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Atheist and Federal Watchdog Groups File Lawsuit Over Ben Carson FOIA Rejections

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) are suing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, led by Dr. Ben Carson, for denying their multiple Freedom of Information Act requests that may have cast a negative light on the agency and

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The Atrocious Housing Rule Ben Carson Can End

One of the primary goals of the Obama administration was to use the full force of the federal government to force red state, suburban, and rural areas to adopt policies designed to change them into urban blue state communities. On the environmental side, this policy invasion took the form of punitiv

THE DAILY SIGNAL - 2018-01-18 09:45:11

Meet Neal Tapio, the Mini-Trump of South Dakota Who Thinks Interfaith Services Are Un-Christian

In America B.T. ("Before Trump"), if a Republican candidate wanted to attract headlines, build support among the GOP base and possibly even get an invite on Fox News, all they had to do was say a few demonizing words about Muslims. For example, in January 2015, then-GOP governor of Louisiana and pot

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'You're Trump's Token Black,' Ben Carson Told

The ex-presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson recently became social media's punching bag as he glorified President Trump at the signing of a proclamation, celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday. The signing came at the time when Trump's controversial comments were still fre

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Conservative Teen Challenges Ben Carson For Title Of Most Delusional Black Trump Supporter

Look out, Ben Carson and Paris Dennard. A Black teenager is challenging his fellow Black conservatives for the title of the most mind-blowingly misguided cape-wearer for the president in existence. CJ Pearson insisted that if Martin Luther King were alive today, the civil rights icon would not only


6 People who should definitely keep MLK's name out their mouth

Some folks just don't get it. We don't want to hear the words "Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr." come out of these habitual line steppers ever. Where do we even start with Dr. Carson and his lies? Someone tell the Trump apologist that Dr. King was not in Memphis telling sanitation workers that their pov


HUD Secretary Carson honors Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta

"The time is always right to do what is right" KEYWORDS Ben CarsonHUDHUD SecretaryMartin Luther King , Jr.MLKU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with the rest of America, honors the life and legacy of Martin Luther King


Ben Carson: Martin Luther King's Message Is 'Urgently Needed to Heal the Divisions' Now

Ben Carson praised Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy Friday at the White House, where a proclamation was signed by President Donald Trump honoring the civil rights leader. "I thank you for signing legislation to designate the birthplace, church, and tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King as a national histori


Ben Carson's Attempt To Block Poor Americans' From Accessing 'High-Opportunity' Neighborhoods Finally Fails

The year 2018 will see the low-income Americans having better access to the affordable housing in affluent residential areas as well as quality schools-thanks to the recent court ruling. A federal judge recently ordered the 'U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development' (H.U.D) to enact an Obama


Deranged MSNBC: GOPers Are 'North Korean Soldiers' Led by 'Sniveling' Carson, 'Pathetic' Ryan

When they go low, we go lower must have been the mantra for Friday's Hardball as host Chris Matthews and his opening set of guests denounced Republicans as "North Korean infantry men" led by "racist" President Trump, "sniveling and supine" Ben Carson, "decorative" African-Americans, and "pathetic" H


Trump was reportedly surprised black lawmakers didn't personally know fellow black person Ben Carson

President Donald Trump reportedly couldn't avoid stereotyping black people during a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. He had asked members of the Congressional Black Caucus in a March meeting, Vivian Salama reported for NBC News on Friday, if they personally knew Housing and Urban Develop


Reporter April Ryan Asks Trump: 'Are You A Racist?' During MLK Event at White House

President Donald Trump is flanked by members of the African American community while signing a proclamation to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. day, in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, on January 12, 2018 in Washington, DC. Monday January 16 is a federal holiday to honor Dr. King and his legacy.


HUD Secretary Ben Carson swears in four new department leaders

KEYWORDS Ben CarsonHUDTop lendersU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development enlisted four new top leaders who will assume key roles in the agency. HUD explained these leaders are stepping up at the start of the year during a critical recover


Ben Carson Announces $2 Billion for Homeless Programs Despite Trump's Proposed Cuts to Housing Programs

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announced a record-breaking $2 billion grant for homeless programs across the country on Thursday, an apparent deviation from President Donald Trump and the GOP's plans for deep cuts to housing vouchers that keep people off the streets. The Continu


EXCLUSIVE! Willie D on Dissing Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Ben Carson on 'Coon 2'

Famed rapper Willie D opened up about dropping his tracks "Coon" and "Coon 2," where he called out celebrities including Stacey Dash, Charles Barkley, Raven Symone, and Michael Jordan. When it comes to Jordan, Willie D says he doesn't understand why any black person would wear his shoes, as the Geto


Detroit school board member wants Ben Carson name off high school

DETROIT (WJBK) - Before he was a member of the Trump administration, Dr. Ben Carson was a well-known and respected pediatric neurosurgeon. But Carson's political views are making some people angry. Detroit Public Schools Community District school board member Lamar Lemmons is proposing changing the


Telemarketer for Ben Carson campaign, conservative causes pays $250,000 fine

WASHINGTON - A telemarketing company that fundraises for politicians, charities and major corporations has settled a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission over allegedly "false and misleading" tactics. InfoCision, based in Akron, Ohio - whose clients have included a pro-President Donald


School named for Dr. Ben Carson 'a direct affront' to Detroit: Official

DETROIT - The Detroit Board of Education has adopted a policy that would allow it to rename schools that are named after living people, and one member suggested the first change should go to a school named after former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson. Under the new policy, the board can r


"You're Taking Our Homes": Ben Carson Shouted Down by Angry Chicago Residents

Protesters confront security officers outside of a Chicago Housing Authority Section 3 Field Office, where Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was scheduled to host a press conference. (Photo: Tanner Howard) Frustrated by government inaction in addressing the nation's growing hous


Ben Carson Kicks Out 66-Year-Old Chicago Resident Of 'Closed' Meeting For Asking About Fair Housing

As we reported, Carson tried to stop an Obama-era rule that allowed low-income people to afford housing in areas with better schools - this was scheduled to start January 1. A federal judge shut down Ben and said the rule had to go into effect on that date. However, the Trump administration said it