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Gun Owners Defy New Gun Control Laws in the US and Abroad

The call to “Resist!” seems to have become a liberal battle cry these days. But what most people don’t realize, and what the mainstream media avoids telling the public is that “resist” is exactly what firearms owners have been doing for literally decades in the face of unconstitutional gun laws. The


New gun crime numbers are bad news for the gun control lobby

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice published updated numbers on how guns used and found at the scenes of state and federal crimes were obtained, and the American people will be shocked to know that criminals still don’t like to follow gun laws.


Bump Stock Ban Lawsuit: Gun Rights Advocate Sues Trump Administration, Says Ban Unconstitutional

Following the decision by President Donald Trump’s administration to classify bump stocks as machine guns, thereby outlawing them, a gun rights advocate filed a lawsuit to try to prevent the ban from taking place.


Liddy Clark Debuts Stunning, Stripped-Down Visual For Her Ballad ‘Shot Down (Stand Up)’

Country music’s Liddy Clark knows how to pen a moving track, & her anti-gun anthem ‘Shot Down (Stand Up)’ just got an equally as poignant video to match. Watch the heartfelt clip here!


Well, Duh: DOJ Confirms Most Guns Used In Crimes Are From The Black Market

It seems like the more gun control advocates try to limit the Second Amendment with studies, the more it blows back in their face. Just look at the study conducted by the Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which found that


Generation Z Is a Liberal Tsunami

Americans born in 1996 or after are known as “Generation Z.” Over the past couple of years, there’s been much speculation that Gen Z would emerge as a robustly conservative voting group. We saw headlines such as, “Why the generation after millennials will vote Republican,” and “Why Democrats Should


Case at Supreme Court challenges legitimacy of the National Firearms Act

The appeal to the country’s high court of a Kansas man found guilty of an NFA violation aims to “cut to the heart of the National Firearms Act.” Jeremy Kettler in 2017 was found guilty of violating federal laws concerning the manufacturing and selling of suppressors and was given a year’s probation


Actor Calls Out Lawmakers Politicizing Gun Control: It’s Not ‘Our Side Versus Your Side’

Entertainer Jamie Foxx is speaking out against the disunity between lawmakers. During the California Strong Celebrity Softball game at Pepperdine University, Foxx spoke to reporters about his opinion on why changes in gun violence haven’t been made.


Packing Up Nauseating Bob Costas Political Lectures For His Exit From NBC Sports

The nauseatingly controversial Bob Costas, an eight-time National Sportscaster of the Year award winner, is leaving NBC. The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reports it is difficult for Costas and the network to find projects he feels passionate about and which fit into NBC's current properties. No w


Non-Violent Felon Has No Right to Bear Arms

A man convicted of providing false information on a loan application 27 years ago has no constitutional right to own a gun, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled.


Being pro-life isn’t about immigration, healthcare, or the environment

Lately, there has been an increased and intensified discussion about what it means to be authentically pro-life. We have both witnessed a concerted effort among some members of the faith community and others, including friends and colleagues whom we deeply respect, to broaden the scope of pro-life c


Brave New World

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Brave New World. Liberals always like to remind us we’re all children of immigrants but for many, they didn’t have FREE welfare & food stamps available when they came here for just showing up.


DOJ report shows just how few legally purchased guns are used to commit crimes

A Department of Justice report shows that only seven percent of nearly 300,000 state and federal prisoners who possessed a firearm during their crime purchased the gun from a licensed firearm dealer.


Blame Game & Second Amendment Caucus GunFreedomRadio Ep144 ~ Listen

This Week on GunFreedomRadio.com Kentcky Congressman Thomas Massie, Second Amendment Caucus, Andrew Pollack, Parkland Parent, #FixIt, Jenna Meek, Marc MacYoung, SafetyConcepts, Ken Scott, Provectus Group.


Investigation Without A Cause

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Investigation Without A Cause. President Trump on Saturday unleashed an extended assault on the F.B.I. and the special counsel’s investigation. We all know he had been and continues to be framed by disgraced “losers” at the bureau’s highest levels.


Lawsuit Against Government For Not Compensating Owners Of Banned Bump Stocks May Stand A Chance

In December, the Justice Department issued a rule banning bump stocks, a device used to convert semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic weapons, in response to the devices’ effective use in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.


The Killers’ politically charged song ‘Land of the Free’ condemns border wall, confronts gun violence

The Killers' newest track “Land of the Free” enters the political fray as the song focuses on the border wall and gun violence in the United States. The song’s music video was directed by Academy Award-winning director Spike Lee and showed images of migrants traveling to the U.S. over the border the


Water Cooler 01/17/19 Open Thread: Ammunition For The 2nd Amendment

A Stake Through The Heart , Burning On A Pyre, And Burying The Ashes At A Crossroads. It seems all the above have been done, to the arguments about the Second Amendment not meaning exactly what it means and exactly what the supreme court has said it means going back to even before the founding of th


'Autocrat' Bolsonaro a worry for rights in Brazil: HRW

The arrival of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro at the helm of Brazil, with his hard line against crime and support for lethal force by police, has sparked "preoccupation" for human rights in the country, Human Rights Watch said.


Bob Costas Says He’s Done With NBC After 40 Years

The Peacock quietly is losing one of its most colorful, popular and sometimes controversial broadcasters. Forty years after he joined NBC, Bob Costas quietly confirmed today that he’ll no longer work there.