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Climate Policies to Fight for in 2019

Last year's report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounded the alarm: The world has until 2030 to implement “rapid and far-reaching” changes to our energy, infrastructure and industrial systems to avoid 2 degrees Celsius of warming, which could be catastrophic. But the scale of th


TV News Coverage of Climate Change Somehow Got Even Worse Last Year

That Sunday morning TV news shows suck is not exactly a secret. But they’ve reached a new level of suck when it comes to climate change. Despite Chuck Todd spending a whole episode of Meet the Press talking climate to end the year, Sunday political shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and CNN did a terrible


Divers film close encounter with great white shark 'Deep Blue', thought to be one of world's largest

A team of marine conservationists has captured a face-to-face encounter with a massive great white shark near the Hawaiian island of Oaha. Diver Ocean Ramsey, who swam with the shark and placed her hand on its back while filming the experience, claimed its size and markings suggest it could be Deep


The next president must make climate change the top priority

Jay Inslee is governor of Washington. We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it. The Democratic Party must nominate a candidate who will put fighting climate change at the top of the agenda. And that’s why I’m serio


VIDEO: What Really Happened at the UN Climate Conference

For Rolling Stone‘s February issue, contributing editor Jeff Goodell reported on the United Nations climate negotiations held last month in Katowice, Poland (“Saving the Paris Agreement“). The conference was tasked with fleshing out the rules for the landmark Paris Agreement, the 2015 accord signed


The debate is over: The oceans are in hot, hot water

The Earth’s surface is 70 percent water, but even that underestimates how vital ocean health is to our planet’s ability to maintain life. Recent results from scientists around the world only further confirm that our waterworld is in serious danger.


Students in Germany, Switzerland protest climate change

BERLIN — Thousands of students are holding rallies across Germany and Switzerland to protest lack of action against climate change. The demonstrations taking place in dozens of cities Friday were inspired by a Swedish student’s weekly “school strike.”


Data breaches, cyberattacks are top global risks alongside natural disasters and climate change

Cyberattacks and their potential to cripple critical infrastructure remain one of the biggest risks facing the world today, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned. Both large-scale cyberattacks and mass incidents of data theft feature in the top five most likely risks in the WEF's Global Risks Re


Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change – study

Climate change could be kept in check if a phaseout of all fossil fuel infrastructure were to begin immediately, according to research. It shows that meeting the internationally agreed aspiration of keeping global warming to less than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels is still possible. The scientist


'Make love, not CO2': Swiss students march for climate action

Thousands of school children and university students across Switzerland skipped class on Friday to march in the streets and demand climate action, telling politicians "There is no planet B".


Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing – study

The Trump administration’s replacement for the linchpin Obama-era plan to combat climate change would increase greenhouse gas emissions in much of the US more than doing nothing at all, according to new research.


250,000 deaths a year from climate change is a 'conservative estimate,' research says

(CNN)Climate change could "halt and reverse" progress made in human health over the last century. The grim analysis comes from one of the authors of a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine that suggests rising global temperatures could lead to many more deaths than the 250,000 a year the


60% of the planet's wild coffee species face extinction. What that means for your morning caffeine kick.

A triple whammy of disease, climate change, and deforestation has threatened around 60 percent of the planet's wild coffee species. While this hasn't yet imperiled the world's coffee supply, it jeopardizes your favorite coffee's resiliency in the face of profound planetary change.


The Arab world’s best weapon against climate change? Its young people

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity. The IPCC’s recent report on global warming shows how no country is immune to the effects of climate change, including the Arab world. The region’s geological and ecological particularity puts it at a high risk of water scarcity, food ins


Globalization 4.0 Will Help Us Tackle Climate Change

Climate change – arguably humanity's most existential challenge – requires urgent global action. As the World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report 2019 will show only too clearly, environmental crises – notably a failure to tackle climate change – are among the likeliest and highest-impact risks that


Brace for the Polar Vortex: It May Be Visiting More Often

Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. Find your long johns, break out the thick socks and raid the supermarket. After a month of relatively mild winter weather, the Midwest and the East Coast are bracing for what is becoming a seasonal right of passage


Permaculture feeds and empowers refugees in Uganda

Refugees arrive at Palabek refugee camp in Northern Uganda with the clothes on their back and what little they carried. New arrivals, many from South Sudan, receive a tarp, tent poles, a water can, a cooking pot and a ration card for enough food to make starvation a slower process. While aid agencie


Climate change is a daily reality for people living in Greenland. Here's how residents survive as the ice sheet continues to melt at a faster rate.

Some 2,000 people taking up residence in the tiny town of Tasiilaq in southeastern Greenland are feeling the effects of climate change more than anyone else. Unpredictable weather, thinning ice, or no ice at all have made hunting even more of a challenge.


Diver filmed with huge great white: sharks must be 'protected not feared'

Two shark researchers who came face to face with what could be one of the largest great whites ever recorded are using their encounter as an opportunity to push for legislation that would protect sharks in Hawaii.


Antarctica is losing SIX TIMES more ice a year than it was in the 1970s and experts predict climate change will cause 'multi-meter sea level rise' in the next few centuries

Antarctica is shedding ice at a staggering rate. Scientists have discovered global warming has caused the melting of the ice on the continent to increase sixfold since 1979. This phenomenal rate of melting has seen global sea levels rise by more than half an inch - and experts predict it will get wo