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How the NSA caught the next Edward Snowden with the help of the Russians

In 2016, U.S. law enforcement arrested Harold T. Martin III, a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, for stealing a massive amount of classified data that would put Edward Snowden to shame. Now, it’s being revealed the intelligence that led to the bust came from the unlikeliest of sources: a Ru


U.S. Spies to Americans: China and Russia Are Coming to Get You

Packing for an overseas business trip? U.S. intelligence agencies want you to leave your phone and laptop at home. Their message: Spies are everywhere, and they are out to get you.


The National Security Agency Is A Criminal Organization

Years before Edward Snowden provided documented proof that the National Security Agency was really a national insecurity agency as it was violating law and the US Constitution and spying indiscriminately on American citizens, William Binney, who designed and developed the NSA spy program revealed th


Access in Budapest: Whistleblower of Football Leaks arrested

In Budapest was taken on Wednesday evening, a 30-year-old Portuguese. The Portuguese law enforcement authorities had obtained against the accused, a European arrest warrant, among other things, allegations of attempted extortion, and the possible illegal obtaining of data. The Portuguese authorities


Fair Work full bench to consider privacy concerns over biometric scanners

The Fair Work Commission is set to examine the clash of new biometric technologies and workers' rights to privacy in a landmark appeal case. A full bench on Thursday granted former Queensland sawmill operator Jeremy Lee permission to appeal a decision that rejected his claim he was unfairly dismisse


Huawei Technologies Linked to Chinese Communist Party, Intelligence Services

Telecom targeted in Trump campaign to pressure China on trade, theft of American technology. Huawei Technologies, the global telecommunications giant at the center of an international diplomatic battle, is a major target in the Trump administration's campaign to halt China's theft of American techno


Snowden: If Israel’s NSO had Refused Sale to Saudis, Khashoggi would be Alive

US whistle-blower Edward Snowden has said that if Israeli spyware firm NSO Group had refused to sell its technology to Saudi Arabia, murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi would still be alive.


Track by Track: Songs For Walter Talks Us Through ‘An Endless Summer Daze’

Songs for Walter, the moniker of Manchester-based Laurie Hulme, released his new album An Endless Summer Daze last month on Tallbird Records. As with his eponymous debut album, his family’s grand tradition of storytelling continues, from the most outspoken to unassuming observer alike.


‘An Acceptable Loss’ Is The Rare Female-Led Political Thriller That Accurately Reflects The World We Live In

How often do you watch a movie and feel like its cast truly represents the people around you? Not only are most movies led by men, but even uneven representation in supporting characters and background actors make these fictional worlds seem male-dominated. But watching An Acceptable Loss, a new pol


5 Steps to Better Cyber Risk Management

Does your company accept credit card payments? Does your human resource department keep records of the employees’ personal data? What about third-party vendors that handle payroll, or even the folks who take the garbage out? Nearly everyone has a camera on their smart phone these days.


Snowden: If not for Israel-based NSO Group, Khashoggi would still be alive

Israel-based NSO Group says its products are intended only for the investigation and prevention of crime and terrorism. US cyber activist and whistleblower Edward Snowden on Saturday said that slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi would still be alive if Israel’s NSO Group has refused to sell Riyad


Whiskey Cavalier

After you finish your Oscars viewing party drinking game, get ready for another shot of whiskey. Whiskey Cavalier, the new espionage series starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, is getting a prime post-Oscars slot. ABC has confirmed that the high-octane dramedy will air a sneak preview Sunday, Feb.


Private Internet Access VPN (for Android)

If the revelations of Edward Snowden have taught us anything, it's that you can never take your privacy for granted. To keep the NSA (and everyone else) out of your mobile web traffic, you need a virtual private network, or VPN. With the Private Internet Access VPN Android app, you can rest assured


Rosenstein, DOJ exploring ways to more easily spy on journalists

For months now, the Department of Justice (DOJ) quietly has been working on a revision to its guidelines governing how, when and why prosecutors can obtain the records of journalists, particularly in leak cases.


Israeli company admits spying on Emir of Qatar

The General Manager of Israeli company NSO has admitted using spyware that it had developed to spy on the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad, as well as Foreign Minister Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani.


Gaining Traction With Consumers and Platforms, NewsGuard Draws Scrutiny From RT, WikiLeaks

NewsGuard, the new project from media veterans Steve Brill and Gordon Crovitz which aims to boost media literacy by providing “nutrition labels” assessing the trustworthiness of online news sources, appears to be gaining steam.


How a hacked phone may have led killers to Khashoggi

(CNN)Jamal Khashoggi probably thought the messages he was sending to fellow Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz were hidden, cloaked in WhatsApp security. In reality they were compromised -- along with the rest of Abdulaziz's phone, which had allegedly been infected by Pegasus, a powerful piece of malwar


NSA wants your love

The National Security Agency is preparing to release to the public a powerful cybersecurity tool used within the spy agency to analyze computer viruses, winning outside praise and helping rehabilitate the agency’s reputation after years of controversy.


Kaspersky-NSA yarn aims to reinforce Russian link to Shadow Brokers

ANALYSIS Ex-NSA employees are the most likely sources for a yarn that ran in the American website Politico last week, claiming that researchers from Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab had tipped off the NSA that one of its employees, Harold Martin, could be worth investigating, after he allegedly s


Big Brother Nation: The Case for Ubiquitous, Open-Sourced Surveillance in Smart Cities

Powerful surveillance cameras have crept into public spaces. We are filmed and photographed hundreds of times a day. To further raise the stakes, the resulting video footage is fed to new forms of artificial intelligence software that can recognize faces in real time, read license plates, even insta