly, they're marketing gimmicks, and they're as prevalent as stump speeches.


Two former Secretaries of State coming to Notre Dame March 19

Two former Secretaries of State are coming to Notre Dame. Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry will make a joint appearance on March 19. They're speaking on the topic of “Finding Common Ground on America’s Role in the World."


The folly of William Floyd Weld

If William Floyd Weld wins his primary challenge against President Trump, it will be the greatest political miracle since Jesus Christ intervened to advise Emperor Constantine before the Battle of Milvian Bridge.


A request for most of the Democratic presidential candidates: Go home

In youth sports, each season ends up with participation trophies handed out so everyone feels like a winner. In the Democratic presidential campaign, I propose to hand out participation trophies at the beginning so the sure losers can get out of the race immediately, if not sooner.


Roger Lau, veteran Warren staffer, will lead her 2020 campaign

Elizabeth Warren has chosen to Roger Lau, a longtime aide who worked on presidential campaigns for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, to manage her bid for the presidency, according to her campaign.


Elizabeth Warren taps Roger Lau as campaign manager

(CNN)Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has chosen Roger Lau, a jack-of-all trades political operative who helped steer her to victory in two US Senate elections, to manage her 2020 campaign for the White House, CNN has learned.


Here's what became of the losers of every presidential election since 2000

Every presidential election has its winners and its losers. The unsuccessful candidates move on to different careers with different paths. Some are still active in politics today while others have virtually disappeared.


Fairfax Accuser to Meet With Boston Prosecutors

Dr. Vanessa Tyson, Stanford fellow and professor at Scripps College, is scheduling a meeting with Boston prosecutors with regard to her allegation of sexual assault against Virginia Democrat lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.


Jeffrey Hart, 88, influential and iconoclastic conservative

NEW YORK — Jeffrey Hart, a defiant defender of the Western literary canon and a profusely credentialed but contrarian conservative who bolted the Republican Party to support John Kerry and Barack Obama for president, died Sunday in Fairlee, Vt. He was 88.


Howie Carr: Moulton left out by the left

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has claimed her first scalp in Massachusetts. It belongs to Seth Moulton, another Congressman, a legend in his own mind, who just announced he’s taking a look at running for president.


Today In History, Feb. 16: Fidel Castro

Today is Saturday, Feb. 16.


Weld Says He Can Beat Trump With Help From Independent Voters

(Bloomberg) -- Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld said his bid to win the Republican presidential nomination over President Donald Trump will get a boost from independent voters who can cast GOP primary ballots in 20 states.


Brigade Fires Back

Matt Mahan, CEO of Brigade, responds; fighting bias vs "moving fast," and more. Matt Mahan, the CEO of Brigade, the ill-starred civic tech start-up that billionaire Sean Parker burned a few weddings on, writes to take issue with Tuesday’s First Post commenting on Brigade’s break-up. Here’s what he h


The return of the dumbest genre of campaign story

If you decide to run for president, you will have to do many things, not all of them pleasant. You will have to call hundreds or even thousands of people and ask them for money. You will have to pretend to be overjoyed to meet every person you encounter, no matter how indifferent they are toward you