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As Trump heads to Davos, survey points to rising risk of war

BERLIN (Reuters) - The risk of political and economic confrontations between major powers, including outright military conflicts, has risen sharply, according to a survey released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) days before its annual gathering in Davos. The Global Risks Report highlighted severa

REUTERS - 2018-01-18 20:47:52

What if H.R. McMaster Is Right About North Korea?

In the increasingly urgent, dramatic debate about the North Korean nuclear threat, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster stands out in the Trump administration as the strongest advocate of a hawkish position. But where do H.R. McMaster's views on North Korea really come from? Why, to pose a questi

THE ATLANTIC - 2018-01-18 19:47:28

Donald Trump Keeps Arguing a Shutdown Will 'Devastate' the Military. That's Not Exactly True

President Donald Trump has repeatedly argued that a looming government shutdown would hurt the military. As Congress debates whether to pass a short-term spending resolution or attempt to address immigration issues in a longer-term compromise, Trump has said and tweeted that a shutdown would most dr

TIME - 2018-01-18 20:24:38

Trump is wrong. A government shutdown won't devastate the US military.

President Donald Trump keeps claiming that the possible government shutdown on Friday will hurt the military worst of all. On Thursday, he tweeted, "A government shutdown will be devastating to our military ... something the Dems care very little about!" He made similar comments to reporters during

VOX - 2018-01-18 19:10:01

The scary ideology behind Trump's immigration instincts

The most important phrase uttered during Donald Trump's infamous immigration deal meeting last Thursday wasn't the one about people from "shithole" countries. It was, "Why do we want people from Haiti here?" which was preceded by Trump's statement that America should want more immigrants from countr

VOX - 2018-01-18 19:40:05

Pentagon considers changing nuclear retaliation rules

This change could potentially allow for a nuclear response to a cyberattack on US infrastructure Current US policy requires a lawful order by any President to use nuclear weapons

CNN - 2018-01-18 19:57:31

2017 Among Warmest Years On Record

2017 was among the warmest years on record, according to new data released by NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. The planet's global surface temperature last year was second warmest since 1880, NASA says. NOAA calls it the third warmest year on record, due to slight variation

NPR - 2018-01-18 16:00:00

The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling efforts to fight climate change.

2017 was among the hottest years ever recorded, government scientists reported Thursday. The year was the second-hottest in recorded history, NASA said, while scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported 2017 was the third-warmest they have ever recorded. "The planet

WASHINGTON POST - 2018-01-18 16:58:00

Global warming roars on: Past four years have been Earth's hottest on record

The string of warmest years on record across the globe continued in 2017, federal scientists announced Thursday. NASA measured last year as the second-warmest on record, while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration placed it in the third-warmest slot. Both agencies reported 2017 was the

USA TODAY - 2018-01-18 16:16:12

'12 Strong': When The Afghan War Looked Like A Quick, Stirring Victory

When Army Capt. Mark Nutsch and 11 fellow Green Berets jumped off their helicopter into the swirling dust of northern Afghanistan in October 2001, their Afghan partner informed them they would be battling the Taliban - on horseback. "In that situation, they're certainly not going to give you their v

NPR - 2018-01-18 16:06:25

Trump is speeding the global erosion of democracy, watchdog says

Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for t

WASHINGTON POST - 2018-01-18 17:59:00

U.S. government creates health division for 'religious freedom'

(Reuters) - The U.S. government will create a division within its health agency that focuses on guaranteeing "conscience and religious freedom" for health workers who say their beliefs prevent them from carrying out abortions and other procedures. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sa

REUTERS - 2018-01-18 15:59:51

Syrians displaced by Idlib assault take shelter near Turkey

KELBIT CAMP, Syria (Reuters) - When fighting drove Bahr Diab from his home in southern Idlib last month, it was the fourth time he and his family had been displaced since the start of Syria's seemingly endless conflict. From his pre-war home on the Lebanese border, Diab moved first east and then no

REUTERS - 2018-01-18 14:45:37

America Quietly Starts Nation-Building in Parts of Syria

Announcing his new Afghanistan strategy in August, President Donald Trump insisted "we are not nation-building again." The pledge-made while increasing indefinitely the American commitment to the government in Kabul-put him in the company of former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who lik

THE ATLANTIC - 2018-01-18 17:56:48

Romania making little progress fighting corruption, European agency says

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania has made little progress against corruption in state institutions in 2017 and concern persists about lack of transparency in the legal process, a report by the Council of Europe's anti-corruption agency, GRECO, said on Thursday. Transparency International ranks Romania

REUTERS - 2018-01-18 14:06:07

In Trump era, global support for US leadership drops sharply

In a Reuters interview yesterday, Donald Trump took pride in his presidency. "We've done a good job," he said. "I think we're much more respected throughout the world." The president may want to believe this, but the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. Consider, for example, Gallup's new repor

MSNBC - 2018-01-18 15:40:37

Not Even Trump Can Obliterate America's Soft Power

America first.Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg The downsides of President Donald Trump's first year in office are legion, but among the most serious has undoubtedly been his effect on American soft power. Case in point is the global response to the president's alleged remarks that the U.S. shou

BLOOMBERG - 2018-01-18 15:33:31

Ryan hits Democrats for holding the military 'hostage' over immigration

House Speaker Paul Ryan jabbed at Democrats on Thursday for tying a two-year deal to boost defense spending to immigration talks. Speaking on military readiness at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Wisconsin Republican predicted a budget cap deal is "very close" but complained

POLITICO - 2018-01-18 15:23:50

Pence still plans to leave D.C. Friday, despite shutdown drama

Vice President Mike Pence has been the White House's primary link to critical House conservatives in tricky legislative negotiations in the past. | Win McNamee/Getty Images Vice President Mike Pence still plans to depart for a trip to the Middle East on Friday evening, his office said Thursday, as

POLITICO - 2018-01-18 17:10:48

Trump's new National Defense Strategy will prepare the US for a great power war with Russia and China

Trump addresses the US military in Japan.AP Photo/Eugene HoshikoPresident Donald Trump's new National Defense Strategy reportedly calls for the US to focus on Russia and China as main adversaries and to prepare for a great power war.The US hasn't focused on great power wars since the end of the Cold

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2018-01-18 18:19:52