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The British History of Brexit | by Robert Skidelsky

LONDON – Since June 23, 2016, when 52% of British voters backed withdrawing from the European Union, the “Brexit” debate has been tearing British politics apart. Although the Brexit referendum was non-binding, then-Prime Minister David Cameron’s government, expecting a vote in favor of “Remain,” had

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David Cameron trots into the Royal Box and looks perfectly at home

© BPI/Rex/ShutterstockDavid Cameron, along with his mother, Mary, made a rare public appearance at Wimbledon.


David Cameron chills in sun at Wimbledon while May battles over Brexit

Since then, in addition to having a blast at Wimbledon, he has been penning his memoirs and doing corporate speeches.


David Cameron 'stopped Boris Johnson resigning' ahead of crunch Brexit talks

David Cameron urgedBoris Johnsonnot to resign as foreign secretary in a private heart to heart on the eve of crunch Cabinet talks.It came ahead of a high-stakes Chequers summit where ministers will discuss British relations with the EU.The two Old Etonians discussed Theresa May’s trade plan, which h


Theresa May Hit By Another Resignation As Tories Threaten Revolt Over Her Brexit Plan

Boris Johnson quit as Foreign Secretary,David Davis resigned as Brexit SecretaryandSteve Baker walked out as a junior Brexit Minister." class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)--sm Mt(0.8em)--sm">Last week, May was forced to reshuffle her top team afterBoris Johnson quitas Foreign Secretary,Da


How Brexit Is Becoming a Political Disaster for Britain

Cabinet resignations and a World Cup loss; Brexit came in multiple forms this week. The resignations of Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a few days ago are a troubling sign of things to come. These five facts explain how the political Brexit is shaping up to be so dis


This Tory MP just kind of agreed with Danny Dyer that David Cameron is a 't**t'

Iain Duncan Smith, who's still a Tory MP, was asked about the EastEnders star's outburst today on ITV's Good Morning Britain.


Barack Obama warned UK would go to 'back of the queue' for trade deal after request from David Cameron

David Cameron asked Barack Obama to warn that the UK would go to "back of the queue" for a trade deal after Brexit, a former White House adviser has said. The then-US President made the remark at a press conference with Mr Cameron, the then-Prime Minister, just weeks before the in/out referendum in


Boris Johnson's resignation pushes PM May closer to the brink

Over the past 40 years, four British Conservative prime ministers have tempted fate by addressing deep divisions within their own party over the U.K.’s relationship with the European Union, and some met their ultimate political demise: Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and David Cameron.


The UK’s political chaos, as reflected by the long-suffering pound

Since the Conservative party took sole control of the British government in mid-2015, the pound has struggled to live up to its desired reputation as a strong and stable currency. Over the past three years, sterling has lurches from highs of $1.59 to lows of $1.20, a particularly wide range for one


Danny Dyer is perfectly entitled to call David Cameron a t***, says Theresa May

The classic moment happened on Thursday night, when in a special one-off episode of Good Evening Britain, Danny appeared to discuss Love Island, Brexit and other current topics.


'Where is the geezer?' Danny Dyer rages at David Cameron over Brexit - Veterans Today | News - Military Foreign Affairs Policy

[Editor’s note:Those outside the UK will no doubt be asking ‘who the hell is Danny Dyer?’ Well, he’s a fifth rate actor who made a few bad movies and TV shows and now features on the BBC’s flagship soap Opera Eastenders.


Out as UK foreign secretary: One more twist in Boris saga

The politician, whose shaggy, unkempt appearance does little to mask fierce personal ambition, has broken with Prime Minister Theresa May over Britain’s exit from the European Union — he favors a much harder, more radical break with the bloc — just as he fell out with college chum and Prime Minister


David Davis as caretaker prime minister? Don’t rule it out | Katy Balls

David Davis, right, with Boris Johnson at the 2017 Conservative party conference. Photograph: Hannah Mckay/Reuters


Dominic Raab becomes new Brexit secretary after shock David Davis exit

The frontbencher, who campaigned for Vote Leave during the EU referendum and has been tipped as a future Tory leader, has been speedily appointed by Theresa May as she tries to restore order to the Government.


David Davis resignation – who, why and what happens next?



David Davis isn’t the resignation Theresa May should be worried about

Who made Brexit happen? The list as popularly imagined takes in everyone from David Cameron and Nigel Farage to Paul Dacre, Jeremy Corbyn and the staff of Cambridge Analytica. But one man who rarely features is Steve Baker, the Conservative MP who joined David Davis in quitting as a Brexit minister


7 Hours of 'Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men' Edited Into 70 Seconds is Pure Poetry (Also Dyer Destroys David Cameron)

Look, I’m gonna be honest here. I’m a tiny bit hungover. Blame England and Belgium and their damn strategic trying-to-lose-whilst-looking-like-trying-to-win nonsense. So here’s what always helps me with a hangover. Britain’s chief poet, Danny Dyer, and seven hours of his showDanny Dyer’s Deadliest M


David Cameron refuses to rise to the bait after being abused on TV by Danny Dyer



Furious Danny Dyer calls David Cameron a 't***' twice in front of Jeremy Corbyn

The EastEnders star lost his temper while discussing politics with Piers Morgan on Good Evening BritainDanny Dyer lost his temper on tonight's Good Evening Britain and calledDavid Camerona 't***' twice.The EastEnders star lost his temper and hit out at the former Conservative Prime Minister while di