Report: Jared And Ivanka Think of Air Force One As Their Own Private Ride

Vanity Fair - 03-12


When Donald Trump named his daughter and son-in-law senior advisers to the president, the term “moderating influence” was frequently tossed around, as in, “Even though Real Estate Barbie and Bizarro Ken have no business whatsoever working in the White House, perhaps they’ll serve as a moderating influence that will save us from their father‘s worst impulses.” Obviously, that never happened because 1) Trump answers to no one except foreign dictators, and 2) Ivanka and Jared are power-hungry opportunists whose only priorities involve enriching themselves. We already knew that the pair flouted rules they didn’t think applied to them, maintained business ties that may have put national security at risk, and only received top-secret clearance by whining and stomping their feet until President Daddy gave it to them. And now, thanks to a new report, we’ve learned that Javanka reportedly believe all the powers of the presidency apply to them.