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How Shock Jock Joe Walsh Became Trump's Fiercest Conservative Critic

Democratic voter anger at the midterms 'will make the 2010 Tea Party wave that got me elected pale by comparison,' Walsh told The Daily Beast. 'The Republicans are in denial.' In November 2016, conservative talk radio jock Joe Walsh held his nose and voted for Donald Trump, largely because he wasn't

DAILY BEAST - 2018-03-20 09:17:38

GOP close to issuing subpoena for Justice records linked to Clinton probe, lawmaker says

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is preparing to issue an "imminent" subpoena to the Department of Justice to produce documents relating to the 2016 investigation of Hillary Clinton. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images A top House Republican is preparing to subpoena the Justice Department for records gathered by its insp

POLITICO - 2018-03-20 01:03:38

Trump heralds Clinton Foundation program in opioid speech

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump, who as a candidate used the Clinton Foundation to slam his opponent Hillary Clinton, heralded an opioid program backed by the Clinton family foundation on Monday in New Hampshire. It is unclear whether Trump was aware that he was praising a program backed by a

CNN - 2018-03-19 22:12:11

Gutfeld: Hillary 'Bitter' Because 'Decades of Doing Her Husband's Bidding Didn't Pay Off'

Greg Gutfeld reacted to controversial comments Hillary Clinton made at a forum in Mumbai last week. Clinton told the audience there that her campaign did not do well with white men or married white women because some of the latter vote for the GOP in the face of pressure from their "husbands, bosses

FOXNEWS - 2018-03-19 22:04:10

Clinton on potential Ivanka presidential bid: 'We don't want any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House'

When asked whether Ivanka Trump will make good on her desire to become the 1st female President of the United States, Hillary Clinton did not miss a beat in this brilliant dead-pan. HRC has emerged post-election as the voice of the Resistance IMHO. Whether people admit it or not. pic.twitter.com/19h

THE HILL - 2018-03-19 21:52:11

Sean Hannity Lost What Was Left of His Alleged Mind in Bonkers Fox and Friends Spot

Some things just have to be seen to be believed - and even then it's not always believable. Other times it takes too strong a stomach to even sit through the unbelievable thing. Sean Hannity of Fox News has generously provided examples of all of the above. On Monday morning Hannity visited his colle

DAILY KOS - 2018-03-19 23:59:59

Hillary Clinton Drawn Into 2018 Campaign With Comments About Trump Voters

Hillary Clinton has made her entrance into the 2018 campaign, but not by choice. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee's name is nowhere on the ballot this year, but that's not stopping some Republicans from using her words, her image and her gaffes to energize the GOP base. At a conference in

NPR - 2018-03-19 20:15:39

Hillary Clinton to brainwashed white women and 'backwards' red states: Sorry if you're offended

Hillary Clinton is sorry you misunderstood her. Don't get her wrong: She still believes the states that voted for President Trump in 2016 are "backwards," and she still insists white women voters are brainwashed by men into voting Republican. But she's sorry if you're too backwards or (for women) t

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-03-19 19:39:23

Trust Your Own Heart, Write Your Own Story and Fight On

An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the WorldBy Jennifer Palmieri 180 pp. Grand Central Publishing. $20. Not long after Hillary Clinton's unexpected defeat to Donald J. Trump, her campaign's communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, shopped around a book idea. "I was advised that if I didn't

NEW YORK TIMES - 2018-03-19 19:35:26

Tom Fitton: 'FBI Is in Cover-Up Mode' on Hillary Clinton Email Probe

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Monday that he believes the FBI is in "cover-up mode" while the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz probes how the agency and Department of Justice handled the investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. House Judiciary Committee Cha

FOXNEWS - 2018-03-19 19:05:44

Sanders supporters cancel Clinton protest

Supporters of Sen. Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersDems ponder gender politics of 2020 nominee2020 Dem contenders travel to key primary statesAfter Florida school shooting, vows for change but no clear path forwardMORE (I-Vt.) canceled a planned rally Monday to protest Hillary ClintonHillary D

THE HILL - 2018-03-19 18:37:24

Hillary Clinton, the unwitting star of GOP attack ad on vulnerable Claire McCaskill

Hillary Clinton is starring in campaign advertisements yet again. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, running in the Republican primary to take on Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., released a video on Monday tying his potential opponent to Clinton-- with a heavy assist from Clinton herself. Weaving

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-03-19 18:34:38

How Fox News made Andrew McCabe a deep-state villain

Andrew McCabe was a 21-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who, by most accounts, had a storied career. But if you're a Fox News viewer, you would know him as something else altogether: a corrupt, deep-state villain who was out to depose President Trump. McCabe, the former deputy FBI

VOX - 2018-03-19 18:30:02

White House: Trump has had 'no conversations or discussions' about firing Robert Mueller

President Trump has not held any internal discussions about removing special counsel Robert Mueller despite his increasingly public frustration with the duration and scope of Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian collusion, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Monday. "There are no convers

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-03-19 18:12:43

Five Major Problems Regarding John Kerry's State Department and the Trump Hoax Dossier

NEW YORK - Numerous officials from John Kerry's State Department have been fingered for playing roles in the distribution - and in one case, possibly also the compilation - of the largely discredited, 35-page anti-Trump dossier. President Trump has been facing news media scrutiny for tweeting on Sun

BREITBART - 2018-03-19 18:53:25

Pro-Bernie Sanders group cancels Hillary Clinton protest

WASHINGTON - A pro-Bernie Sanders group has canceled an anti-Hillary Clinton protest, its organizer told NBC News on Monday. The event, created by the leader of a local chapter of Our Revolution, prompted backlash from Clinton allies, leading Sanders' top adviser to condemn it and disassociate hi

NBC NEWS - 2018-03-19 17:38:00

GOP chairman threatens subpoena for FBI records on Clinton probe

Greg Nash The head of the House Judiciary Committee is threatening to soon issue a subpoena against the Department of Justice (DOJ) seeking documents into how the FBI handled it's probe into Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonWoman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by R

THE HILL - 2018-03-19 16:23:05

Hillary Clinton: 'I Meant No Disrespect' With Trump Voter Comments

Hillary Clinton over the weekend attempted to clarify controversial comments she made recently to an Indian newspaper about President Trump's supporters. In an interview with the newspaper, she suggested that more economically stable states supported her candidacy and that women who voted for Trump

DAILY BEAST - 2018-03-19 15:46:43

Upcoming elections present opportunities for Latino candidates - and the party that backs them

All across the country, states' filing deadlines for political candidacy are coming up in the next few weeks. Volunteers seeking signatures and contributions to help cover petition requirements and filing fees on behalf of candidates will be knocking on the doors of likely voters. For many office se

VOX - 2018-03-19 15:40:01

'It's Not That Crazy' - Hillary Clinton Defends Offensive Comments About American Women

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her controversial comment trying to explain why the majority of white women voted for her opponent Donald Trump. "As much as I hate the possibility, and hate saying it, it's not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gende

BREITBART - 2018-03-19 13:06:28