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Brie Larson to star in, executive produce Apple original CIA drama series

Brie Larson is swapping her Captain Marvel suit to star and executive-produce a drama series for Apple, based on the real-life story of CIA undercover agent Amaryllis Fox, EW has learned.


'I suspected there was more': Former CIA chief John Brennan says he may have had 'received bad information' about Russia collusion – and insists he's 'relieved' to be wrong

Former CIA director John Brennan, a leading critic of President Donald Trump, admitted Monday he suspected there was more that would come out of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.


Cornyn: Former CIA Director Brennan was on 'search-and-destroy mission' against Trump

Sen. John Cornyn on Tuesday accused former CIA Director John Brennan of being on a "search-and-destroy mission" to undermine President Donald Trump's administration. "Well I think Director Brennan certainly has covered himself in glory in all this," Cornyn (R-Texas) said during an interview with con


"Alien Autopsy" Producer Sues UFO "Contactee," Former CIA Scientist, and Ex-Congressman Over Stalled UFO Documentary

​Last year, I was contacted by Robert Kiviat, who introduced himself as the producer behind the infamous Alien Autopsy Fox-TV special from the 1990s and Unsolved Mysteries. He also produced infamous specials like Aliens on the Moon and UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape. He had read my blog


Two people identified in connection with break-in at North Korean embassy in Madrid where computers were stolen and staff tied up 'are linked to the CIA'

Two people identified in connection with a break-in at the North Korean embassy in Madrid have links to the US intelligence agency CIA, Spanish media claims. The mysterious incident took place on February 22 just five days before the start of a nuclear summit between North Korea and the United State


CIA, MI6 have been helping Ukraine's SBU spy agency in planning its covert operations - ex-officer

Vasily Prozorov said that there are representatives of foreign non-governmental organizations, for instance, the Rand Corporation, present within the Ukrainian security agencies.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro begins U.S. visit with trip to CIA

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro began his visit to Washington today with an unusual stop: the CIA. He'll visit the White House tomorrow. Between the lines: The president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, “described the CIA as ‘one of the most respected intelligence agencies in the world,’ in a tweet that


Bolsonaro touts 'changed', U.S.-friendly Brazil to Washington

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, on his first official visit to Washington, declared himself an unabashed admirer of the United States and said he was seeking a new era of close relations after what he called decades of anti-American leaders.


Venezuela Tops CIA’s Agenda for Brazil’s President

SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro arrived in Washington on Sunday, and on Monday he had a meeting at the CIA in Langley, Virginia. This is considered a highly unusual move, for a Brazilian president to m


CIA Fact-Checks ‘Black Panther’ During Oscars, for Some Reason

The CIA chose Oscar night to try to fact-check Marvel’s “Black Panther,” in case you weren’t sure if the comic-book movie film is completely real. In a series of tweets, the spy agency pondered whether Vibranium, the fictional substance that powers the fictional nation of Wakanda, is based in fact.


Dealbreaker? North Korea demanded US remove nuclear umbrella from Guam, Hawaii - Fmr CIA Korea Chief

The February summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un broke down in part over North Korea's insistence that the United States remove the strategic nuclear umbrella and the dismantling of the Indian Pacific Command, according to South Korea's DongA, citing the CIA's former K


How to Beat Jet Lag Like a CIA Agent

The key to beating jet lag is all in your diet, at least according to well-traveled members of the CIA. When these agents hit the road, they stick to a special miracle diet that purportedly keeps you from falling into a time zone slump after you land. But you’ll be pretty hungry in the meantime.


CIA Document Makes Explosive (If Outlandish) Claim: Hitler Survived World War II

What’s more, there is a purported photo. The Soviets and then the Russian Federation claimed for years to have some remains of Hitler, though the bodies of both he and Eva Braun, his longtime lover turned wife, were hastily cremated. Still, Moscow claims they recovered partial remains.


This CIA Diet Stops Jetlag…But There’s A Catch

When you book a trip to Spain, you probably envision your holiday beginning on a sunny terrace, piping hot coffee in hand. Or when you touch down in France for the Euro trip of a lifetime, you might expect to be getting down to some new school beats in an old school discoteque quicker than you can s


Dem, Republican join in effort to control how Trump grants, revokes security clearances

WASHINGTON — In the wake of abuse-of-power accusations over President Donald Trump's handling of the nation's secrets, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee has joined with a key Republican in seeking to impose rules on how the president grants and revokes security clearances.


Fox News Anchor on Jared Kushner's Security Clearance: You Have to Wonder Why the CIA Was So Concerned

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has questioned why the CIA and some White House officials were reportedly against setting up top security clearance for Senior Adviser Jared Kushner after President Donald Trump ordered the clearance.


16 years ago, the US invaded Iraq — CIA agents already on the ground knew it would be a disaster

March 20, 2019, is the 16th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom, as it was called, was a relatively quick and short effort. But the US presence there would face ongoing challenges — ones foreseen by CIA operatives on the ground in Iraq for months before the invasion.


The Possibility Of A Cyber Pearl Harbor Remains Real, Says Former CIA Director

Speaking at the annual RSA Security conference in San Francisco, former CIA director Leon Panetta described the growing number and sophistication of attacks against government and private sector companies as "very dangerous" and called on private-sector users of technology and cloud computing provid


‘Increasingly tethered’: What the former director of the CIA wants to tell Tulsans about the digital domain

The University of Tulsa collected a handful of powerful speakers for a conference next week, including Facebook’s director of security, the founder of the Israeli Defense Force’s Cyber Command and, perhaps most notably, former CIA Director John Brennan.


Stop the CIA Coup

As Justin’s treatment, like the times and cancer itself, evolves he’s a bit out of commission this weekend, so we are taking this opportunity to run a truly classic, prescient Raimondo denunciation of the intelligence state, in particular, the CIA. Way back on December 12, 2016.