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Five Major Problems Regarding John Kerry's State Department and the Trump Hoax Dossier

NEW YORK - Numerous officials from John Kerry's State Department have been fingered for playing roles in the distribution - and in one case, possibly also the compilation - of the largely discredited, 35-page anti-Trump dossier. President Trump has been facing news media scrutiny for tweeting on Sun


Joe Biden and John Kerry's sons struck billion-dollar deal with Chinese gov't 10 days after Biden trip to China

Former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden inked a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government's Bank of China just 10 days after the father and son flew to China in 2013. The Biden bombshell is one of many revealed in a new investigative book Secret Empires: How the Amer


Edelman, Kerry to serve as honorary co-chairs for 10th Yale Day of Service

John Kerry '66 and Marian Wright Edelman '63 L.L.B. have dedicated their lives to service - to country, cause, and helping under-resourced children around the world. On May 12, these two luminaries will lend their efforts to the university's signature alumni community outreach endeavor, serving as t


Ocean Champions, Including John Kerry, Celebrate Antarctic Reserve

Antarctica's Ross Sea is best known as a frozen wonderland at the bottom of the Earth, home to most of the world's penguins and teeming with marine species found nowhere else. These waters are also the origin of nutrients that upwell from the icy depths before riding currents to feed ocean life arou


John Kerry under investigation in Steele-dossier probe

(Gateway Pundit) Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry's "possible role," in the Steele dossier is officially under investigation. Carter reports: The House Select Committee on Intelligence is now investigating former Secretary of State John F. Kerry


John Kerry Under Investigation for Role in Steele Dossier

What did John Kerry know and when did he know it? That's the question on the minds of the members of the House Intelligence Committee, specifically regarding the infamous "Trump dossier" developed by ex-British spy Christopher Steele. Independent investigator Sara Carter reports: The House Select Co


House Intelligence Committee investigation turns to John Kerry, Obama State Department

The House Select Committee on Intelligence is now investigating former Secretary of State John F. Kerry's possible role into the unverified dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign, this reporter has learned. The dossier, assembled by a former British spy, l


Iranian official calls on West to scrap nuclear arms before any missile talks

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran will not negotiate over its ballistic missiles until the United States and Europe dismantle nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, a top Iranian military official said on Saturday. Separately, Iran confirmed that the Iranian foreign minister had met his former U.S. counterp


Rex Tillerson May Be Finally Settling in at the State Department

After a fraught first year, and though he is still far from popular, the secretary has won fresh plaudits and has quietly built new support both at Foggy Bottom and among key Republicans. A State Department official, a holdover from the John Kerry era, tells me of his newfound respect for Rex Tiller


Trump says Kerry was ‘worst negotiator ever’ in Iran deal

Former Secretary of State John Kerry hasn't ruled out challenging President Trump in 2020, and the president reminded a conservative audience Friday what he thinks of the Massachusetts Democrat. "Kerry may be the worst negotiator I've ever seen," Mr. Trump said at the annual Conservative Political A


Trump: John Kerry May Be The 'Worst Negotiator I've Ever Seen'

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. - During his CPAC speech, Donald Trump took a moment to savage Barack Obama, John Kerry and the Iran nuclear deal as the "worst negotiated" deal in history. "We declined to certify the terrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal," Trump said to cheers from the crowd. "That was a horri


Former Official Will Cooperate With Investigators Probing Scheme Funneling Money From State To Kerry

A former senior Peace Corps official agreed to cooperate with any law enforcement investigations surrounding a scheme that funneled millions of Department of State dollars to a nonprofit founded and run by former Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter, recently published court documents show. Warr


John Kerry Funneled Millions from State Dept. to Daughter's Pockets... The Police is on Her

John Kerry caught again! More than $9 million of Department of State money has been funneled through the Peace Corps to a nonprofit foundation started and run by Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show. The Department of State funded a Pe


The US is protecting ISIS to weaken rivals, expand US occupation of Syria

The dominant view of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS), Operation Inherent Resolve, is that its fundamental goal is the defeat of ISIS. And so, in the wake of the routing of ISIS from Iraq and Syria, the core justification for an ongoing US military presence in Syria is ensuring


Repeal the Logan Act

As most people following politics know, there's an obscure law called the Logan Act which makes it a crime for unauthorized people to conduct foreign policy with certain governments under specified circumstances. If someone like Michael Flynn negotiates foreign policy with a Russian ambassador, or T


Kerry: Saudi Arabia, Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry said the late Saudi King, Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, and ousted Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, asked the United States to bomb Iran. Speaking at a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference yesterday, Kerry said Mubarak personally told him that "the o


Kerry: It Was 'Strategic Thinking,' Not a 'Concession,' to Leave Missiles Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

Former Secretary of State John Kerry defends the Iran nuclear deal at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany on Sunday, February 18, 2018. (Screen capture: MSC Webcast) (CNSNews.com) - Setting aside Iran's ballistic missile threats, support for terrorism and regional destabilization when


29 American presidents who served in the military

1/30 SLIDES Wikpedia Serving in the military isn't a prerequisite for becoming president. Nonetheless, out of the 44 presidents of the United States, 29 had some military experience in their background, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This seems fitting, given that the presiden


John Kerry Not Facing Logan Act Charges

John Kerry has not been charged with a felony under an obscure U.S. law, despite false claims being shared online that say the former secretary of state is facing jail time. At least a dozen websites, including PoliticsFocus, ran identical stories claiming Kerry faces charges under the Logan Act, a


Former Peace Corps Official Who Steered Contracts To John Kerry's Daughter May Avoid Prosecution

A former government official who helped steer State Department contracts to then-Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter may face prosecution for an illegal lobbying charge, according to court proceedings Thursday. Warren "Buck" Buckingham, a former senior Peace Corps official, was charged with lob