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The Ocean Is Hotter Than It's Ever Been

The ocean is the hottest it's ever been, and no, this is not normal. A new report released in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences on Jan. 15 reveals that ocean temperatures in 2018 reached their highest point since accurate measurements first began in the 1950s.


New U.S. oil and gas drilling to unleash 1,000 coal plants’ worth of pollution by 2050

Amid mounting calls to phase out fossil fuels in the face of rapidly worsening climate change, the United States is ramping up oil and gas drilling faster than any other country, threatening to add 1,000 coal plants’ worth of planet-warming gases by the middle of the century, according to a report r


Fox News contributor: Proposed Green New Deal is "enslavement, economic enslavement"

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): The Progressive political left is pushing for the Green New Deal, a proposal that would force the country to run solely off renewable energy and many other things.


Incoming EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler's Opinions on Climate Change Are a Mess

The Trump administration is renown for its inability to come up with a coherent narrative on basically anything from the government shutdown to wildfires. Which makes former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler uniquely qualified to be its Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) administrator.


Tony Abbott played us for a fool on electricity prices. Will we be played again?

With election season upon us the political commentary on electricity prices is about to dial up to 11. Why? Firstly, because in the last 15 years Australia has gone from some of the lowest electricity prices in the world to some of the highest and a good number of people are hurting. Secondly, in th


Thousands skip school again to go to Belgium climate protest

BRUSSELS (AP) — More than 10,000 students skipped school again in Belgium to join a march demanding better protections of the globe’s fragile climate. Despite the rain and cold, the colorful protest march in Brussels was bigger than the initial one last week.


Great Barrier Reef: audit finds $443m grant subject to 'insufficient scrutiny'

An official audit has criticised the Australian government and the environment department for applying insufficient scrutiny to numerous aspects of a controversial proposal to award $443.3m to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


The State of the World's Wild Coffee Supply Is "Of Extreme Concern"

Most of the coffee we drink on a daily basis is grown in massive coffee farms that are carefully overseen by humans tasked with protecting the crucial caffeine source. But there are about 124 varieties of wild coffee that face constant threats, say the authors of two new papers in Science Advances a


Under surface of Russia’s Arctic super region is looming disaster

Regional authorities in the Yamal Nenets region are aware of the potential devastating consequences of climate change, but say necessary measures are taken. Big developments are in the making on the vast tundra of Yamal. Only few decades ago, these wide and open stretches of Arctic lands were the un


Kenneth Green: Here, Alberta, have another hurdle

According to news reports, the National Energy Board (NEB) is adding a new hurdle in the path of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project that it would require the creation of a marine mammal protection program to protect killer whale populations off southern British Columbia.


The Oceans Are Warming Fast, and Our Lives Are About to Change

Climate deniers want you to believe otherwise, but the basic physics of climate science is as solid as the basic physics of gravity (or maybe even more solid, since the graviton, the elementary particle that mediates the force of gravity, still has not been detected). But there are plenty of unknown


Hundreds more species under threat of extinction than previously thought, scientists say

Around 600 species may be inaccurately addressed as non-threatened under current measurements, according to a new study. Hundreds of species that were previously considered impossible to assess by experts who compile the official Red List of Threatened Species may be facing extinction unless action


Industry alliance sets out $1bn to tackle oceans' plastic waste

The scourge of plastic waste in the world’s oceans is the target of a new global alliance of businesses which says it will try to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and improve recycling.


World Economics Forum: World ‘sleepwalking into catastrophe’ over climate risk

"The world's ability to foster collective action in the face of urgent major crises has reached crisis levels, with worsening international relations hindering action across a growing array of serious challenges. Meanwhile, a darkening economic outlook, in part caused by geopolitical tensions, looks


Plastics, consumer goods makers in $1.5 billion pledge to rein in waste

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Global companies including BASF, DowDuPont, Procter & Gamble and SABIC have formed an alliance to fight plastic waste, pledging to spend $1.5 billion over the next five years.


How to Convince a Conservative That Climate Change Is Real

More Americans are taking climate change seriously. A new report by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication reveals that 8 percent of participants in three separate surveys said they had changed their mind on the topic over the previous year—and of those, 84 percent said their level of conc


Severe sandstorm hits Egyptian cities, ports

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt’s capital Cairo and some of its port cities were hit by a severe sandstorm, with strong winds and heavy dust forcing the closure of several ports. Pedestrians ducked into buildings for cover as a dark orange cloud descended on Cairo, with many using surgical masks to shield t


Value of global CO2 markets hit record 144 billion euros in 2018: report

LONDON (Reuters) - The value of traded global markets for carbon dioxide (CO2) allowances soared 250 percent last year to a record high of 144 billion euros ($164 billion), analysts at Refinitiv said on Wednesday.


U.S. CO2 Emissions Rise As Nuclear Power Plants Close

Closing perfectly good nuclear power plants decades ahead of schedule is a bad idea if you care about the environment, especially if you care about carbon emissions. That’s because nuclear is the best source of low-carbon energy and actually produces most of our low-carbon electricity, over 800 bill


Global Warming Is Helping to Wipe Out Coffee in the Wild

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