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Ben Carson: Leaders need to “take your ego out of it” and end shutdown

“We can continue to hope that our leaders will recognize that this is an easy problem to solve. I mean, just take your ego out of it,” Carson said. When asked for clarification, a HUD spokesperson said Carson is referring to Congressional leaders, which would include Senate Majority Leader Mitch McC


NYC must spend $2B to fix public housing

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City and U.S. housing officials announced a deal Thursday that will keep the city's massive public housing system out of federal receivership, but require the city to spend $2.2 billion over the next few years fixing chronic problems with lousy living conditions, lead paint


Quigley contacts HUD head Carson about LGBTs

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley ( IL-5th District )—who is vice chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus and vice chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Housing—led a letter to Housing and Urban Development ( HUD ) Secretary Ben Carson on his agency's ongoing failure to meet the deadline for review of crucial


HUD Secretary Carson Decries Government Gridlock as Shutdown Finds Temporary End

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is not often one to get worked up, but he did flash a degree of tempered frustration at political leaders in Washington, D.C. over the longest government shutdown in American history in a recent interview, right before the White


Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin gives update after meeting with Housing Authority Secretary

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Mayor Steve Benjamin met with the president, vice president as well as HUD Secretary Ben Carson to talk about a $30 million grant that local housing officials applied for. It's called the choice neighborhood grant. It would be used to relocate Allen Benedict Court residents, p


Secretary Ben Carson: Democrats are harming the needy by obstructing noncontroversial nominees

In my role as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it is my duty to lead an agency that helps create sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.


Ben Carson Finds $516.4 Billion in ‘Mismanaged’ Obama Dollars – Media Blackout

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has discovered that Barack Obama mismanaged $516.4 billion in taxpayer dollars. The result of a new, independent audit of the last years of President Obama’s term, 2015 and 2016 – show an almost criminal attempt to cover-up gross mismanagement of fu


Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth takes a closer look at Trump's speech about the government shutdown and the deal he offered that both Democrats and hard- line conservatives have rejected. On our very special 'Jimmy Kimmel Live Intermission Accomplished: A Halftime Tribute to Trump,' we go live via satellite to chat with our g


Gov’t Shutdown Forced Ben Carson to Cancel Speech at Missouri Prayer Breakfast

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development couldn’t pay for the Secretary Ben Carson’s travel. For over three weeks, the federal government has been shutdown by President Donald Trump. No other partial shutdown has lasted as long as the one by the current government. Trump doesn’t want to pass


Donald Trump Is Still Screwing Puerto Rico

Very frequently—as in, at least once a day—the president of the United States will tweet something that sounds like policy, but which he literally pulled out of his ass moments prior and will forget about minutes later. This can make it difficult to know which of his most asinine comments are actual


Disparate impact, the latest civil rights tool in Ben Carson’s crosshairs, explained

A recent memo issued by the Department of Justice directed civil rights officials within the department to re-evaluate so-called “disparate impact”—a legal concept that affirms that discrimination can occur even if it wasn’t explicitly intended—regulations that were strengthened in 2013 under Presid


< News Brief: Government Shutdown, HUD Secretary, Venezuela Politics

Members of the Senate sometimes like to refer to themselves as the world's greatest deliberative body. In modern times, the speeches in the Senate debate draw limited attention. But Senator Michael Bennet was an exception yesterday. The Colorado Democrat is usually a pretty reserved guy. But yesterd


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. Wall Street: Lawmaker wins spot on powerful House committee

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has secured a position on one of the House’s most powerful committees, pitting the New York Democrat against the Wall Street banks she has long criticized.


HUD’s Carson Berates Democrats on Obstructing Nominees

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson took aim at Capitol Hill Democrats for blocking nominations of the Department’s nominees. In an op-ed column published in the Washington Examiner, Carson complained about the “congressional procedural tactics to delay nominations for Senate-confirme


De Blasio praises ‘very responsive’ Ben Carson

Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to finally have found a friend in the Trump administration — federal housing chief Ben Carson. Hizzoner told Hot 97 radio’s “Ebro in the Morning” Friday that he plans to meet later in the day about the city’s scandal-plagued Housing Authority with the secretary of the De


Julian "Misspend Tax Money" Castro is running for POTUS

Back in early 2017, after Ben Carson took over the Dept of Housing & Urban Development, a report was released stating there had been over $500 billion in misspending and accounting errors during the previous administration's tenure.


Missouri Governor’s Prayer Breakfast draws packed room despite cancellation of Ben Carson

This year’s Missouri Governor’s Prayer Breakfast did not have the nationally known keynote speaker as originally planned. Department Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson had been scheduled to address the gathering Thursday morning. Carson was unable to attend due to the partial governm


Partial Government Shutdown Forces Cancellation of Dr. Ben Carson Missouri event

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The federal government shutdown has scrambled plans for a Missouri prayer breakfast after Ben Carson had to cancel as the keynote speaker. A spokesman for the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development said Wednesday that the agency couldn't pay for the secretary's trav


Brakkton Booker

Brakkton Booker is a producer/reporter for NPR's political unit. He has spent most of the 2016 presidential cycle covering the race for the GOP nomination. When he's not on the campaign trail, Booker produces pieces from the White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court and other federal agencies for


Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson cancels visit to Jefferson City

JEFFERSON CITY – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson has canceled a scheduled appearance in Jefferson City on Thursday due to the partial federal government shutdown, according to HUD officials.