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Hillary Clinton just tweeted the best ‘I told you so’ in Twitter history.

Hillary Clinton has kept a relatively low profile since the devastating results of the 2016 election, and really, could anyone blame her?! If I feel psychologically scarred just reading about the ignorance Trump spreads, then I can only imagine what it felt like losing to him in front of the country


JUST IN: DOJ Seeks to Stall Court-Ordered Discovery on Clinton Email Scandal – Cites Government Shutdown

On Wednesday evening, the corrupt Justice Department sought to stall a court-ordered discovery plan, citing the government shutdown, according to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.


Trump boasts about checking gas prices while in motorcade: 'You think Hillary Clinton would've done that?'

President Trump on Monday credited his administration's policies for the price of gas and swiped at 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton , suggesting that she would not stop to admire low gas prices.


FBI won’t run honest investigation of Hillary Clinton crimes, but is tripping over itself to investigate the theft of files that might expose the truth about 9/11

An underground hacking collective known as “The Dark Overlord” reportedly announced on New Year’s Eve that it now has in its possession 18,000 documents related to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks – critical information that, because it could potentially blow the lid on 9/11 being an inside


Chelsea Clinton takes on troll taunting her about her parents and Pizzagate

Chelsea Clinton has established a reputation for defending others — including Barron Trump — from cyberbullies. Now she’s sticking up for her own family. The former first daughter took the time to respond to a Twitter commenter trolling her over the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which plague


The cringiest tweets by @womenforcohen, which Michael Cohen created to make himself a ‘sex symbol’

Launching his own Twitter fan account featuring “women” who found him “sexy” is not the worst thing Michael Cohen has done. The worst thing Michael Cohen has done (that we know of!) is committing nine felonies.


Trump's bloody hand injury attracts armchair doctors

President Donald Trump is often called thin-skinned. It’s usually not meant literally. But the back of Trump’s right hand was covered with an adhesive bandage during a Thursday trip to McAllen, Texas, with blood visibly seeping through the dressing. His hand was similarly bandaged again on Monday as


‘Lock him up!’ Watch protestors flip the script on Trump as he speaks at New Orleans Convention Center

Followers of President Donald Trump are infamous for chanting “lock her up” in reference to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic rivals. But two can play that game, and the president…


Meghan Markle's Due Date Is Actually Pretty Soon, According To The Duchess Herself

It truly doesn't feel like three months have passed since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they were expecting their first child. At the time it was rumoured that the Duchess was around twelve weeks pregnant, according to the BBC. And on Monday, during a visit to Birkenhead, Meghan Markle re


Hillary Clinton Hates It. Betsy DeVos Hates It. But Is Education by ZIP Code Unfixable?

It's hard to find agreement on many big issues in education. But one position that's pretty popular—shared by people as different as Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos—is the belief that children's education and opportunities shouldn't be determined by their ZIP code. So what's t


PHOTOS: From Vatican Walls to Obama’s Fence, 20 Barriers Around the World

As President Trump requests full funding for a border wall along the United States-Mexico border, elected Democrats continue to claim that walls are “immoral” and “racist.”


Jennifer Garner's Video Using The KonMari Method On Her Junk Drawer Sparks So Much Joy

If you've watched Netflix's newest original series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, you're going to love this video of Jennifer Garner using the KonMari method. The Camping star posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday of herself cleaning out her junk drawer and, yes, she's as cute as can be. Clearly,


Ariana Grande's Photos Celebrating Mac Miller's Dog Myron Will Make You Tear Up

Exactly two years ago today — or somewhere thereabouts — a sweet little pitbull puppy found his forever home. Little did he know at the time, though, that'd he'd end up being taken in by not one, but two world-famous musicians. On Jan. 15, Ariana Grande paid tribute to Mac Miller's dog Myron on her


Kirsten Gillibrand to Run for Office as a Younger, More Relatable Hillary Clinton

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has announced her presidential bid for 2020 as a younger, more relatable Hillary Clinton, and everybody is so excited. Everyday Americans practically love Hillary, except for the fact that she’s too old and not pretty or likable enough. That’s why they elected Presi


Meghan Markle Wore Head-To-Toe Navy Sequins & The Look Is SO Good

The time between Christmas Day until about a week ago was rough. Not because everyone went back to work or school but because the royals had no official engagements which means no royal fashion. Thankfully that has now changed, and Meghan Markle's head-to-toe sequin gown may just be the most excitin


An 87-year-old’s obituary said Trump ‘hastened’ her death. A local paper wouldn’t run it.

Frances Irene Finley Williams felt the same way about dress codes at funerals as she felt about politics: strongly. So when she died just before Thanksgiving at the age of 87, her family thought they would make politics a part of her obituary too. It was only natural, said her daughter, Cathy Duff.


White House considering former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to head World Bank: New York Times

Indra Nooyi, the former PepsiCo CEO, is reportedly being considered to become the next head of the World Bank. The New York Times, citing several people familiar with the matter, said Tuesday that Nooyi has been courted by Ivanka Trump as an ally to the Trump administration.


Justin Bieber's Mom & Hailey Baldwin Just Had The Sweetest Interaction On Instagram — PHOTO

For whatever reason, the word "in-laws" has gotten a pretty bad rap. In movies and on TV — generally speaking, of course — when one character is forced to spend time with their partner's family, the idea of doing so is typically met with dread. For Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, and his wife,


Who Plays Eric On 'Sex Education'? Ncuti Gatwa Had A Lot To Learn To Take The Character On

"This is a new frontier, my sexually repressed friend," Eric Effiong tells his best friend Otis in front of Moordale High. They've just found their way to some social clout — the trade of sex therapy. Most high schoolers (including Otis) would probably approach the idea with hesitance, and even disc


Red Lobster Hillary Cabal Targets Tucker Carlson

Ex-Hillary staffer, Hillary supporters at Golden Gate Capital-owned restaurant chain involved. I had a great dinner at a local Red Lobster the other night. The crab cakes were excellent, the staff and service friendly and terrific.