Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner Seek Buyer for Photogenic Manhattan Condo

Variety - 03-15


Supermodel and social media powerhouse Karlie Kloss — her Instagram has eight million followers — and fortunately born venture capitalist Josh Kushner have their crisply tailored condo in lower Manhattan’s fashionable Nolita neighborhood up for sale at a price so close to $7 million it might as well be $7 million. The cerebral computer coding hobbyist and former Victoria Secret “Angel,” who stepped into Heidi Klum’s hosting stilettos in Thursday’s premiere of the 17th season of “Project Runway,” and Kushner, the heir to a New Jersey real estate fortune and the younger bother of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and senior adviser to Donald Trump, purchased the condo in the fall of 2013 for $4.5 million. One of the other units in the discreetly swank, low-rise apartment house is owned by Gabriel Byrne and another is owned, per property records, by Billy Joel but occupied by his singer daughter Alexa Ray Joel.