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WATCH: Obama predicted Trump would dismantle his legacy - but he was wrong about one thing

On Nov. 2, 2016, just days before Donald Trump was elected president, former President Barack Obama joined "Tom Joyner Morning Show" to discuss what might happen if Hillary Clinton lost. "I guarantee you he'll dig up Michelle's garden," Obama worried of a then-far-fetched reality where Trump took co

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Barack Obama Just LOST IT It In Huge Public Tantrum When He Realizes He's Not President Anymore

While President Donald Trump is at the United Nations National Assembly in New York City, his predecessor, Barack Obama isn't far behind. The Commander-in-Chief's shadow seems to follow him wherever he goes as he struggles to relinquish control of the position he once held. However, trolling around

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Trump Just Attacked A Republican Senator And It Immediately Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump is biting his nails in fear that his plot to tear down Barack Obama's legacy will be foiled again. He took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to denounce Rand Paul, one of the Republican Senators opposing the inhumane Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal bill, but it backfired badly. Trump lev

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Breaking: Obama Spy Chief Makes Bombshell Announcement About Trump Wiretaps

Advertisement - story continues below In March of this year, President Donald Trump shocked everyone by announcing via Twitter his belief that he and his campaign had been "wiretapped" and spied on by the administration of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. Aside from being ruthlessly m

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Afghan President Makes Revealing Comparison Between Trump and Obama

Advertisement - story continues below Afghan President Ashraf Ghani effusively praised U.S. President Donald Trump during remarks made alongside him Thursday at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, noting his strategy for Afghanistan differs from that of former President Barack Obama like "day and

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Chuck Todd blames Obama for US race problems by claiming Eric Holder is same as Jeff Sessions

In a discussion about race relations in the United States, MSNBC's Chuck Todd tried to claim that former President Barack Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder is exactly the same as President Donald Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Alfonso Aguilar of Latino Partnership for Conservative Princ

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LeBron James says Trump is a 'bum' after the president disinvites Steph Curry, Warriors from White House

LeBron James, the NBA star and champion, responded to President Donald Trump's comments on the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry Trump tweeted Saturday morning that he had "withdrawn" his invitation to the Warriors to visit the White House for a celebration of their championship win. "Goi

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Trump trolled for tweeting support for Bill Cassidy's 'filthy' health care bill

After Donald Trump used Twitter to support the Cassidy-Graham health care bill, the president was lit up by critics. Trump Woke Up At 3:03AM & Erupted Into A Treasonous 10 Tweet ... - findthemissingonline.com Over the last week, one of the most controversial issues has been centered around the la

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Listen to this advice that Barack Obama gave his daughters Malia and Sasha, because he's basically our dad, too

We miss Barack Obama's presence in our lives all the time. So when Obama shared some advice he gave Malia and Sasha, his two daughters, we were all ears. It relates to people of all ages, and we couldn't love it more. Of course, we've always been big fans of what Obama says and stands for - from his

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Obama: Those trying to repeal Obamacare will inflict 'real human suffering'

Former President Barack Obama said that it was frustrating and aggravating to have to mobilize every few months to defend Obamacare from politicians who would inflict "real human suffering" on Americans. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images) Former President Obama said in a speech Wednesday that it

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Barack Obama reportedly earns $400,000 an hour from speeches to banks

Obama is earning staggering amounts of money through speeches.AP Former PresidentBarack Obamais reportedly earning up to $400,000 (296,000) an hour for making speeches to investment banks. The 56-year-old has been criticised by several Democratic senators who said they are "troubled" by the sums

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Trump's impact felt in Supreme Court labor rights cases

WASHINGTON - When the Supreme Court opens its 2017 term on the first Monday in October, its very first cases will serve as a stark reminder of why elections matter. When the court was asked to hear three cases on labor arbitration agreements last September, Barack Obama was president, Hillary Clinto

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CBS Grills Mike Pence on Iran, Defends Obama Nuke Deal

The journalists at CBS This Morning, particularly Charlie Rose, are usually rather soft when it comes to high profile leaders, particularly Democrats. So,it's not surprising that this rule didn't hold for Mike Pence on Thursday. Rose grilled the Vice President on Iran and defended Barack Obama's nuc

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Obama Just DRAINED Taxpayer Funds With MASSIVE New Salary He DEMANDED For 2018

President Obama's legacy is one of disproportionate spending and a lack of love for America. Which is why it should not shock you to find out how much he demands in dollars from the federal government to pay his bills now that he has left the White House. What makes it worse is the big deal that he

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Bolton: Rex Tillerson's State Department Determined to Stay in Iran Nuclear Deal

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton joined SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Friday's Breitbart News Daily to discuss President Trump's address to the United Nations and several key foreign policy areas it covered, including North Korea, the Iran nuclear deal, and the loss of national sovereignty to int

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Get Your Hair Done by Sasha and Malia Obama's Stylist at Her New Salon

If you want to look as good as the Obama sisters, here's where you need to go. Yene Damtew, who used to work as a stylist for Sasha and Malia Obama when former President Barack Obama was serving in the White House, just opened a new salon called Aesthetics in Arlington, Virginia. According to its of

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Republicans Show Massive Gains in Registration Ahead of 2018 Elections

Barack Obama set an economic record during his presidency, and it's one no president would ever want. Upon leaving office, he was the first president since Herbert Hoover (who presided over the beginning of the Great Depression) to never see a year with three percent average GDP growth. The weak eco

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After Miserable U.N. Speech Reviews Trump Blames Clinton and Obama

The dangerous speech Trump delivered to the United Nations is down to Donald Trump; not Bill or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. The dangerous speech Trump delivered to the United Nations is down to Donald Trump; not Bill or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. While his racist and religious supporters

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John Bolton Praises Trump's Remarks On North Korea At UN

Advertisement - story continues below Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has long called for a stronger approach to the growing threat posed by North Korea. On Friday, he appeared on Fox News to discuss President Donald Trump's speech to the U.N. General Assembly, in which Trump took a hardline stan

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Obama's Watergate

Vladimir Putin did not hack the election. Barack Obama did. Donald Trump said earlier this year that the Obama Administration wiretapped his campaign. "Like I'd want to hear more from that fool?" President Obama scoffed. But CNN reported on Monday, "US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign

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