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Angela Merkel Elected For Fourth Term As Germany's Chancellor

Germany's Parliament elected Angela Merkel for her fourth term as chancellor on Wednesday, putting an end to nearly six months of political drift in Europe's biggest economy. Lawmakers voted 364-315 to reelect Merkel, Germany's leader since 2005, who ran unopposed. The coalition of Merkel's conserva


Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, And Emmanuel Macron Jointly Condemn Russia’s Alleged Poisoning Of An Ex-Spy

Getty Image Russia has been busily calling the U.K. "completely insane" over accusations that the Kremlin ordered the attempted murder of an ex-Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, via a nerve agent on U.K. soil. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the largest expulsion of Russia diplomats in U.K.


Incredible! Angela Merkel, "The Destroyer Of Germany," Re-Elected To 4th Term as Chancellor

Incredible. The destroyer of Germany gets another term to complete her work. The Germans have been conditioned ever since World War II to think that nationalism is evil, and it certainly was in Germany during the Nazi era. Now, any defense of their country from the Muslim migrant influx that Merkel


Mass immigration and the high price of Angela Merkel's denial

Is it possible that mainstream politicians and the mainstream media are finally recognising what the European public can see with their own eyes? Two recent occurrences suggest that this might be so. The first is a concession by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who almost half a year after her par


'Get Them Out:' Re-Elected Merkel Wants to Downsize Right-Wing AfD

The Alternative for Germany party (AfD) is a fierce critic of Chancellor Angela Merkel, particularly of her refugee policies, and has repeatedly called for her resignation. Angela Merkel, who has just been re-elected to a fourth term, is all set to win back voters lost to the opposition AfD. She als


Analysis | As Angela Merkel begins her new term, compromises could undo Germany's economic boom

Stefanie Loos / AFP/Getty Images German Chancellor Angela Merkel waits to be given her certificate of appointment by the German president on March 14, 2018, at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. FRANKFURT, Germany - The German economy could hardly be in better shape as Angela Merkel formally began her fou


Merkel begins 4th term as chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sworn in by Wolfgang Schaeuble, President of the German lower house of Parliament Bundestag, during the government's swearing-in ceremony at the Bundestag in Berlin on Wednesday. Photo: AFPGerman lawmakers voted on Wednesday to re-elect Angela Merkel as chancellor


Angela Merkel says new government wants to shrink size of far-right AfD

The far-right AfD has been Chancellor Angela Merkel's fiercest critics and repeatedly called for her removal from office. As she kicked off her fourth term, Merkel made it clear that she is eyeing their removal as well. Load Error In her first major interview since she was re-elected chancellor on W


Weakened Merkel begins fourth term beset by challenges

BERLIN (Reuters) - German lawmakers on Wednesday re-elected Angela Merkel as chancellor for a fourth, and likely final, term that may prove her most challenging yet as she takes charge of a fragile coalition with her personal standing diminished. Lawmakers voted by 364 to 315, with nine abstentions


Merkel sworn in as German leader for fourth term

Probable last stint may be most challenging, with her authority dented BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the oath of office in Parliament yesterday, launching her fourth, and probably final, term that may prove her most challenging yet as she takes charge of a fragile coalition with her pe


Europe's 'Queen' Merkel clings onto power

Long dubbed the "Queen of Europe" by the media, Germany's veteran Chancellor Angela Merkel has emerged as the bruised survivor of her deepest crisis to govern for what many expect will be her final term. In pic: (L to R) Designated German Finance Minister and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the SPD,


Angela Merkel to face stormy times during 4th term as German leader

BERLIN - Angela Merkel is embarking on her fourth term as German chancellor in stormy times, facing pressure to bolster a fractious European Union and prove that liberal democracy can succeed as she faces a trade standoff with an increasingly protectionist U.S. and a confident China and Russia. Merk