Elizabeth Warren tells Stephen Colbert the Mueller report needs to come out, Donald Trump to go out

A.V. Club - 03-26


It was an abrupt gear shift for late-night comedians on Monday, as the non-release of the long-awaited Mueller report into whether Donald Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to steal an election and then obstructed all attempts to find out about that left Trump and the easily placated gloating. As Colbert noted in his monologue, the fact that Republicans are united in both believing that the report exonerates Trump, and that nobody, ever, needs to see the actual report with all that juicy, iron-clad proof that Trump is exonerated is a bit of a tip-off that the fix is in. Oh, also since new Attorney General William Barr (a career cover-upper for the powerful) essentially auditioned for the job by presenting an unsolicited opinion prior to his hiring that there was no earthly way Donald Trump could ever, under any circumstances, be convicted of obstruction of justice. Funny, that.