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The key Republicans to watch on Trump’s national emergency

President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund his border wall has come under withering bipartisan criticism. Whether he’s able to hold off a congressional push to block the move will soon become clear.


NYT: Trump asked Whitaker if he could put prosecutor in charge of Cohen probe

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump asked then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker if a US attorney he appointed could oversee an investigation tied to himself after the US attorney in question had already recused himself from the probe, The New York Times reported Tuesday.


Joe Scarborough Directly Blames Donald Trump For Domestic Terror Threat: It's All His Fault

Joe Scarborough responded Thursday to the arrest of a lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard, who is accused of plotting a mass domestic terror attack, by laying the blame on President Donald Trump and his vitriolic rhetoric.


Trump halts talks with California over rules for fuel-efficient vehicles

The Trump administration said Thursday it has ended discussions with California officials over an EPA proposal to roll back the state’s stricter standards for fuel-efficient vehicles, saying the state is avoiding a “common-sense” solution.


Trump says he directed Pompeo not to let ISIS bride back in U.S.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he had directed the State Department not to allow the return of an Alabama woman who in 2014 joined the Islamic State terrorist group, days after the woman made public pleas to be let back into the U.S.


Trump Says He Doesn’t Know About Administration’s Global LGBTQ Rights Plan

News that the Trump administration is planning to launch a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality caught some by surprise this week ― and, from the looks of it, the president may have been one of them.


Donald Trump's 2020 Challengers Peer Through Oval Office Window On New Time Cover

The publication’s cover story is titled “The Biggest Field Yet. No Frontrunner. A Divided Base. Welcome to the 2020 Democratic Primary” and explains why “the stakes could hardly be higher.”


Tracking the legal challenges to Trump's emergency declaration

(CNN)As President Donald Trump moves forward with plans to build additional physical barriers along the southern border, his administration will have to contend with a slew of lawsuits challenging the national emergency declaration allowing him, in part, to do so.


Crime writer Don Winslow challenges Trump to border wall debate

Crime novelist Don Winslow has issued a challenge to Donald Trump to debate his plans for a border wall on Fox News – a provocation that horror author Stephen King has offered to fund.


Seth Meyers Chews Out 'Desperate' Donald Trump Over Cow Lies: 'Fake Moos'

Seth Meyers mockingly summed up “desperate” President Donald Trump’s skewed take on parts of the Democrats’ proposed Green New Deal with just two words. The “Late Night” host on Wednesday said Trump’s incorrect claim that cows would be banned as a consequence of the sweeping plan to combat climate c


What's the Trump Doctrine? Depends who you ask

Washington (CNN)On Dec. 19, President Donald Trump announced one of his most consequential foreign policy decisions: the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The snap decision ultimately prompted the departure of his well-regarded Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, and continues to confound lawm


Poll: Majority opposes Trump emergency declaration for building border wall

A majority of voters oppose President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border for the purpose of letting his administration shift money to build the wall Congress refused to fund, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.


Hanoi barber offering free Trump or Kim hairdos ahead of leaders' second summit

Hanoi, Vietnam -- At a barbershop tucked away in a small Hanoi alley, Le Phuc Hai patiently waits for his hair dye to bleach his natural black into the color of the president of the United States.


George Conway Conducts Donald Trump Credibility Poll, And Trump Is Losing

George Conway is conducting his own poll on President Donald Trump’s credibility. The conservative attorney, who is married to top White House aide Kellyanne Conway (herself a former pollster), on Wednesday asked his 344,000 Twitter followers to vote for who they believed had more credibility: the p


Trump 'fear-mongering' fuels rise of U.S. hate groups to record: watchdog

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of hate groups operating in the United States rose 7 percent to an all-time high last year, the Southern Poverty Law Center said on Wednesday, attributing the increase largely to anti-immigrant rhetoric from President Donald Trump.


Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficked Underage Girls and Trump’s Secretary of Labor Illegally Kept Plea Deal From Victims, Federal Judge Says

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked underage girls and President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor illegally kept details of that plea bargain from victims, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.


Immigration, rail funding and lawsuits: why California and Trump are at war

The Trump administration’s plans to pull millions in federal funding from California’s high-speed rail project is just the latest in the ongoing antagonism between the president and the state that stands on the opposite end of his party’s ideological spectrum.


Trump's former lawyer Cohen gets two-month delay to report to prison

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen will now report to federal prison on May 6 after a judge granted him a two-month delay, a court order released on Wednesday said.


Trump's Trade War Expected to Harm U.S. Farm Exports by $1.9 Billion in 2019

President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is projected to decrease the United States’ farm exports by nearly $2 billion this year. “The share of total U.S. agricultural exports to China in value terms is projected to be 6 percent, down sharply, with China falling from the top market in 2017 to f