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Border Patrol rescues double-amputee illegal immigrant from middle of Rio Grande

Border Patrol agents had to rescue a double-amputee illegal immigrant in a wheelchair from an island in the middle of the Rio Grande this week, a day after pulling a deaf and dumb man from the water.


Australians must be vigilant against divisive race politics, says Tim Soutphommasane

Human rights advocate Tim Soutphommasane wants Australians to be vigilant, with nativism and nationalist populism on the march. He expresses his warning in stark terms. “I don’t think the race politics we are seeing at the moment can be conveniently explained away as an episodic venting of cultural


Trump order withholds money from colleges that don't promise to protect free speech

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday that would withhold federal research and education funds from colleges if they don't certify that they will protect free-speech rights on campus.


Obama border patrol chief: Border crisis 'absolutely' a national emergency

Mark Morgan, a career FBI official who served as Border Patrol chief for the Obama administration, told FOX Business on Thursday that the U.S.-Mexico border is undeniably in a state of crisis.


Democrat 2020 candidates 'scare' Donald Trump, have bold, progressive ideas: DNC official

The Democratic field of candidates have President Donald Trump running scared -- or at least that's what the director of communications for the Democratic National Committee believes.


This photo shows why a border wall won’t stop immigration surge

[This story has been optimized for offline reading on our apps. For a richer experience, you can find the full version of this story here. An Internet connection is required.]. Unauthorized border crossings have soared in recent months to their highest level in a decade, largely because of families


McSally talks about sexual assault task force, funding for border wall

GLENDALE – Sen. Martha McSally announced this week that the Department of Defense has agreed to establish a task force to combat sexual assault in the military. Thursday at Luke Air Force Base, she introduced some of the task force’s goals, including improving responses to sexual assault, especially


Communities struggle to cope after killings that authorities have linked to illegal immigrants

Emotions ran high at a San Jose, Calif. community meeting this week where residents questioned local officials about the brutal stabbing death of Bambi Larson, who was allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant wanted by federal immigration officials for deportation.


Rising Star Chef Wins Right to Stay in U.K. After Threat of Deportation

Star chef wins right to stay in U.K. after government threatened deportation. Ali Mustafaj, who built a career as a prodigious young chef after fleeing Albania aged 16, has won the right to stay in the U.K.; he has been appointed as head chef at an Italian restaurant in Bristol. [I News]


U.S. Sen. Tina Smith: Speak up to help Liberians in Minnesota who face deportation

You move halfway around the world to escape a violent civil war and find a home in an unfamiliar, cold place called Minnesota. You fall in love, get married, buy a house in a beautiful suburb, start a family. You go to work every morning taking care of elderly residents at a nursing home in Brooklyn


Sean Hannity: Beto thinks border security isn't a problem. Maybe he needs to talk to Angel Moms and Dads

No countertop or table is safe in America. Why? Robert Francis "Beto" "Bozo" O'Rourke seems to force his way into every restaurant, every diner in the great state of Iowa. It appears that he's fallen in love with these elevated surfaces as he moves..


How many illegal aliens are being released every day? A lot.

Yesterday, John looked at the general collapse of Democratic talking points regarding the crisis on the border. We have unfortunately reached the point where too many Democrats in Congress are willing to either ignore or defy the data being provided by CBP and the flood of illegal immigrants that ar


Trump's Latest Policy of Holding Migrants in Mexico Faces Problems

A declaration to be tough on immigration is one of the factors that drew many voters to Donald Trump. But handling the masses of people that have come from Central and South America asylum has moved beyond challenge into debacle.


Running against Beto? Trump says he 'wouldn't mind'

President Donald Trump outlined the 2020 Democrats he’d most like to run against next year, saying he’d “love” to run against former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders but that “we could dream about” running against former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.


DACA recipient at Texas Tech hopes 'Dream with me' ads perspective on immigration

There are difficult times throughout a person’s life. Seeing one of those situations on the big screen can be hard to watch. In a documentary about her situation, one scene stood out to Saba Nafees and her husband, Daniel Clayton: when they were arguing while driving her parents to their check in at


Kirsten Gillibrand wants to guarantee asylum seekers access to a lawyer

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand pitched her ideas Thursday to improve the asylum process while touring a law clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas that helps immigrants with legal matters.


U.S. immigration arrests fall under Trump as resources shift to the border

(Reuters) - U.S. immigration arrests fell under President Donald Trump at the end of 2018 compared to the same period a year earlier, a drop authorities attributed to a growing need to deal with “alarming rates” of migrant families at the border.


Republicans seek to unseat Van Drew's disciples in 1st District

Jeff Van Drew will not be on the ballot this year, but the Van Drew team will be, seeking to defend their seats representing New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District. Sen. Bob Andrzejczak and Assemblymen Bruce Land and Matt Milam, all D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, were each recruited to run for sta