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Kelly Knight Craft, Trump's Pick for UN Ambassador, Once Said She Believed 'Both Sides' of Climate Change

President Donald Trump has announced that he will nominate Kelly Knight Craft to fill the role of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The president tweeted the announcement Friday, adding that Craft “has done an outstanding job representing our Nation and I have no doubt that, under her leadershi


Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with schoolchildren gets heated

(CNN)Sen. Dianne Feinstein clashed Friday with a group of children over climate change policy, criticizing their requests that she back the Green New Deal, accusing them of presenting an ultimatum and contrasting their inability to vote with her three decades in office.


Australian mammal becomes first to go extinct due to climate change

(CNN) — A small brown rat which lived on a tiny island off northern Australia is the world’s first mammal known to have become extinct due to “human-induced climate change,” the government says.


As 2020 candidates turn left, some Democrats worry about the center

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Liberal Democratic presidential contenders’ rush to embrace the left’s most ambitious proposals has some Democrats worried there could be a price to pay when they try to defeat President Donald Trump next year.


The 3 Big Things That People Misunderstand About Climate Change

The year is 2100. The United States has been devastated by climate change. Super-powerful hurricanes regularly ravage coastal cities. Wildfires have overrun Los Angeles several times over. And it is dangerous to go outside on some summer days—children and the elderly risk being broiled alive.


Finally, We Know What Killed Sea Life in The Deadliest Mass Extinction in History

Around 252 million years ago, Earth experienced catastrophic devastation - an extinction event so severe that it wiped out almost all of the life on Earth. Up to 70 percent of all land vertebrate species were killed off, and a massive 96 percent of all marine species, including the famous trilobite


Report: Trump Wants Guy Who Compared Climate Science to the Holocaust to Head Climate Panel

Donald Trump’s administration is assembling a panel to determine whether climate change—which scientific experts broadly agree poses an existential threat to the safety and well-being of the world’s population and is caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases—is really a threat to national securi


Pondering disappointment

Last week, I got my first letter back from college and I was met with disappointment. I think most people would be. I spent a lot of time brainstorming, writing and editing my essays only to be met with rejection. After that, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed in a lot of different things.


Trump’s pick to chair new climate panel once said CO2 has been maligned like “Jews under Hitler”

The Pentagon and several federal agencies have repeatedly warned over the years that climate change is a threat to national security. Yet the White House is reportedly convening a panel to question it anew.


White House readies panel to question security risks of climate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House is readying a presidential panel that would question U.S. military and intelligence reports showing human-driven climate change poses risks to national security, according to a document seen by Reuters on Wednesday.


Climate Change Doubter Is Leading Effort to Advise President Trump on Climate Security

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is exploring the idea of forming a special committee to look at climate change and security risks, with the effort being coordinated by a 79-year-old physicist who rejects mainstream climate science.


How the Next President Could Declare a National Emergency Over Climate Change

On Friday, President Trump tossed precedent out the window and declared a national emergency to pay for an unneeded border wall he previously promised Mexico would pay for. His declaration isn’t just setting up a massive court battle. It also opens the door to imagining how a Democratic president co


Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2

Plants on Earth have flourished for hundreds of millions of years, yet President Donald Trump's pick to lead his new climate team insists that they need more carbon dioxide to thrive.


White House climate change panel to include man who touted emissions

The White House is planning to assess how climate change impacts national security and will involve a prominent doubter of the scientific consensus that manmade warming is putting the US at risk.


'You didn't vote for me': Senator Dianne Feinstein responds to young green activists

The California senator Dianne Feinstein is facing criticism over a video of her response to a group of children and teenagers asking her to support the Green New Deal. The video clip shows parts of a Friday morning meeting between the Democrat and young activists from the Sunrise Movement. Founded i


Climate change pioneer Wallace Broecker dies at 87

(CNN)Wallace Broecker, the renowned geophysicist who popularized the term "global warming," died Monday at the age of 87. Broecker spent many years as a professor at Columbia University, and his vast body of work focused on the relationship between oceans, climate and geological time.


The Uninhabitable Earth Wants You to Panic Over Climate Change

The first time climate change hit home for me, I was at the top of a ski run. I don’t recall the exact date or even the exact mountain I was on (hell, maybe it was a dream), but I remember looking down the slope of untracked powder and wondering how long it would be there. It stuck with me, and my l


Don't be fooled by Bernie's moneybomb: Sanders 2020 is going nowhere

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders raised nearly $6 million in just 24 hours after announcing his 2020 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, dazzling the chattering class. Don’t be fooled by the theatrics: Bernie 2020 isn’t going anywhere.


Thom Yorke appears to back US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

The proposed plans would address climate change and economic inequality. Thom Yorke appears to be backing US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal proposal.


Jay Inslee, potential 2020 contender, on climate: 'We need to blow the bugle'

The US stands virtually alone in the world in having a leader who openly dismisses the reality of climate change. But amid growing concern among Americans about the overheating planet, one potential 2020 presidential candidate is aiming to hoist climate to the top of the agenda.