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Someone turned Cardi B's government shutdown rant into a song and it slaps

Honestly, blast this song until the government shutdown ends. Cardi B's viral Instagram rant about the government shutdown is a song now, and it's an absolute banger. In the original video, which was been retweeted by stans and lawmakers alike, the rapper angrily complains about how ridiculous it is


Health care center where woman in vegetative state gave birth ordered to hire outside manager

Two Arizona state agencies are ordering a long-term care company to pay for a third-party manager to oversee the center where a patient in a vegetative state gave birth last month.


Liberal states move beyond Obamacare

Democrats in liberal states are aiming to go beyond Obamacare with new healthcare legislation, trying to circumvent Congress in order to test out possibilities for a future overhaul of federal programs.


Trump May Try to Kill Medicaid As We Know It by Executive Fiat

One of the most ancient Republican policy hobbyhorses has been eliminating Medicaid’s status as a federal-state entitlement program guaranteeing health-care services for low-income Americans and certain other categories of needy people. You think killing Obamacare is an obsessive Great White Whale f


Walmart Leaving the CVS Health Network Could Roil Drugstores

Walmart will leave CVS Health’s network that administers drug benefits for millions of Americans, in a dispute over costs that could roil the business of filling prescriptions.


Administrative burdens are blocking access to health insurance

Despite a relentless eight-year Republican campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it remains largely intact. Through it, nearly 20 million Americans gained health insurance. Many others benefited from new protections, such as ensuring that people can’t be denied coverage because of pre-existing


The Microsoft/Walgreens deal could kick off big changes to health care

Microsoft and Walgreens announced a seven-year strategic partnership today that will see Walgreens move all of its cloud computing assets to the Microsoft Azure platform, as well as roll out 380K Microsoft 365 seats to Walgreens employees. This is a major win for Microsoft in terms of cloud and Wind


Trump administration sued over new Kentucky Medicaid work requirements

More than a dozen Medicaid beneficiaries in Kentucky have filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration over its re-approval of the state’s controversial Medicaid waiver.


Nunavut health centre down to minimum services amid nursing shortage

"We’re in dire straits right now" “Baker Lake, the health centre is closed,” reads a Wednesday morning post to social media. “Emergencies only will be seen. Please call before coming. Thank you for your patience.”


Best Cities and Towns to Retire Happy and Healthy In

As communities across the U.S. try to adapt to an aging population, some are becoming more age-friendly than others. In the U.S., and in the world, population is aging at an unprecedented pace. As nearly 80 million boomers head into retirement, demographers project that one in five Americans will be


Americans have big hopes that Big Tech can improve health care

People are bullish about the role big tech can play in health care. In a PwC survey, majorities said they’re at least somewhat confident tech companies will be able to: improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs, simplify health care, and make personal health care information more accessible to pati


GoFundMe's place in the health care system

Crowd-funding sites like GoFundMe have become a critical part of the health care system — and GoFundMe’s CEO recognizes that that’s a bad thing. By the numbers: GoFundMe sees more than 250,000 campaigns each year related to medical expenses. They account for about a third of the roughly $5 billion p


Cardi B’s Instagram Video About The Government Shutdown Puts The Blame Squarely On Trump

Pulling no punches in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Cardi B talked about the partial government shutdown and how it's affecting thousands of federal workers across America. "I just wanted to remind you all because it's been a little over three weeks," Cardi said, "Trump is now ordering,


Survey: Users keep doctors ignorant of medical marijuana

As more states legalize medical cannabis, more people will likely use it to supplement, or as a substitute for, prescription drugs, researchers say. A new study assesses attitudes and use of medical cannabis and the mainstream health care system—described as either a doctor or hospital—among marijua


5 Bargain Stock Sectors As Valuations Plunge To 5-Year Lows

The S&P 500 Index (SPX) has staged an impressive rebound in recent weeks, but it still trades more than 10% below its 52-week high. That may make the market still ripe for bargain-hunting by investors. "Following the sell-off, stocks now look inexpensive or close to fair value versus history on most


Coursera Launches Health Content for Tomorrow’s Health Professionals

The world needs more health workers. The global population is growing and aging—by 2030, there will be at least 300 million more people aged 65 years and above than there were in 2014. This demographic shift, along with changes in diet, pollution, and other factors, are driving an alarming increase


Health committees finalized in new Congress

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Youth Suicides More Prevalent in States with Higher Gun Ownership

Every day, an average of three youths between 10 and 19 years old die by firearm-related suicide. Although the link between gun ownership and overall suicide rates is well established, less is known about the relationship between household gun ownership and suicide rates among youth.


Being on the lists of the best and worst doctors

As each calendar year closes, organizations compile best/worst lists: TV shows, movies, exceptional people that bring character or immortality to our year as it fades into history.


Media attack Sen. Rand Paul for going to Canada for major surgery — but omit most important fact

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was the subject of fierce criticism on Monday after it was announced he will head to Canada to have major hernia surgery, repairing injuries sustained when he was brutally attacked by his neighbor in Kentucky.