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Elizabeth Warren Demands Wells Fargo to Be Kicked Off College Campuses

Elizabeth Warren is demanding that Wells Fargo & Co. be kicked off college campuses, a market the bank has said is among its fastest-growing. The Democratic senator from Massachusetts and likely presidential candidate said Thursday that she requested more information from Wells Fargo Chief Executive


Warren presses Wells Fargo on student fees

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is questioning Wells Fargo about fees it charged students for financial products marketed to them through agreements with their colleges.


The Pic of the Day: Sen. Elizabeth Warren forms presidential exploratory committee

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA – JANUARY 04: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks to reporters during a campaign stop at McCoy’s Bar Patio and Grill on January 4, 2019 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Warren announced on December 31st that she was forming an exploratory committee for the 2020 presidential race.


Elizabeth Warren Introduces Supporters to the Other Man in Her Life — Bailey the Golden Retriever

Elizabeth Warren is getting some assistance from her political pup. On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Senator — who recently confirmed that she plans to run for president in 2020 — shared a sweet video on her personal Twitter account from her campaign appearance over the weekend.


Sen. Warren Probes Wells Fargo, BofA on Shutdown Assistance Plans

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., probed the nation’s largest retail banks Tuesday on steps they are taking to help workers and businesses facing financial hardship due to the government shutdown.


Tomi Lahren pushed a 4chan lie about Elizabeth Warren, and Fox News hasn't done a thing about it

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren slandered a sitting senator and a 2020 presidential hopeful by accusing her of racism and amplified a hoax that originated from anonymous message boards. In the days since, Fox News has done nothing to hold Lahren accountable.


Assessing Warren's Generic Drug Plan (Guest: Michael Brzica)

Senator Elizabeth Warren promoted an idea recently in a Washington Post op-ed that called for the creation of a federal department that would oversee the development and sale of generic medicines to offset what Warren believes are market problems with generics. Brzica, who watches the market closely


Elizabeth Warren's selective memory over poverty and the minimum wage

We can already see a cornerstone of what Sen. Elizabeth Warren's pitch is going to be as she attempts to become the next president. The barker's stall is festooned with the message that the minimum wage used to support a family, but now it doesn't, so let's do something about that. More specifically


Elizabeth Warren wants a banking system that works for everyone

This is an opinion piece by Sheila Bair, former Chair of the FDIC. Elizabeth Warren has announced an exploratory committee to seek the Democratic nomination for the presidency with a finely honed platform based on economic opportunity for the middle class.


Elizabeth Warren’s Claim About Minimum Wage

In a recent speech, Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren made this claim:. When I was a kid, a minimum-wage job in America would support a family of three …It would pay the mortgage, it would keep the utilities on; it would put food on the table. Today, a minimum-wage job in America w


Trump Zings Elizabeth Warren And Husband For Their Beer-Drinking Cameos

If this President thing doesn’t work out, Donald Trump may have a new calling in social media comedy. The Commander-in-Tweet was on a roll at the end of the day on Sunday, first tweaking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for his tabloid problems, then taking down perennial target Elizabeth Warren for her ill-ad


SD Congressman Dusty Johnson Critical of the President Over Wounded Knee Tweet

In a recent Tweet critical of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, President Trump made a reference to Wounded Knee, one of the worst massacres in US history, where hundreds of native men, women and children were killed by US Army troops.


Wall Street, Brace Yourself: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Joining House Financial Services Committee

Wall Street had better brace itself, because the House Financial Services Committee is about to be loaded with some big names from the left wing of the Democratic Party. Per Bloomberg, those names include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), Katie Porter (Calif.) and Tulsi Gabbard


Chris Arnold

Walmart And Others Offer Workers Payday Loan Alternative. Even in a strong economy, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Forty percent don't have $400 to cover an emergency expense, such as a car repair. And many working-class people turn to payday loans or other costly ways to borrow money. Bu


Beto tries to outdo Elizabeth Warren by livestreaming his dentist appointment

2020 Dem race heats up. What’s next in this downward livestream contest?. The Democrat primaries haven’t even begun, yet Democrats already are pulling livestream publicity stunts to get attention.


Bernie Sanders Has Already Won 2020

It started with Elizabeth Warren, but it certainly won’t end there. The waterfall of Democratic candidates looking to challenge Trump is unfurling, and there’s no telling how many there will be. Many perceive Trump to be a weak opponent, and with no clear front-runner in the party, it seems as good


Cherokee Citizens React To Warren’s Presidential Bid

This time last week Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in Iowa after announcing her presidential bid. Her announcement came a few months after the Oklahoma-native released DNA test results to back up claims of Native American ancestry. The test was taken as an affront to many Native A


Native American Journalists Accuse HuffPo of ‘Ethical Negligence’ in Coverage of Warren’s DNA Gaffe

The Native American Journalist Association (NAJA) issued a statement Wednesday accusing the HuffPo of engaging in “ethical negligence” by writing an article downplaying native anger over Senator Elizabeth Warren’s release of a DNA test.


Sorry, Dems, the likability question isn’t sexist

[Ed. – Democrats will never give up their rationalizations of why one of their candidates loses. ‘What Happened‘ is now the party motto.]. … Elizabeth Warren’s announcement of her exploratory committee has ignited a discussion about whether it’s worse — sexist — to point out that a woman may not be


Local Geriatric Denies He Works For Russia, Will Serve College Kids ‘Burger Kings’ And ‘Some Pizza’

Donald Trump is on an insane roll with the bombast and outlandish soundbites which have come in so fast and so (literally) furious over the past 24 hours that trying to keep up with him has become an exercise in futility.