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Drink a Beer & Sign Here To Fire Jeff Sessions

Upset? Well, imagine how the people who fought and died for this country would feel on their holiday with Hillary Clinton roaming free, James Comey making millions off his second-rate memoir, the Obamas inking a Netflix deal, Elizabeth Warren set for an easy reelection, and instead of hauling these

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In Border Battle, Jeff Sessions is Certain of Imminent Victory

While there is no denying that the Trump presidency is off to some incredible start at this juncture in time, there are still several, hefty, outstanding promises to be kept.

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Free speech on college campuses is making a comeback: Jeff Sessions

To be sure, higher education brings economic benefits to graduates and to our country as a whole. But at a more fundamental level, higher education can help promote the free exchange of ideas that is necessary for a functioning Republic.


Federal prisons director stepped down due to strained relationship with Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions

The director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Mark Inch, stepped down from his post last week due to his strained relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, according to a report Thursday.Inch, a retired Army major general, claimed that he had bee


Why Is The Cannabis Community Still Talking About Jeff Sessions?

It has been a little over a month since President Trump supposedly promised to stop his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, from unleashing an unsavory wrath against states that have legalized marijuana. For the past year, Sessions and theDepartment of Justicehave been searching for a sellable weapon i


Trump made an immigration crackdown a priority. Jeff Sessions made it a reality.

While other Cabinet officials have gotten sucked intoWhite House dramaor caught in their ownvenalscandals, Sessions has generally kept his attention on doing his job — even at the cost ofhis relationship with the president. He’s pulled every available lever to redirect the considerable resources of


Exclusive — Roger Stone to Trump: ‘Pick up the Phone and Order Jeff Sessions to Appoint Andrew McCarthy’ | Breitbart

Roger Stone, veteran political strategist and longtime confidant of President Trump, in an exclusive interview with Sirius XM’s


Rep. Matt Gaetz: There Was No "Legal or Factual Basis" For Jeff Sessions Recusal (VIDEO)

Rep. Gaetz says Attorney General Sessions is suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome” from his “captors” at the deep state. When asked who “deep state” refers to, Gaetz says he has concerns about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “playing” Sessionspic.twitter.com/HoILqy0LQb— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCN


Congress Moves to Protect Medical Cannabis from Jeff Sessions, but...

It’s no secret what Jeff Sessions thinks about cannabis. Donald Trump’s “beleaguered” Attorney General famously once uttered that, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” after all. While the AG’s boss has apparently cut a deal with Republican Senator Cory Gardner to support states’ rights to end canna


Obama-era Political Prisoner Writes SCATHING Letter to AG Jeff Sessions

“To say that you are a disappointment and an utter failure… would be an understatement…”Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has had an at-best controversial career since being sworn in as the nation’s 84th attorney general on February 9, 2017. (Public Domain)Marty’s White House petition to fire Attorney G


Goofball Congressman Matt Gaetz Says Jeff Sessions Has Stockholm Syndrome With Deep State - The Ring of Fire Network

Trump sycophant Matt Gaetz has never been shy about his willingness to say stupid things on national television, but his recent appearance on Fox News really highlights how crazy his beliefs are. During an interview,Gaetz said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions clearly has Stockholm Syndromewith hi


Jeff Sessions Thwarted Again -- but Will It Help Marijuana Stocks?

Even if Sessions does indeed have such dreams, though, they will remain unfulfilled for now -- at least in part. Congress took action last week that thwarts the DOJ from intervening in states that allow medical marijuana. But does this move help U.S. marijuana stocks?


Jeff Sessions Wants to Reopen 350,000 Immigration Cases

As of September 2018, over 350,000 immigration cases had been closed and never reopened, saving some immigrants from deportation and allowing judges to move through cases more quickly. Last Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessionsruled that whole process illegal.Immigration judges "do not have the g


Jeff Sessions just ruled that the government should reopen 350,000 closed deportation cases

The Trump administration's biggest obstacle to scaling up deportations of unauthorized immigrants is the massive backlog in immigration courts: Almost 700,000 immigrants are waiting to have their cases decided before the government can deport them. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he wants to fix


Times Up! Trump Warn He Will Officially DEMAND Jeff Sessions’ DOJ Look Into Obama Regime Using FBI/DOJ To Infiltrate and Spy On Trump Campaign For Political Purposes

On Thursday night, the brilliant conservative firebrand, Mark Levin appeared on the Hannity Show where he slammed the “cabal of FBI agents” who took it upon themselves to investigate a presidential campaign. Levin said the interference in the election was not by Russians but by the U.S. intel commun


Does Jeff Sessions Understand Immigration Proceedings?

Yesterday, inMatter of Castro-Tum, the Attorney General issued a decision unilaterally overturning two precedential immigration decisions;Matter of Avetisyan, 25 I&N Dec. 688 (BIA 2012),Matter of W-Y-U-, 27 I&N Dec. 17 (BIA 2017)and "any other Board precedent, to the extent those decisions are incon


GOP Rep. Gaetz: Jeff Sessions Has ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ With ‘His Captors Over There in the Deep State’

Gaetz is one of several Republicans demanding unredacted documents from the Department of Justice, which they say will give them more oversight of the Russia investigation as well as more information as to whether the FBI “spied” on the Trump campaign, as the president has suggested.


Rep. Gaetz: It's like Jeff Sessions has Stockholm syndrome

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Jeff Sessions Will Lose the GOP's Battle Over Weed

In the year-and-a-bit since Donald Trump took office, Americans have witnessed a neck-wrenching 180-degree turn on an array of policy topics. One of the biggest has been with regard to drugs. Between anti-marijuana moves by Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and apparent interest by the admin


Jeff Sessions recusal kept Justice safe for Obama loyalists

ANALYSIS/OPINION:It is no mystery that most who work inside the Beltway don’t like President Trump. He is an outsider and nationalist, while those on both sides of the aisle in Congress are globalists who listen more to their K Street providers than they do their constituents. The two new world dict