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Climate scientist rebuts Hollywood hurricane hype: ‘This is what weather looks like’

Sparring with celebrities and Al Gore over global warming may not be what Roy Spencer had in mind when he earned his Ph.D., but it's certainly become a bustling sideline for the University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologist. A month after rebutting Mr. Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Sequel,

WASHINGTON TIMES - 2017-09-21 19:24:45

Cavuto Compares Tom Price To Al Gore To Excuse Price's Travelgate

Leave it to one of the talking heads on Fox to find away to get another cheap shot in on Al Gore -- while also downplaying Tom Price wasting taxpayer dollars on extravagant private jet travel. As we discussed here already, HHS Sec. Tom Price, who once railed against government waste and who wants to

CROOKSANDLIARS.COM - 2017-09-23 16:30:00

Rex Murphy: All global warming predictions are infallible... until they're not

Could even a smidgen of the skepticism some have been urging, some of the warnings that science and politics are a terrible blend, be justified? This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power." (Jensen Walker/Paramount Pictures via AP) There is a d

NATIONALPOST.COM - 2017-09-22 13:47:50

Scientist Smacks Down Al Gore's Claim That Harvey Brought '500,000 year rains'

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore attends a screening for "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" in Los Angeles, California, U.S., July 25, 2017. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - Michael Bastasch 4:08 PM 09/18/2017 Former President Al Gore said Monday that Hurricane Harvey brought once in 500,000 year rai

WATTS UP WITH THAT? - 2017-09-20 06:00:00

Local climate film had 10-year head start on Al Gore

A decade before Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth rocked the world on global warming, Saskatoon filmmaker Tony Towstego was finishing Ground Zero, A Delicate Balance. Based on the findings of Dr. Stan Shewchuk who worked for the Saskatchewan Research Council, Towstego created the film on climate

MSN.COM - 2017-09-19 22:37:55

Gogoro's Intriguing Scooter Crusade for Greener Energy

Gogoro is pursuing an interesting approach to making more greener the world's transportation system, offering an electric scooter for urban environments, and a network of stations that let you drive up and swap your scooter's battery pack for a fresh one. In a $300 million Series C financing from he

BARRON'S - 2017-09-19 21:57:00

The Scientist Who Debunked 'An Inconvenient Sequel' Published Another E-Book That's Already Outselling Al Gore

Climate scientist Roy Spencer is out with a new e-book on why hurricanes can't be blamed on man-made global warming, and it's already outselling former Vice President Al Gore's book on Amazon's Kindle store. Spencer's new book "Inevitable Disaster: Why Hurricanes Can't Be Blamed On Global Warming" i

THE DAILY CALLER - 2017-09-19 08:51:37

Al Gore Wants To Live in a New Country-Made of Floating Trash

If recognized by the U.N., Trash Isles would become the world's 194th country, measure the same size as France, and feature currency called "Debris" When one thinks of a tropical getaway to an island in the Pacific, several exotic locales immediately come to mind: Hawaii, Bora Bora, or Tahiti-to nam

ARCHITECTURALDIGEST.COM - 2017-09-19 20:03:13

Al Gore Has a Passport from a Country Made Entirely of Floating Garbage

Al Gore has become the honorary first citizen of a new country called the Trash Isles. In partnership with the website LADbible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation, the former vice president submitted a petition to the United Nations to recognize the Trash Isles as the 196th country on the planet. All

TRAVEL + LEISURE - 2017-09-19 07:00:00

Climate Hoaxers Forced to Take Huge Step Back After Report Drops

The debate over the liberal concept of manmade global warming has been raging for decades, but today, another nail in the coffin was pounded into place. Thanks to alarmists such as former Vice President Al Gore and Hollywood heathen Leonardo DiCaprio, the concept of manmade global warming has been c

CONSTITUTION.COM - 2017-09-19 18:15:35

3 Solar Stocks To Buy As U.S. Paris Climate Talks Resurface

The energy sector has been featured in constant headlines since President Donald Trump took office. Tumultuous speculation surrounding the industry's viability in the U.S. continues to swirl, especially regarding the budding renewable energy sector-which ramped up after the U.S. pulled out of the Pa

YAHOO! - 2017-09-18 22:38:10

Dueling disaster thrillers

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Ill winds are supposed to bring somebody good, so Al Gore, the circuit-riding global-warming preacher with manuscripts of novels and sequels in his saddle bags, is entitled to his snit. He can blame literary misfortune on Harvey, Irma and Jose. His latest addendum to his speculatio

WASHINGTON TIMES - 2017-09-18 20:37:19

Gore says US will meet Paris goals, even without Trump

UNITED NATIONS - The U.S. will still meet environmental goals from the Paris climate agreement with or without the help of the Trump administration, former Vice President Al Gore said Monday. President Donald Trump earlier had indicated the U.S. would pull out of the accord, which seeks global coope

CNBC - 2017-09-18 18:14:34

Al Gore's Got Some Explaining To Do After SCIENCE Says Global Warning DIDN'T Cause Recent Hurricanes

Hollywood liberals are sheep. Sheep on a mission to bring down Trump. So they were just itching at the chance to blame hurricane season on his global warming-denying ass. After all, Al Gore had told them in his money-making cult flick "An Inconvenient Truth" that global warming would definitely resu

CONSERVATIVEPOST.COM - 2017-09-18 13:25:46

Some Complicated Truths About Voting In America

Photo credit Barb Watson; CC-By-NC 2.0 America has an arduous history when it comes to voting, and many of us take the opportunity for granted. It's not until you stop and think about what a cast vote actual means, and how hard many have fought to get here, that the entire process feels much less ob

MEDIUM - 2017-09-14 20:02:10

Hillary Clinton says NJ's 14 electoral votes and all others should be abandoned

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton may have made herself sound like a sore loser to some by proclaiming the nation's electoral vote system in electing a president should disappear in favor of election by popular vote. Of course had that been in play in 2016 she could be president today and not D

NJ1015.COM - 2017-09-14 16:44:53

Hillary Clinton embarks on her blame game book tour

This is a rush transcript from "The Five," September 13, 2017. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Continue Reading Below JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello everybody, I'm Jesse Watters along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 9 o'clock in Ne

FOXNEWS - 2017-09-14 03:24:00

Former Vice President Al Gore: Investors can lead climate change battle

Former Vice President Al Gore pointed to investors, instead of governments, as a linchpin in leading progress on fighting climate change. "Governments can be very fickle," Gore, who narrowly lost his bid to become U.S. president in 2001, said at the Milken Institute's Women Leaders' Summit in Singap

YAHOO! - 2017-09-13 07:40:07

The Democratic Campaign Against Complexity

"There it is," Jed Bartlet said softly, pointing at his opponent across the presidential debate stage. "That's the ten-word answer my staff's been looking for for two weeks. There is it is. Ten-word answers can kill you in political campaigns. They're the tip of the sword. Here's my question: What a

THE NEW REPUBLIC - 2017-09-13 07:00:00

Gotham Awards: Nicole Kidman, Ed Lachman Join Honorees

The pair will be recognized alongside previously announced tribute recipients Al Gore and Jason Blum. The Gotham Awards have added Nicole Kidman and cinematographer Ed Lachman to their list of tribute honorees for this year's ceremony. Oscar winner and Emmy nominee Kidman will receive the actress

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - 2017-09-13 17:10:00