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NSA Quietly Shuts Down Mass Cell Phone Spying Program Exposed by Edward Snowden

You could read anyone’s email in the world, anybody you’ve got an email address for. Any website: You can watch traffic to and from it. Any computer that an individual sits at: You can watch it. Any laptop that you’re tracking: you can follow it as it moves from place to place throughout the world.


#DPI19: How Snowden Stories Revived Ethics on Public Interest Reporting

Kicking off the second day of the IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2019 conference in London, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger, reflected on the paper's coverage of the whistle-blowing events involving WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden.


Paul Manafort's Sentence Sets Twitter on Fire: Reactions from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Monica Lewinsky, Edward Snowden and More

Twitter went into overdrive following the sentencing of Paul Manafort, former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump, after he was given a 47-month sentence for tax and bank fraud.


First Look is now No Look: The Intercept shuts Snowden archive amid layoffs and outrage

First Look Media, the parent company of the Intercept, announced it will shut access to the archive of documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to cut costs as it plans to layoff 4 percent of staff.


Edward Snowden in His Own Words

"To serve your country, sometimes you have to disagree with the government. And that is not traitorous. That, I would say is, patriotic.”. Despite Snowden's contributions to democracy, he faces decades in prison and remains in exile. It doesn’t have to be this way: https://www.pardonsnowden.org/take


House aide: NSA has shut down phone call record surveillance

The most controversial National Security Agency surveillance program, originally exposed by documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, has apparently ended quietly, according to the National Security Advisor to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. In a discussion recorded


Aide: US hasn't used phone data collection program in months

WASHINGTON (AP) — A congressional aide who specializes in national security says the U.S. has at least temporarily halted a phone surveillance program that was revealed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.


Watch Edward Snowden Solve a Rubik's Cube in a Minute

Edward Snowden famously used a Rubik's Cube to identify himself to journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras when they first met. He told them to fly to Hong Kong, stand outside a restaurant and look for a man holding a Rubik's Cube. Days later he became one of America's most important whistlebl


NSA's domestic metadata collection going unused, could be ended permanently

The U.S. National Security Agency has allegedly left its metadata collection system — first exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013 — unused for months, and it could vanish completely in the near future.


James Clapper denies lying to Congress about NSA surveillance program

James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, denied Tuesday that he lied to Congress when he falsely testified during the Obama administration that the government does “not wittingly” collect the telephone records of millions of Americans.


Huawei Now Just Trolling U.S. by Dredging Up NSA Spying

“Prism, prism on the wall, who’s the most trustworthy of them all?” said Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping on stage on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress 2019. But Guo wasn’t talking about Snow White. He was poking fun at the massive surveillance programs maintained by the United States.


Ex-intel official defected to Iran, revealed secrets

This news story has all the elements of a good spy movie. Unfortunately, this is not a movie and it's very bad for America. A former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence specialist who defected to Iran has been charged with revealing classified information to the Tehran government, including the code


NSA director Paul Nakasone ponders end of phone metadata program

National Security Agency director Gen. Paul Nakasone, in a departure for the agency, acknowledged the NSA is contemplating the possibility that its phone bulk data collection program, may be terminated. The program was first made public by Edward Snowden.


Former US intelligence officer charged with spying for Iran after defection

A former US Air Force intelligence officer has been charged with helping Iran target ex-colleagues with cyberattacks after defecting to the country in what was dubbed a “betrayal” of America.


The Intercept Shuts Down Access To Snowden Trove

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Daily Beast: First Look Media announced Wednesday that it was shutting down access to whistleblower Edward Snowden's massive trove of leaked National Security Agency documents. Over the past several years, The Intercept, which is owned by First Look Media


This NSA program that reviews private citizens' calls and text messages has reportedly quietly ended

After whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed the program in 2013, Congress ended it and replaced it with the U.S.A. Freedom Act in 2015. That program is set to expire in December, but it is unclear if the Trump administration will even request its renewal.


The Haunting of Hacker House

Our bed-and-breakfast looked like it was out of a goth comic book: a shadowy, midsized Victorian on top of a steep hill, in forced perspective. A blood-red “vacancy” sign glowed overbright in the parlor window.


How Huawei Is Battling U.S. Spying Allegations

Though the larger trade battle between the United States and China may be winding down, the U.S. government’s campaign against Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei seems to be heating up.


NSA may be ending controversial data collection program

In 2013, NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposed a secret program to analyze call and text logs of Americans in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks. Now an aide to House minority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says the NSA has not used the system in months and it’s unlikely the Trump administration w


NSA stops spying on everyone’s phone. Maybe

A controversial system tracking the calls and texts of all Americans has supposedly stopped being used by the National Security Agency (NSA). This agency reportedly quit employing it months ago, and might not ask that it be reauthorized later this year.