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Edward Snowden: 'There's no one in this world' Trump loves more than Putin

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden claims Russian President Vladimir Putin is President Trump's favorite person.“There’s no one in this world that [Trump] loves more than the Russian president,” Snowden said during an interview withThe Intercept for a podcast published Friday.

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-05-26 16:57:05

Deconstructed Podcast: Edward Snowden on Privacy in the Age of Trump and Facebook

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Analysis | Today, a new EU law transforms privacy rights for everyone. Without Edward Snowden, it might never have happened

Over the past few weeks people have been bombarded by emails from social networks, airline loyalty programs and all the organizations whose newsletters they never open. They’ve gotten messages with ominous subject lines likes “Important Updates to our Privacy Settings.” Why is this sudden rush happe


TOR Anonymity: Things Not To Do While Using TOR

The awe-inspiring internet has its nightmares for the ones who get stalked and harassed in the digital world. They can’t get away from the predicament; one possible recourse is to go anonymous while using the internet with the help ofvarious tools available. Name it, VPN, TOR, or you can use a proxy


BOMBSHELL: 6 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Mainstream media has done their due diligence to slap a label on any news story that doesn’t fit their agenda, which we’ve come to discover is dictated by the world’s elite. Many stories are derided as mere conspiracy theories, ensuring they don’t receive serious consideration and are instead viewed


RECYCLED: Moxie Marlinspike // Anarchist Yacht Club - Sailfeed

RECYCLED #162. Moxie Marlinspike is a legend in tech. As a programmer, he literally wrote the code that enables everyday encryption. He’s friendly with Edward Snowden and was recently feature in WIRED magazine. Moxie, though, is a sailor at heart. I worked together with him at Broadreach way back in


Comey contemplates how Devin Nunes is just like Edward Snowden: 'I’m sure there is some story he tells himself ...'

Former FBI Director James Comey sat idly by on Friday while his friend, Benjamin Wittes, made a comparison between House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency analyst who stole and leaked classified government documents.


What Chelsea Manning Is Listening to Right Now

At 30, Chelsea Manning has already lived several lives. She first came into prominence in 2009, as a whistleblowing Army intelligence analyst who leaked thousands ofclassified documents, detailing some of the military’s previously undisclosed actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was sentenced to 35


Working Fervently Toward the Bottom Line Is Isolating Consumers. It's Time to Start Regaining Their Trust

Since 2013 when Edward Snowden released documents about the NSA’s internal workings, the world has started to question the way their data is collected and used against them. Since then, findings by Pew Research Center show that93 percentof adults believe it is important they can control who can get


Millions of Computers Are at Risk From the Next-Gen Spectre Bug

(Bloomberg Businessweek) -- Yuriy Bulygin knows all about computer vulnerabilities. He spent most of his career at Intel Corp. studying security flaws in chips, including several years as the company’s chief threat researcher, until last summer. So you can believe him when he says he’s found somethi


A New Computer Threat Shows Hackers Can Go for a Machine’s Heart

Yuriy Bulygin knows all about computer vulnerabilities. He spent most of his career atIntel Corp.studying security flaws in chips, including several years as the company’s chief threat researcher, until last summer. So you can believe him when he says he’s found something new: His latest research, s


We're calling it: PGP is dead

iStock / Mack15When Edward Snowden wanted to contact filmmaker Laura Poitras to blow the whistle on activities at the NSA, his first step was to find out her public PGP key.PGP stands for ‘Pretty Good Privacy,’ and it has been one of the dominant forms of end-to-end encryption for email communicatio


It has been a bad week for encrypted messaging and it's only Wednesday

The past three days have highlighted the potential perils that can threaten people who rely on desktop computers to send encrypted messages. The events-which involve encrypted email and the desktop versions of the Signal and Telegram messaging programs-should in no way discourage people from using e


The Top 5 Apps for Journalists — Red Herring

Privacy,fake news, failing print media sales, terrorism, violent governments: it has rarely been more difficult a time to be ajournalistthan it is now. Thankfully there is a smorgasbord of ultra-useful apps at the fingertips of modern hacks – and they all have uses outside news gathering, from getti


22 Common Names That Actually Have Crazy Origins

Names are interesting. We all have them, whether we accept the name we're given at birth, or decide to go by another that seems a better fit. But why do we prefer some names to others, and why do some names become so popular? How are names created and used as labels for individuals without holding a


Why Washington Insiders Decide to Leak

Two days after Vladimir Putin won reelection on March 18, Donald Trump called the Russian to congratulate him on the victory. Within hours, someone with access to Trump’s briefing papers leaked word that staff had provided him withexplicit advicenot to do so, in all caps, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.”


U.K. Supreme Court Considers Government Spying for First Time

The Supreme Court said last week that it won’t consider hacking in particular at this stage, but whether the tribunal thatbackedthe use of general warrants for mass data collection is subject to judicial review, which allows the decisions of public bodies to be challenged.


Intercepted Podcast: War Crimes and Collective Punishment

As Jared and Ivanka partied, Palestinian civilians were being slaughtered. This week on Intercepted: Blacklisted academic Norman Finkelstein discusses his meticulous, scholarly documentation of the collective punishment of Gaza, “the largest concentration camp in the world.” The son of two Nazi conc


U.S. identifies suspect in major leak of CIA hacking tools

The U.S. government has identified a suspect in the leak last year of a large portion of the CIA's computer hacking arsenal, the cyber-tools the agency had used to conduct espionage operations overseas, according to interviews and public documents.But despite months of investigation, prosecutors hav


Signal Desktop Affected By Two Similar Remote Code Execution Bugs

ResearchersIván Ariel Barrera Oro,Alfredo Ortega, andJuliano Rizzofound a remote code execution bug in the standalone desktop version of Signal, the open source private messenger used by whistleblower Edward Snowden, activists, journalists,U.S. electoral campaigns, andSenate staff. The bug could be