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Sen. Ben Sasse Issues Warning Ahead of Trump Summit: ‘Putin is a Murderer’

Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, took to Twitter ahead of the meeting to remind everyone who Putin is.

MEDIAITE.COM - 2018-07-15 22:38:00

Ben Sasse lauds Trump's Supreme Court pick as 'brilliant,' blasts tariffs

Sen. Ben Sasse reiterated his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday afternoon after meeting with him earlier in the day.“Judge Kavanaugh is a very attractive pick,” Sasse told reporters. “I think he is a humble man. Clearly a brilliant jurist. He is cited by other federal jud


Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse weighs in on Kavanaugh

Sasse says, "Brett Kavanaugh is a serious jurist known for careful deliberation. This doesn’t matter to many on the left. Sadly, the resistance is going to try to bork him by portraying him as a cross between Lex Luthor and Darth Vader. " He adds this is an opportunity to to have serious debate on K


If Ben Sasse Wants to Be the 2020 Candidate Who Stands Up to Trump, He’ll Have to Actually Stand Up to Trump

Politico published aninteresting pieceMonday about Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, a “Never Trump” Republican who finds himself in a bit of a pickle. On the one hand, Sasse seems to have aspirations toward increased national prominence: He wrote a (largely non-partisan) book about civicslast yearand has an


Worthless Senator Ben Sasse Maybe Making a Useless Bid for President

Photo: GettyLord have mercy upon me, release me from the pit of darkness: There isanother storyabout how Sen. Ben Sasse, the Republican #NeverTrump wonder, is “refusing to bow” to the bad man and standing up by releasing a book and maybe running for president. Blown away by this bravery.Politicorepo


Fischer, Sasse meet with Judge Kavanaugh

Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse met separately Thursday with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, and both expressed solid support for his confirmation by the Senate."During our meeting today, I asked Judge Kavanaugh several questions about his record a


Senator Sasse to Play Key Role in Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

Senator Ben Sasse:Brett Kavanaugh is an incredibly attractive pick. I’ve heard people say Brett Kavanaugh is always the smartest person in any room that he’s in, and yet it seems like Brett Kavanaugh never knows that because he’s such a nice guy. He’s just humble and winsome in his manner. So, I thi


Sen. Sasse sees brutal Supreme Court confirmation hearings ahead

Sasse, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, will have a vote on whoever President Donald Trump nominates to the court. Sasse says though he has had his differences with the president, he views his judicial nominees as excellent.


'Americans are better than this,' Ben Sasse says as debate builds over separating immigrant families at the border

WASHINGTON — Nebraska and Iowa lawmakers are hearing plenty from constituents upset about stories of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.Constituents asked Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., about the issue so much over the weekend that he wrote a lengthy Facebook po


Nice words, Ben Sasse. Now do something.

READANOTHER OPINIONNice words, Ben Sasse. Now do something.1:06 PMRepublicans continue to play clueless on the Russia investigationAmericans have figured it out: North Korea won!A new majority against cruelty


Sasse Introduces Farm Bill Amendment to Protect Livestock Haulers

Washington, D.C.-U.S. Senator Ben Sasse continued his work on behalf of Nebraska’s ranchers and haulers by filing the Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act as an amendment to the Farm Bill. Sasse’s amendment would give American agriculture the flexibility to safely transport livestock by


Senator Ben Sasse comments on families being separated at the border

WASHINGTON - In alengthy Facebook postMonday morning, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse said he does not support separating families at the border.He went on to write that this is "bad new policy is a reaction against a bad old policy." Sasse said he is working with fellow Republican James Lankford on a possib


Ben Sasse Condemns 'Wicked' Border Law Enforcement

Many Nebraskans this weekend asked me about the kids at the border. Here’s a short version of what I told them. This is a bit over-simplified, but these are broad brushstrokes of how I understand the situation at present:1) Family separation is wicked. It is harmful to kids and absolutely should NOT


“Americans do not take children hostage!” – Ben Sasse calls family separation WICKED, blames Trump admin for policy

Many Nebraskans this weekend asked me about the kids at the border. Here’s a short version of what I told them. This is a bit over-simplified, but these are broad brushstrokes of how I understand the situation at present:1) Family separation is wicked. It is harmful to kids and absolutely should NOT


UNREAL! Ben Sasse denounces 'wicked' family separation, and Chris Hayes dumps on him for THIS?

Short version:While there's much to say about how catch-and-release policies led us here, family separation is wicked & needs to be stopped— Ben Sasse (@BenSasse)June 18, 2018


Fischer and Sasse respond to Kennedy retirement

“This news just broke and Washington is already gearing up for Red vs Blue blood sport,” he said. “Americans ought to aim higher because, as Justice Kennedy put it, ‘our system presumes that there are certain principles that are more important than the temper of the times.’ Let’s get to work.”


Books Your Kids Should Read, According to U.S. Senator Ben Sasse

Since he’s become President, Donald Trump has tweeted book recommendations for Americans, a virtual book club of sorts. However, in Ben Sasse’s “The Vanishing American Adult,” the Nebraska Senator has his own list of books for any well-read person. (No, “The Art of the Deal” didn’t make the list.)


'This is dumb': Ben Sasse, other lawmakers criticize move to impose tariffs on allies

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., blasted the Trump administration’s move Thursday to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Europe, Mexico and Canada.“This is dumb,” Sasse said in a press release. “Europe, Canada, and Mexico are not China, and you don’t treat allies the same way you t


Leading Republican senator blasts Donald Trump as "weak" over Russia G7 invite

President Donald Trump’s assertion Friday that Russia should be invited back into the Group of 7 was labeled as “weak” by a top Republican senator, who added Russian President Vladimir Putin was not Trump’s “buddy.”Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska provided a strong rebuke to the president, one that few


GOP senator: Trump call to invite Russia to G-7 is 'weak'

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