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Must Read: South Africa can write a beautiful story - David Cameron

Taking the stage at the Discovery Leadership Summit, David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, paid respects to the leadership style of former President, Nelson Mandela. “He was a man with a generous spirit and a total lack of malice. He was a great man with a great heart, and

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They Can't Be Serious: David Cameron Wants to Return as Foreign Secretary - 21st Century Wire

Former UK PM Cameron is reportedly ‘bored s***less’ and wants to return to politics, preferably as foreign secretary. Remainers, who blame him for Brexit, are furious – but he did a lot worse than that when he was at Number 10.


David Cameron says he 'fully supports' Theresa May on Brexit

Former Prime MinisterDavid Cameronsays he fully supports Theresa May as she battles to negotiate Brexit.He made the comments to Sky News as he was seen walking past Number 10 on Wednesday.Mr Cameron said: “I’m on my way to the Treasury. I fully support what she’s doing and want to let her get on wit


David Cameron Spotted In Westminster, Says He 'Fully Supports' Theresa May

David Cameron has said he fully supports Theresa May following reports he was looking to return to government.The former prime minister was asked by Sky News on Wednesday whether he had any advice for his successor.“I fully support what she is doing and want to let her get on with the job,” he said.


Former Prime Minister David Cameron pictured in Westminster

He said he was on his way to the Treasury to collect some papers for his book on his time in No10. Mr Cameron, pictured outside the Downing Street gates yesterday, insisted he backed Mrs May, saying: ‘I fully support what she’s doing.’


The UK Is Closer To Making Its Brexit. Here's How It Got There.

"Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" In summer 2016, British citizens had to answer the question.

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Neil McLeod: David Cameron embodies the British elite's unmerited sense of entitlement

NOTHING illustrates the arrogance and sense of entitlement of the Tory party like David Cameron pondering a return to a government role, preferably as Foreign Secretary, because according to friends he’s bored. Here’s a man who decided on the EU referendum as a gamble designed to silence backbench c


Gordon Brown is more popular than Tony Blair (and David Cameron)

In 2005, the pair famously enjoyed an ice cream together on the campaign trail as part of their rebuttal of claims they did not get on. A year later Brown’s supporters, led by a certain Tom Watson, finally forced Blair to quit after nine years as prime minister and three election victories.


Rule of law is good for investment, Economic growth- David Cameron | ZWNEWS | Zimbabwe News | Latest Zimbabwe | Zim News Latest | Zim Latest News | Zimnews

“The rule of law is actually the most important of all… In the end, the fact that your government is subject to the courts and that your home is safe or your investments are safe, and government cannot confiscate what you have and that you can take government to court and win, are credibly important


From ‘we already miss you’ to ‘they have to pay’: Key quotes from Brexit journey

‘Brexit means Brexit’, Theresa May has said in the pastPhoto: Matt Dunham/PATheresa May will put her Brexit plans to the Cabinet on Wednesday – 874 days after Britain voted to leave the European Union.Britain triggered Article 50 – the formal leaving process – on March 29 last year and Downing Stree

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Brian Monteith: May should join the ranks of pontificating ex-PMs

What is it about past prime ministers that they feel they have to come back – usually after a humiliating rejection – to tell us what’s best for us? Do they not realise that if we thought they knew what was good for us they might have stayed in Downing Street longer?

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David Cameron Doorstepped on Whitehall By Sky News -

"I fully support what she's doing and want to let her get on with the job."Former prime minister@David_Camerontells@SkyNewshe's backing Theresa May as he visits Westminster to work on his bookpic.twitter.com/6xrlm32TJs— Sky News Politics (@SkyNewsPolitics)November 7, 2018


Who were the key power brokers on each side of the talks?  

At around 6ft 3in, the burly civil servant certainly looks like he won't be messed with, but is best known in Whitehall for his intellect.

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Unlike David Cameron, we can’t flee Brexit disaster | William Keegan

Almost everywhere I go, people ask me: “Where isDavid Cameron?” I must admit that I occasionally bump into him. He gives a superficial impression of insouciance, but one hears on the grapevine that, privately, he regrets having called that referendum.


BoJo and Farage top polls for Most Liked Politician, Public Figure

After backing the Brexit campaign and stepping down from the cabinet in protest of Theresa May’s “soft” exit plan, Boris Johnson has emerged as the UK’s most popular politician, according to new polling.


David Cameron's reported wish to return to politics sparks mockery

Rumors of a possible return to politics by David Cameron, the former UK prime minister who failed to persuade voters to remain in the EU, have sparked bemusement among opposition Labour MPs, who urged him to stay in the political wilderness.


What's Gone On This Week: The Budget, Legal-ish Weed and David Cameron Is 'Bored Shitless'

Welcome to the first instalment of "Pub Notes" – a new column that tells you all you need to know about three of the biggest UK stories of the week, so you don't get left out of any heated debates down the pub after work, oraround the coffee table at 4AM tomorrow.Comes with the added bonus of sort o


'Here's why David Cameron getting back into politics is a brilliant idea'

There's nothing quite like over-weening self-belief for encouraging people to make arses of themselves, so we must thank Eton, Oxford and the Bullingdon Club for instilling so much of it in David William Donald Cameron, scion of William IV andune grande dameof believing he was born for the role.


Yes, David Cameron, your country needs you . . . to never show your face again

What do you get up to when bored? I tend to wander around the house killing wasps with an elastic band: zap — taste rubber death, you smug little bastards. Sometimes I make up crossword clues: “Former prime minister over-familiarly ignores referendum. It’s an old story” (9 letters and the answer’s a


Theresa May takes advice on Brussels from fretful David Cameron

Theresa May is “regularly” seeking David Cameron’s advice about Brexit.The prime minister has consulted her predecessor at least three times in recent months at crunch points in her negotiations with Brussels.May spoke to Cameron ahead of the showdown with her cabinet at the Chequers summit in July