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It’s pathetic that our health care relies on an industry too big to fail (Letters)

It has been said that dismantling the private insurance companies would be disruptive. It’s pathetic that our health care depends on a parasitical industry that’s too big to fail. If we’d introduced national health care years ago like most of the world did, this industry wouldn’t have grown like can


US Rep. Pressley says she'll protect the Affordable Care Act

BOSTON - U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley says she'll fight for policies that protect and defend the Affordable Care Act. The Massachusetts Democrat and new member of Congress issued a statement Saturday, the ninth anniversary of former President Barack Obama signing the health care legislation into law.


Judge blocks laws limiting powers of Wisconsin governor Tony Evers

A judge on Thursday temporarily blocked Wisconsin Republicans' contentious lame-duck laws limiting the powers of new Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who immediately used his restored authority to pull the state out of a multi-state challenge to the Affordable Care Act.


Washington National Cathedral: John McCain's Funeral Did Not Require Trump's OK

The Washington National Cathedral is fighting back against President Donald Trump’s assertion that he had to approve the funeral arrangements for Sen. John McCain, one eyebrow-raising comment in his latest string of jabs against the late Arizona lawmaker.


Democrats are attacking Trump’s Medicare ‘cuts.’ But Bernie Sanders’s ‘Medicare for all’ requires them, too.

THE BUDGET President Trump proposed this month is bad news for Medicare-for-all. That’s not so much because of what is in the plan, but rather because of the reactions it has provoked.


A court just blocked Wisconsin Republicans’ lame-duck power grab

Wisconsin’s newly elected Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is getting his power back — at least, for now. Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul were handed a huge, albeit temporary, win in the court this week, when a judge blocked Republicans’ lame-duck power grab aimed at limiting Democrats’ newfound powe


Holding on: The debate over the future of Medicaid expansion in Montana

In 2016, a longtime Montana senator had a prediction: Medicaid expansion was done. It had been a month since the nation learned Donald Trump would be president. The president-elect continued his campaign rally cry to unravel the Obama-era health law called the Affordable Care Act.


Why 'Medicare For All' Plays Well In Trump Country

The continuing difficulty attracting health insurance companies to sell individual coverage in rural America could bode well for proposals to expand Medicare. The need for more insurance options in rural areas could be seen in a report last week from the Urban Institute that showed the south still l


Graham: Trump's attacks on McCain 'hurt him more' than senator's legacy

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Wednesday that President Trump 's attacks against the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) "hurt [Trump] more than they hurt the legacy of Sen. McCain."


Obamacare Turns 9 Today, And Republicans Are Still Trying To Wreck It

The Affordable Care Act turns 9 years old Saturday, and, in some respects, the program has never been more secure. Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives in November, and with it they lost the ability to pass legislation repealing Obamacare. They might regain that ability someday,


How prescribing healthy food could save billions of dollars in health care costs

Prescribing food as medicine is more cost effective, a study says. Prescriptions for healthy foods could help lower the risk of expensive chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Medicare and Medicaid patients, a new study suggests.


Little progress as King Soopers, union negotiate contract

King Soopers and the union representing 12,000 of its employees remained locked in marathon contract negotiations Saturday, with no agreement in place as day turned to dusk. In a statement, King Soopers said the union proposal remains non-competitive in the Colorado market, while the The United Food


With Brexit plans adrift, protesters jam London to demand that ‘the people’ decide

LONDON — The struggle over Brexit spilled onto the streets of London on Saturday in a huge show of discontent and frustration over the political limbo, with hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding that the question be put back to the people with a fresh vote that would include the option of st


Is there a link between oversleeping and stillbirths?

It can be difficult to sleep while pregnant. Any number of issues can interrupt sleep, including the frequent need to urinate, back pain, abdominal discomfort and shortness of breath, among others. Moreover, disruptive sleep during pregnancy can be risky for the fetus, contributing to curbing growth


Healthcare In The Age Of Personalization Part 3: How Business Models Must Evolve

This is Part 3 of a six-part series on Healthcare in the Age of Personalization. Part 2 is here. Healthcare seems to be in a constant state of transition, as organizations move from fee-for-service to value-based business models.


Nikki Haley is wrong: Finland takes care of new moms way better than the US

Nikki Haley criticized a very specific target on Twitter this week: the Finnish health care system and how it treats new mothers. The former UN ambassador was responding to a tweet from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who was commenting on the lower costs women face delivering babies in Finland.


Medicare for All: Where the Democratic candidates stand

Democratic presidential candidates are laying out plans for universal health-care coverage, with Medicare for All overpowering the conversation. The big picture: All 2020 Democrats said they believe in the concept of universal health care, except they vary on how to get there — and on which plan can


What It’s Like Navigating Health Care as a Trans Woman

This story is part of Coveteur’s Women’s Health series. For more on this topic, head here. With all of the legislative barriers that women face in the fight for satisfactory health care (not to mention a persistent pain gap), it should come as no surprise that, for trans women—and especially trans w


AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit for law named after McCain

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's posthumous slam on Sen. John McCain flips reality on its head when it comes to who gave veterans the option to see a private doctor at public expense.


Disabled man reported missing in Peotone

A man with mental disabilities was reported missing Saturday in rural Peotone Township south of Chicago. Patrick Bennett was last seen leaving his home about 12:30 a.m. Saturday in the 6500 block of West Kennedy Road, the Will County sheriff’s office said in a statement.