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David Cameron suggests stripping corrupt countries of aid money to better protect taxpayer

David Cameron has suggested aid money should be stripped from corrupt countries because it is unfair on taxpayers. The former prime minister said that nations who fail to prove "basic norms of governance" should not be given funds. He questioned whether it was right for corrupt regimes to get fundi



hooyo at 23 'Naag nool iska dhig' - a phrase my mum would throw at me when I was lazy or intimidated by something. It translates to "be a real or living" woman. Think of it as slogan to encourage a 'you are a woman-you've got this'- kind of attitude. There were times where the phrase would not serve


People in the News: David Cameron, John Mattick, Paul Limburg, and More

Former UK prime minister David Cameron became a consultant for Illumina last month in order to help the company raise awareness about the benefits of genomics. Prior to his appointment, Cameron told the UK's Advisory Committee on Business Appointments that his main role would be to assist Illumina's


David Cameron faces lobbying ban in new commercial roles

David Cameron has been told he cannot lobby ministers as a condition of him taking on a number of commercial roles. The former prime minister has become a paid consultant to life sciences firm Illumina and vice-chair of a new UK-China investment fund among other jobs. The appointments watchdog appro


David Cameron handed lobbying ban over role with US genetics firm

David Cameron has been handed "an extended lobbying ban" barring him from approaching government ministers or officials in his new role with an American genetics firm. The former prime minister was given the order by the watchdog overseeing appointments for ex-ministers over his paid position with I


David Cameron 'offered Theresa May advice' on key Brexit speech

David Cameron offered Theresa May tips on last week's keynote Brexit speech, according to his former press secretary. The former Prime Minister was said to have felt "badly let down" by Mrs May after he left office, amid claims she did not campaign hard enough for a Remain vote in the referendum. Ho


It is beyond this prime minister to beat Brexit swords into ploughshares

Who says Theresa May can't do the vision thing? In her big speech on Friday, the prime minister articulated a goal that is noble, ambitious - and wholly fantastical. "We must bring our country back together, taking into account the views of everyone who cares about this issue, from both sides of the


David Cameron and George Osborne hail plan after UK deficit target met

David Cameron and George Osborne have hailed their austerity plan after the former chancellor's deficit reduction target was finally met. The day-to-day deficit has been eliminated two years later than Mr Osborne wanted when he set it in 2010. Mr Osborne tweeted: "We got there in the end - a remarka


David Cameron And George Osborne Condemned After Gloating Over Austerity

David Cameron and George Osborne were savagely attacked when they resurfaced to celebrate the UK hitting their austerity target two years late. Former Chancellor turned Evening Standard editor Osborne, who presided over unprecedented spending cuts and tax increases amounting to 110bn, trumpeted the


Conservative Vice-Chairman Chris Skidmore Warns Theresa May To Reject 'Reactionary' Right-Wing Tories

Theresa May must reject the "reactionary tendencies" of her more right-wing MPs, the Conservative Party's vice-chairman for policy has warned. Chris Skidmore said Brexit should not give "carte blanche" to the right of the party to impose "hardline ideas" or "extremist" policies on the country. The 3


Theresa May makes jokes and people laugh at Westminster Correspondents Dinner

Theresa May landed gags about David 'Mad Max' Davis, David Cameron's "wheely shed" and the Matt Hancock app as she addressed the Westminster Correspondents Dinner last night. Here are some of the best. On David Cameron and Amber Rudd... "The weather has been rather bad in West Oxfordshire and sadly


Theresa May has bizarre 'Ooooooh! Calm down!' moment at PMQs

The scenes were reminiscent of David Cameron's "calm down dear" moment, for which the former PM was accused of sexism Theresa May condescendingly told Labour MP's to 'calm down' and wait to hear her plan for Brexit today at Prime Minister's Questions. The scenes were reminiscent of David Cameron


Rare Disease Day: David Cameron Opens Up About What He Learned From Son's Rare Epilepsy Condition

David Cameron has shared what he has learned as the father of a son who was born with a rare condition to mark Rare Disease Day. The former Prime Minister, 51, explained how his eldest son, Ivan, was born with what the family later found out to be Ohtahara syndrome, a neurological disorder he said w


Prince Philip leads tributes to 'genius' Telegraph cartoonist Matt as he celebrates his 30th anniversary

The Duke of Edinburgh has paid tribute to the "genius" of the Telegraph's Matt, as Britain's leading public figures celebrate the cartoonist's 30th anniversary at this newspaper. The Duke, a collector and long-term supporter of the art form, expressed his admiration for Matt in a personal message, i


Three former PMs David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown join forces to support bill for opt-out organ donor register

The three former PMs put aside their differences to urge MPs to attend tomorrow's vital vote in a bid to stop hundreds of people dying -needlessly each year waiting for transplants Former Labour PM Tony Blair supports an opt-out organ donor system (Image: PA) Three former Prime Ministers put aside t


London worried about promotion for 'Berlaymont monster'

It is fair to say Martin Selmayr is not well liked in Westminster. "I actually think he might be a psychopath," one senior former Downing Street official remarked last year of Jean-Claude Juncker's head of Cabinet at the end of a long monologue about the man known as "the monster of the Berlaymont."


Important words about Brexit

David Cameron in 2016. 'When the British people speak, their voice will be respected, not ignored,' he said. Photograph: Reuters What a game-changer it will be when Keir Starmer gets up in the Commons and announces that Labour has decided that the best "Jobs Brexit" is "No Brexit". Recent polling


Daily briefing: 'Mad Max' Brexit; Deutsche Bank lay-offs; Olympic curling scandal

Exactly two years ago David Cameron returned from talks in Brussels to launch the campaign to keep Britain in the EU. Now a handful of well-funded groups are trying to succeed where Mr Cameron failed. Anti-Brexit groups are preparing for a six-week advertising blitz ahead of expected parliamentary v