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Jeff Sessions Deals One More Blow to Criminal Justice Reform on His Way Out the Door: New at Reason

As his last move before resigning as U.S. attorney general in October, former Sen. Jeff Sessions signed a memo making it much more difficult for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to enter into binding court agreements with police departments accused of civil rights violations.


Here’s the bizarre and wacky email the acting attorney general’s wife just sent to a reporter out of the blue

Ever since President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and installed his chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, in his place, reporters have been uncovering disturbing facts about the Justice…


What to watch for in William Barr’s confirmation hearings for US attorney general

On Jan. 15, William Barr, Donald trump's nominee for attorney general—replacing Jeff Sessions who resigned in November—will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Expect the 9:30 am US eastern time event, which will be live-streamed on C-SPAN, to be tense and quite likely contentious. Barr, who s


Audio of Recent Federalist Society Teleforum on Sanctuary Cities

The Federalist Society has posted the audio of last week's teleforum on the sanctuary city/sanctuary state litigation of the last two years. The event featured presentations and rebuttals by Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute and myself. We covered all of the major sanctuary cases of the last two ye


Barr confirmation hearing highlights Big Tech antitrust fears

U.S. Attorney General nominee Bill Barr was asked repeatedly about antitrust issues as they may relate to big technology companies, during his confirmation hearings this week. Why it matters: Former AG Jeff Sessions wasn't asked any similar questions during his confirmation hearings just two years a


Barr would ‘not go after’ marijuana companies as attorney general, he says at confirmation hearing

Attorney general nominee William Barr said he would “not go after” marijuana companies in states where cannabis is legal. Barr said at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday that companies had relied on Obama-era guidance that kept federal authorities from cracking down on the pot trade in states where


What Does Trump Attorney General Nominee William Barr Think of Marijuana?

A 22-member committee grilled William Barr for over seven hours, asking for his thoughts on a number of issues facing the government. His comments about marijuana during his confirmation hearing caused the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) to fall over 3%. Prominent marijuana producers like Cronos


Tell your senators to reject William Barr!

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee William Barr. Barr is a proven extremist who has and will weaponize religious liberty, continuing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ legacy of using religious beliefs as a defense for bigotry a


Political cartoonist and UNM alum tackles immigration

Political cartoonist Eric Garcia is not afraid to speak his mind. He’s not afraid to draw it either. On January 10, Garcia stopped by the National Hispanic Cultural Center to speak about his life drawing against oppression.


Trump’s AG Nominee William Barr: “I Believe It’s Vitally Important” that Mueller be “Allowed to Complete His Investigation”

Donald Trump’s attorney general nominee William Barr said in his prepared remarks ahead of his confirmation hearings: “I believe vitally important that the Special Counsel be allowed to complete his investigation.”


CEOs Are Gaining an Ally in Trump's Business-Minded DOJ Nominee

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Justice Department comes with a track record that signals he could take a softer stance in policing mergers and promote a more business-friendly approach to prosecutions.


String of Indictments by DOJ Point to Multiple Global Operations

The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces program was established in 1982 as a means to combat increasingly organized drug traffickers. The OCDETF program is an unusually broad coalition that, as noted by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “brings together just about every federal law enf


When White People Are Uncomfortable, Black People Are Silenced

In 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer was fired from her job after she campaigned to encourage African Americans to vote. Two years later, when Hamer testified at the DNC in support of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party-specifically its efforts to further black voter registration-President Lyndon B Johnso


GOP: Attorney Investigating FBI and DOJ Wrongdoing Still Hasn’t Interviewed Key Witnesses

Republicans from the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees are demanding an update from the U.S. attorney appointed to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and surveillance abuse in the FBI and DOJ. The congressmen claim the attorney has yet to interview a number of key wit


The damage done by Jeff Sessions' last act as AG

On his last day as attorney general, Jeff Sessions signed an order limiting the use of a tool for criminal justice reform called consent decrees. All In Correspondent Trymaine Lee went to Ferguson, MO - currently under a consent decree - to find out what's at stake for its residents now.


Outgoing Trump chief of staff John Kelly assures nation he never did anything illegal

Outgoing Trump chief of staff John Kelly did a debriefing of sorts in a Los Angeles Times interview, this weekend. It served mainly as Kelly's defense of why he should still be considered a decent and respectable person, despite working for a manifestly unfit kleptocrat who cannot be trusted to hand


Hello, FIRST STEP Act! Goodbye, Jeff Sessions! The Year in Criminal Justice Reform

With the passage of the FIRST STEP Act just before Christmas, 2018 has been a banner year for incremental reforms to our awful criminal justice system. We've seen efforts to reduce levels of incarceration and the harshness of prison sentences, particularly those connected to the drug war; further le


Terminally Ill Harry Reid Minces No Words About Himself Nor Donald Trump

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, 79, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May and isn’t expected to live much longer. In his own words, “As soon as you discover you have something on your pancreas, you’re dead.” Reid was always known for being a blunt pragmatist and that hasn’t changed.


Federal Cannabis Prohibition Got a Lot Weaker in 2018

Any listing of cannabis legalization highlights for 2018 has to begin with the triumph of marijuana at the ballot box in the midterm elections -- voter approval for adult use in Michigan and medical marijuana in states as culturally conservative as Utah and Missouri, the defeat of virulently anti-ca


Cannabis Comes In-House

The cannabis industry is blazing. Adult recreational cannabis has hit the shelves in California and Canada, on top of already legalized dispensaries in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. In the midterms, voters in Michigan provided another win for recreational use.