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Bernie Sanders doubles down on calling Trump an 'authoritarian' after White House says he’s 'ridiculous'

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday doubled down on his reference to President Donald Trump as an authoritarian leader, calling it the "only" way to describe the president.Earlier in the week, Sanders made similar comments on Trump in a separate tweet, describing the president as an "authoritarian" who


FBI Gives Bernie Sanders' Wife a Pass on Alleged Fraud

A spokesperson for Jane O'Meara Sanders said Tuesday that federal authorities have concluded a long-running probe into her tenure as president of the now-shuttered Burlington College."Jane Sanders has been informed that the U.S. Attorney in Vermont has closed its investigation of the Burlington Coll

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Bernie Sanders calls Trump racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic

Speaking at the National Action Network legislative conference, Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted President Trump, calling him a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot,reports The Atlantic's Edward-Isaac Dovere.

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Most Democrats Prefer Biden and Sanders For Party Nomination in 2020

Biden ranked first with 26 percent of Democrats supporting him as the party’s next nominee, followed closely by Sen. Sanders, who is preferred by 19 percent.


Feds Drop Charges Against Jane Sanders After She Bankrupts University

Federal prosecutors have ended an investigation into a land deal overseen by Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, without bringing any charges, an aide said Tuesday.Investigators had been looking into a $10 million real estate deal that Jane Sanders led when she was president of the now-defunc


Twiddle Releases 'Live From Tumble Down 2018' Album With Intro From Bernie Sanders

Twiddlehas officially released a live album of recordings pulled from their Friday and Saturday performances atTumble Down Festival2018from this past July. The 12-track live album, titledLive From Tumble Down 2018and available now for streaming onSpotifyandiTunes, is broken down into two sets, showc

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Federal Prosecutors End Land Deal Investigation into Bernie Sanders' Wife

Federal prosecutors filed no charges and ended an investigation into a Burlington College land deal supervised by Jane Sanders, the wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to a Sanders adviser.


'We Have Got to End Starvation Wages': Bernie Sanders to Re-Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill in First Week of New Congress - Pressenza

“The minimum wage must become a living wage.”—Sen. Bernie Sanders“While the official unemployment rate is relatively low, too many workers in America today are making wages that don’t pay enough to make ends meet,” Sanders declared in a statement. “Workers and their families cannot make it on $9 an


Jane Sanders Escapes Charges After Investigation of Burlington College Land Deal

Jane Sanders, wife of Vermont senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has been cleared after an investigation of a land deal at Burlington College during her time as school president, which precipitated its closure in May of 2016.


Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ wife, won’t be charged in land deal

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Federal prosecutors in Vermont have closed their investigation into a college land deal involving the wife of U.S.Sen. Bernie Sandersand decided not to charge her, a spokesman for the couple said Tuesday.


Bernie Sanders’ Blame Game: Racist Identity Politics

Not living in either state, we have no compelling interest in the outcome of those races (unlike the U.S. Senate race in Florida). If Gillum and Abrams wind up losing, though, one national liberal leader believes he knows the reason why:Racism.


Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane escapes prosecution over bad land deal

Jane Sanders, the wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., will reportedly not face charges after federal prosecutors wrapped up their investigation into a soured land deal involving Burlington College that was brokered while she was president of the institution.


Spokesman: No Charges for Bernie Sanders' Wife

FILE - Getty ImagesJane Sanders the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to supporters at City College of San Francisco on June 6, 2016 in San Francisco, California. Voters in California go to the polls tomorrow for the state's primary where most polls have


Report: No charges for Jane Sanders in land deal probe

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Federal prosecutors in Vermont have closed their investigation into a college land deal involving the wife of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and decided not to charge her, a spokesman for the couple said Tuesday.


Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris Both Fall Short on Bail Abolition

“We are at a very dangerous time in the bail reform movement, because the forces that created the money bail system are aligning to determine what replaces it, and it's in their interest to maintain a system with high rates of pretrial detention where humans are put in cages.”


MEMBERS ONLY: Bernie Sanders Still Can't Talk About Racism

Photo: Jeff Mitchell/Getty ImagesBernie Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic primary because black women - the Democratic Party's most reliable voting bloc - voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton during the early Southern primaries, giving her a delegate lead he could never overcome....To continue re


Bernie Sanders and the Lies We Tell White Voters

In the 2016 Democratic primary, Hillary Clintonmopped the floorwith Bernie Sanders among black voters. That a commanding 50-point margin separated the two with this crucial cohort prompted soul-searching for the Vermont senator, whose 2020 plans rest on building a more multiracial coalition. Sanders


O'Rourke seems to be gaining ground on Biden and Sanders as the Democrats’ 2020 candidate

APolitico/Morning Consultpoll shows Beto O’Rourke, the Texas congressman who came quite close to claiming the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Cruz, in the third spot, with 8% of the roughly 1,950 recipients naming him as their top pick.


VT Insights: What the midterms say about Bernie Sanders in 2020

AsClare Malone of FiveThirtyEightput it, "the election was an accurate reflection of where the country stands: existentially muddled, politically divided and historically engaged with its politics."


These 14 Democrats Are at the Core of What Bernie Sanders Calls the 'Most Progressive Freshman Class' in Modern US History

"Many of these folks are not just women, not just people of color, who campaigned on Medicare for All, raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks, campaigned on making public colleges and universities tuition-free, on undoing Trump's tax breaks for billionaires," SanderstoldRolling Stone's Matt Taibbi in